Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010: First pictures of the F1 cars in action

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McLaren-Mercedes MP4-23

The Goodwood Festival of Speed begins today and there are over 50 F1 cars present celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first world championship season.

The picture collection below show the F1 cars’ first run up the hill this morning in front of a packed crowd.

More pictures will be posted on F1 Fanatic throughout the weekend including a complete index of all the Grand Prix cars present plus some of the non-Formula 1 cars of interest.

You can watch live video from the event and listen to the live radio feed.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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25 comments on “Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010: First pictures of the F1 cars in action”

  1. Wish i was there!! looks ace :D

  2. That Lotus-Judd 101 is a good looking car.

  3. Goodwood, BBC content… I hope you Brits know how good you’ve got it. [big sigh].

  4. P34, surely the star of the show :D

    1. I’ve always been fascinated by this car… Such an “abnormality”. As a kid I always assumed it was the best car around.

      1. It wasn’t an abnormality – it was a brilliant piece of design and thinking by Derek Gardner when rules were not as restrictive as they are today. It would have won a lot more races but Goodyear were not prepared to spend the time and money developing the small tyre on the front Just imagine if the current designers had 70’s freedom in designing todays F1 cars.

    2. The P34 broke down :(

  5. Marc Connell
    2nd July 2010, 16:01

    i see a 2010 car testing ;)

    1. It’s been reported that Williams are gonna run the exhaust diffuser next race at Silverstone. So I wonder if the pics will tell us if they’re doing a Fiorano at Goodwood…

  6. benz2007 (@)
    2nd July 2010, 16:24

    Amazing footage of the SLS AMG at Goodwood 2010

  7. MP4-23 *Thumbs up*

  8. miguelF1O (@)
    2nd July 2010, 18:39

    ugly livery on the f60 only this year i can see how beautiful was the 2009 season love the fw05 fw18 and the b192

  9. I cant choose between the 72E or the P34 or the 158……. Nice Pics.

  10. snapped some photos, had a great time today, not used to shooting big cars so hopefully OK ;)

    1. Great pictures, good quality shots!

  11. Nice work specially the the picture of some classic car looks great, just goes to show what was F1 cars in the past & what they are now.

  12. AsianF1Fan
    3rd July 2010, 3:29

    Great article, beautiful pictures. Very generous of you to publish these great pictures. Really appreciate it. Good job.

  13. that six wheeler F1 car is spooky


    If I’m not wrong Jody schekter quit Tyrell because of six wheel tyrellP34 that he said is a piece of crap

    1. Scheckter had 1 win, 4 seconds and was all told in the points in 10 of the 12 races he ran in the car with 2 retirements. Hardly a piece of crap!

      1. I think what schekter meant was the design of of Tyrrell P34 with six wheels is a crap not the performance of the P34.

        It was Schekter who said Tyrrell P34 is a piece of crap; not me :)

  14. Great pics Kieth, my favorite would be the mantra-cosworth

  15. Nutritional
    3rd July 2010, 9:26

    Christmas came EARLY! :D

  16. Good to see a REAL Mercedes Benz taking part….

    1. those are nice cars (the older ones and the nice sportscars as well as the pacecar)

  17. GREAT pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!! I especially liked the pics of the older cars.

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