Dry race expected at Silverstone

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Three dry but not particularly sunny days are expected for the British Grand Prix weekend.

Britain is enjoying warm weather at the moment and it is expected to remain that way throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Northamptonshire.

Overcast conditions are likely to produce temperatures in the mid-to-low 20s. Little to no chance of rain is forecast.

However the teams will have to watch out for gusts of wind which can make driving conditions challenging at the fast and exposed Silverstone track.

The gusts of over 30mph expected on Friday and Saturday are not too strong but can be enough to disrupt a car in Silverstone’s many fast corners and force teams to adjust their downforce levels if they’re facing a headwind or tailwind on one of the straights.

You can find more detail on the forecast on the Met Office website.

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18 comments on “Dry race expected at Silverstone”

  1. should be a good test of the new layout! can’t wait, first GP for me

  2. BBC predicts showers on Sunday, but I doubt nothing on the scale what we had in 2008!

      1. Indeed, it has been pretty accurate as well this year! Since last looking at the BBC forecast it has changed to dry with sunny spells, however, the weatherman blog does suggest a moderate chance of showers on race day.

        I’d rather there wasnt any rain for the race, would like to see this track in the dry first time out.

  3. I want a dry race which will speed up things.

  4. Hopefully it won’t chuck it down, or I will be soaked. lol

  5. fingers crossed for a nice raceday we are setting off at the crack of dawn to make the most and catch the gp3 with luck.

  6. cant wait to get there and every forecast ive seen says hot on friday, sunny spells on saturday & sunday – no rain. please no rain, rain good on telly but not when you’re there.

  7. Overcast conditions are probably perfect conditions for maximum possible performance at Silverstone. Can’t wait to see just how fast they really go through Abbey.

  8. Sorry to all the people who are going to the race and want to stay warm and dry, but I hope God reconsiders and sends in a race clous come race day! It’s been too long since the last wet GP

  9. more importantly wont be muddy in the tents!

  10. I envy all you guys going for the race weekend. I do look forward to a wet race though, and plenty of shuffling of the race order. And hopefully, a Fernando win at the end.

  11. Please no rain! I got soaked 2 years ago. Great race, but not pleasant for sitting in it. Also, like David says, I want to see how fast they can go through Abbey.

    I also want to see a dry race to see how well the tyres hold up to the quick corners.

    So hopefully nice and dry.

  12. Maybe the warm weather will catch some teams by supprise and mix up the tyre choice?

    I don’t mind a dry race, we already had a great Turkey race and a pretty exiting Valencia race, so why would a dry Silverstone race not be good this year? I hope it will.

  13. 30 mph winds…. I’m cold just thinking about sitting there for however many hours you have to wait before the Grand Prix.

  14. Have we actually got onto full wets on race day this year yet?

    And once again forecast predicts rain THE DAY AFTER THE RACE, just like Canada

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