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Join us below to follow British Grand Prix Free Practice 1 live.

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25 comments on “British Grand Prix Practice 1 Live Blog”

  1. Reader comments are disabled!!!

    1. Yes. I have the same problem

    2. Magnificent Geoffrey
      9th July 2010, 9:58

      It’s not like any of us ever have anything interesting to say though, is it? :P

      1. Oh I don’t know Mag Geoffrey, I’m already missing your jokes! :P

        For the first time in practice 1 there’s more action on track than the live blog :)

  2. hi how is everyone today

  3. Wake up keith, We cannot comment!!

  4. Magnificent Geoffrey
    9th July 2010, 10:00

    BBC Stream if anyone needs it.

  5. IM in aus, where can i watch practise?

  6. Hello,hello,hello. Is anyone home?

  7. any live video feeds anyone?? poor chap in the USA here…

  8. I dont remember any other time where the weather was so perfect at silverstone, it wonderful!

    1. We seriously need morning races….

  9. thanks cheers im on it

  10. Hey Keith.. dozed off :P

    morning all..
    ola geoff/steph.. netherlands or spain ??

    1. Magnificent Geoffrey
      9th July 2010, 10:05

      My head says Spain but my heart wants the Dutch to win.

      1. My head says the Dutch and my hearts says Spain :P

  11. US Williams Fan
    9th July 2010, 10:06

    Hello from the USA!

    Thanks for the link Geoffrey!

  12. From live blog
    “f1fanatic_co_uk: Having some connection problems at silverstone this mourning so not able to post much right now.”

    Errrm, problem might not be fixed then. Mods, Elly and co. help please! :)

    1. We can’t get on either!

  13. I will put my money on Octopus Paul’s pick :)

    My support has changed from Brazil to Argentina to Germany to Netherlands..keeping with the trend.. netherlands might loose :(

  14. Sorry guys, I don’t have a mod invite for this session, nothing I can do…

  15. The Live Blog is up again.

  16. I will go off tropic, there is spam in the forum not for the first time.

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