2010 European Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review

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Valencia certainly provided a more exciting race this year than it did in 2008 and 2009 but it wasn’t without controversy.

Find all the F1 Fanatic European Grand Prix coverage in one place below – from Friday practice to the post-race review and our live comments on every session.


European Grand Prix review – Vettel wins chaotic race in Valencia

Webber hits Kovalainen and flips (Video) – The dramatic crash which provided the race’s turning point

Ten drivers get penalties, Alonso and Rosberg gain extra points – Most received penalties for going too quickly after the safety car was deployed (see also: Nine cars under investigation after race)

European Grand Prix result – Full classification

Alonso fumes after Hamilton penalty, Ferrari calls result "a scandal" – Ferrari furiously condemned the outcome of the race to begin with

Did Hamilton try to stop Alonso getting in front of the safety car? (Video) – A closer look at the most controversial moment of the race

Montezemolo expects FIA reaction – The Ferrari president added his voice to the chorus of criticism coming from the Scuderia

Brawn criticises safety car rules – Mercedes had a complaint of their own after Michael Schumacher had to wait in the pit lane

FIA must learn from Valencia shambles – Although Ferrari’s claims of race “manipulation” were wide of the mark, and the stewards’ decisions appeared to be corrected, delays in handing out the penalties meant the finishing order was changed after the end of the race

Alonso retracts Valencia criticism – Ferrari toned down their complaints about the race

European Grand Prix stats and facts – Schumacher’s worst ever race result

European Grand Prix analysis – Valencia’s short pit lane helps Hamilton hold onto second

Rate the race: Europe – Your verdict on the European Grand Prix

European Grand Prix fastest laps – Jenson Button claimed the fastest lap of the race

Full championship points – Vettel moves up to third behind McLarens

Detailed analysis of every team and driver in the European Grand Prix

McLaren race review – Safety car plays into McLaren’s hands
Mercedes race review – Strategy goes awry again for Schumacher
Red Bull race review – Catastrophe for Webber as Vettel cruises to win
Ferrari race review – Bad luck and bad tempers at Ferrari
Williams race review – Best finish of 2010
Renault race review – Kubica disappointed to miss out on podium
Force India race review – Sixth for Sutil
STR race review – Buemi slips to ninth
Lotus race review – No joy in 500th race
HRT race review – Double finish at home
Sauber race review – Strategy gamble helps Kobayashi take seventh on last lap
Virgin race review – Di Grassi shines


European GP qualifying – Red Bull claim the front row again in Valencia

European Grand Prix grid – Full starting order

Buemi blames Barrichello for missing Q3 – Toro Rosso driver hoped for top ten start

Poor qualifying disappoints Mercedes – Schumacher nearly missing the cut for Q2

European GP pre-race analysis – Can McLaren and Ferrari pressure Red Bull?


Rosberg leads first practice in Valencia – Mercedes flattered to deceive in first practice

Practice one interactive data – McLaren retain straight-line speed advantage

Alonso fastest on home ground in FP2 – As he was in 2009

Practice two interactive data – Ferrari show good race pace in second practice

Schumacher sorry for Hamilton block – Hamilton was held up by Schumacher during practice

Vettel heads final practice session – Red bull showed pace ahead of qualifying

2010 European GP: The F1 Fanatic Unofficial race programme (Video)

Live blogs

How we saw the European Grand Prix as it unfolded:

European Grand Prix Practice 1 Live Blog
European Grand Prix Practice 2 Live Blog
European Grand Prix Practice 3 Live Blog
European Grand Prix Qualifying Live Blog
European Grand Prix Live Blog

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