2010 British Grand Prix grid

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Row 11. Sebastian Vettel 1’29.615
Red Bull-Renault
2. Mark Webber 1’29.758
Red Bull-Renault
Row 23. Fernando Alonso 1’30.426
4. Lewis Hamilton 1’30.556
Row 35. Nico Rosberg 1’30.625
6. Robert Kubica 1’31.040
Row 47. Felipe Massa 1’31.172
8. Rubens Barrichello 1’31.175
Row 59. Pedro de la Rosa 1’31.274
10. Michael Schumacher 1’31.430
Row 611. Adrian Sutil 1’31.399
Force India-Mercedes
12. Kamui Kobayashi 1’31.421
Row 713. Nico Hulkenberg 1’31.635
14. Jenson Button 1’31.699
Row 815. Vitaly Petrov 1’31.796
16. Sebastien Buemi 1’32.012
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
Row 917. Jaime Alguersuari 1’32.430
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
18. Heikki Kovalainen 1’34.405
Row 1019. Timo Glock 1’34.775
20. Vitantonio Liuzzi* 1’31.708
Force India-Mercedes
Row 1121. Jarno Trulli 1’34.864
22. Lucas di Grassi 1’35.212
Row 1223. Karun Chandhok 1’36.576
24. Sakon Yamamoto 1’36.968

*Five-place penalty for impeding

2010 British Grand Prix

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    14 comments on “2010 British Grand Prix grid”

    1. good from Hamilton grabbing 4th place back from rosberg in the dying seconds. unlucky for alonso getting held up by BAR. I wonder if WEB can slip up the inside from 2nd to 1st?

    2. I love how positions 2 to 6 are covered by 5 different teams…

      On a different note – my god is Reb Bull quick…

    3. Yea.. i agree, red bull is thunder quick..lets hope Mclaren will be back next race with their diffuser.. seems like the diffuser is really making a big diff to performance. Nonetheless, impreessive job from Lewis Hamilton, snatching Fourth with a really struggling car.

      Tomorrow’s race is well-placed! We got good starters, with Lewis Hamilton, Fernando, Seb Vet alongside ! It will be a Thundering Start!
      Interesting Day Tomorrow!

    4. Hamilton won the British GP from 4th on the grid in 2008. Webber started 2nd there too but spun on the Hangar straight. Vettel retired on lap 1.

      Now that would make an interesting race!

      1. It was very wet that day though.

    5. Argh, what happened to Petrov? His first real chance to not only match Kubica but better him, and his car gives out!

      1. Beat Kubica? I think you have misjudged the practice times. For me Petrov looked as usual, which I must say is not impressive, even though he is up against one of the best drivers in F1, I think if he does not raise his game this year Renault will be looking for someone else for 2011. And honestly I don’t see him raising his game.

    6. Apart from the front runners, where Hamilton pulled the maximum out of the car, Yamamoto impressed by being less than 0.5 off Chandhok and being inside the 107% margin.
      Also seems Virgin is starting to bring updates to the car that actually improve it’s speed.

      The new teams are falling a little bit behind again here though, it’s almost 2 seconds to Jaime

      1. On a track such as this, it’s all we can expect.

      2. yeah at Spa the gap will be more like 5 seconds!

    7. i was expecting Red Bull to crush everyone by around a second or so… this track is much like Barcelona… very technical and unforgiving…

      Ferrari looked okay, Mclaren could only save face at home cause of Hamilton… Renault are getting very close to Mercedes GP

      Williams & Sauber have made decent step forward… whereas Mercedes GP, Force India & Toro Rosso have been struggling to catch the guys in front..

      Red Bull should finish 1 & 2, expect Hamilton & Alonso to give some entertaining fight upfront… & would be very interesting to see how Button performs from P14… time for him to show why is the world Champ?!

    8. Find it hilarious how Liuzzi now has a 5 grid place penalty after weeks of moaning about traffic

    9. Interesting LH was against the switch while JB was for it and still performed worse than LH in qualifying……

      Why did McLaren not allowed each driver to pick which is best for them? Maybe LH could have found a way to drive around the problems…. who knows.

    10. just look at P9 for De La Rosa. incredible. and not bad too from KOB in P12. looks like it’s time for Pedro’s first points of the year.

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