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Remember you have until the start of final practice to post your predictions for the British Grand Prix.

The problem with the form yesterday has been fixed so head over there now to make your guesses for this weekend’s race: Make your British Grand Prix predictions to win F1 prizes

It was a bit of a day for technical problems. Thanks to Ian for fixing the predictions form problem also also Ed who helped pinpoint the problem.

And thanks also to our live blog moderators Lord Stig, LAK, IDR and Arun S who ran the live blogs yesterday as I had a lot of internet connection problems at Silvestone. I hope normal service will be resumed today.

Here’s today’s round-up:


McLaren ditches blown diffuser for now (Autosport)

“Sources have revealed that McLaren understands where improvements can be made with the package, and revisions will be developed to ensure the exhaust-blown diffuser is back on the car for the German Grand Prix.”

Comment of the day

Here’s what Jasper had to say about McLaren’s performance in practice even before it was announced they weren’t going to run the exhaust-driven diffuser this weekend:

People were expecting McLaren to make another jump forward with the addition of the blown diffuser but if anything it’s addition may have compromised some of the car’s other aero. Watching practice the car looked unstable through the fast corners and if anything with the the new blown diffuser it should help make the car better in the fast corners.

I’m sure McLaren will get it sorted, I guess it’s just a reminder that in F1 you can’t just bolt new bits on sometimes and immediately see an improvement.

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Jim Clark won his fourth consecutive British Grand Prix on this day 45 years ago at Silverstone.

The Lotus driver won the 1962 race at Aintree, the 1963 race at Silverstone and the 1964 race at Brands Hatch. Of their 317 laps he led an incredible 314.

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17 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up 10/7/2010”

  1. Keith, is it comfirmed that Mclaren won’t be running their exhaust system? And will this mean its the exact same car as that used in europe?

    1. 100% comgirmed i mean

    2. For the blown diffusor it’s certain they won’t use it, but they might have some other updates on front wing, rear wing etc. that they might use.

  2. Interesting that they’re ditching the blown diffuser after all its hype. Sounds like Jasper may be right.

    1. I think it’s a sensible desicion. Their car was pretty competetive before the update, so why risk an important weekend.
      If they do it like Red Bull with the F-duct, i.e. take off the first prototype and be back with a working version in a few races, or maybe next race this will be a good step.

  3. The exhaust wasn’t the only update on the car.
    I believe they have a new front wing and some other bits!

    1. true, but i believe they were all based around making the blown diffuser work, so my feeling is they will have to go too.

      however, it seems very odd to me that they are taking off the car and would like it to be confirmed by more websites etc before i take it as definate.

      1. It’s on Autosport and Adam Cooper’s blog. I’m 99,437 % sure it’s true.

        1. right you are, hadn’t seen Adam’s Blog. Very odd considering the noises coming out of Mclaren after practice.

          I get the feeling it’s gonna be a difficult weekend now. Hopefully, the data will be very useful and they can bring a far better package to Germany, they will need to ni my opinion if they want to keep up wih their rivals.

  4. So, apparently, for the last 5 years, there’s been one Japanese driver racing the whole season, and at least one for less than half the season.

    2006: Sato whole season, Ide 4 races
    2007: Sato full season, Yamamoto 7 races, Nakajima 1 race
    2008: Nakajima full season, Sato 4 races
    2009: Nakajima full season, Kobayashi 2 races
    2010: Kobayashi full season (probably), Yamamoto at least 1 race

    1. For such a small country, I can’t belive how many race drivers Japan producess.

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        10th July 2010, 8:20

        127 million population, literally hundreds of islands on the Pacific rim, major leading technology and manufacturing economy. In fact, still listed as the world’s second largest economy.

        1. Indeed. The really notable thing about Japan’s involvement in F1 is that, from such a large population with a very wealthy economy, is that it has yet to produce a winning driver.

          Compare it to, say, Finland or Scotland – much smaller populations than Japan but both with multiple world championships.

          1. Japanese drivers apparently start at a much later age (around 12-18, Sato started karting at 19) than their counterparts in Europe and South America, and apparently journeyman drivers like PDLR and Ralf Schumacher dominated the racing scene when they were there…

      2. Yeah it’s weird how we perceive some countries as small. I thought Brazil was a small country. In fact it has a population of around 190 million people.

        1. In Japan the people are falling into the water they are so packed. Most of the country is mountains.

    2. Yeah Japan definitely isn’t small!

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