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Bright, sunny weather greeted the Formula 1 teams as they practised on the revised Silverstone circuit for the first time ahead of the British Grand Prix.

Here’s a selection of photographs I took at Silverstone during practice today around the track and in the pits.

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    9 comments on “British Grand Prix practice in pictures”

    1. Nice Pics!
      Some of the images look as though the cars are on a banking turn. IS there a banking turn on the track?
      Where is it?

      1. No – but I shot quite a few pictures from the BRDC clubhouse looking down towards Woodcote and the pit lane entrance which could be giving that impression.

        1. miguelF1O (@)
          9th July 2010, 20:05

          nice camera and nice catch on the endplates from race to race the renault endplates are getting alot more complex and the mclaren ones refined i also noticed the toro rosso front wings a bit different

        2. So you took all these pictures with a martini in one hand. Very impressive.

    2. The new pit building is looking good.

    3. Great snaps! I was at Abbey when Hamilton ran wide on the the dirt, glad you caught it on camera!

      1. Sorry I missed you!

    4. yesterday watching the MotoGP highlights i spotted Ducati’s engineers using the team’s shirts (of course)… and looked at the logo and saw the barcode thingy next to Ducati’s logo…

      i think i missed that when we discussed about the barcode having relation to Marlboro, Ferrari saying it did not.

    5. As usual not a photo of Alonso.

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