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19 comments on “British Grand Prix Live Blog”

  1. I needed to vent, mid-race. And I will again, post-race. Being an Aussie, I’m stoked Webber’s out in front…but the joy has been blunted by Alonso’s penalty. I mean, it’s mind-boggling. Simply can’t get my head around it.
    1) Kubica left him no room
    2) He wasn’t sure whether he needed to let Kub back in, so he continued
    3) Kub and Alo found out ON THE LAP THE RENAULT BROKE DOWN that he needed to give the place back
    4) So, race control decide, because Alonso can’t trundle kindly back to the pits and give Robert his position back, that he needs a drive through penalty as punishment…
    5) Oh, and that Safety Car didn’t really help him, either.
    FFS. I can barely follow this sport sometimes.

    1. The overtake was more about Button than Kubica, who was painfully slow even before his car died completely. Without the illegal overtake (and it was clearly not legit), Button would have been ahead after the pit stops. As such he benefited from an illegal overtake, and some form of punishment was needed to rectify – in the circumstances it was extremely harsh, but could have been avoided if he had given it back straight away like a sensible driver.

    2. I agree with Dragon..

      Chuffed Webber won, but annoyed about Alonso’s penalty..

      I can say this though, love Webbers comment about being number 2 driver!!!

    3. Ferrari should retire till next season. This championship is a farce.

      BTW Alonso is one of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen. Please bring Kimi back…

      As for Massa, I’d give Fisichella a chance, couldn’t be worse than the Brazilian turtle

    4. He is Mr. Know Rules. He should have given the place back as soon as he cut the corner – didn’t he see Spa 2008 when Lewis was penalised for a lesser offence and ended up handing the lead to Massa because Kimi DNFed the race?

  2. If FIA was FIFA, England would be playing in the final tonight.

  3. a really boring race
    so much for a renewed silversone haha
    must say the must boring race of the season

    1. Missed the first race then?

    2. You missed the first race then?

    3. ExplosiveFace
      11th July 2010, 14:37

      Did you fall asleep during Bahrain? There were virtually no passes at all there.

  4. i am better watching tour de france

    1. Hey Tour De France ROCKS!

  5. How can anuone still think that Silverstone is a good race track? This was worst than Monaco. Noone was able to overtake in some form of decency.

    What is going on with Race Control? I am not quite sure that the same measure is being applied here? Hamilton punctures Vettel Type on the opening lap – NO Penalty. Alonso clearly overtakes Kubika who decides not to let him through – penalty.

    Charie = Mosley

    1. Seriously, do you honestly believe what you right?

      Hamilton deserves a penalty because he drove striaght ahead from the line and vettel cut across to cover his “team”mate?

      If Kubicas won’t “let him through” Alonso is entitled to just ignore where the track is?

  6. mansell is an idiot!!!

  7. *write……………………………………………………

  8. All im annoyed at is the penalty.. Kubica was no longer relevant so it should have been rested then.

    We don’t doubt the initial penalty, as the original penalty was to give him back the position but then he had to retire, so Alonso had no choice..

  9. grosjeans.rubble
    11th July 2010, 15:17

    he should have given the place back straight away. but i think the penalty was a bit hars – 5 seconds would have been more appropriate for the infraction.

  10. Webber is a tool. He’s the oldest guy out there and whines like a child. He needs to grow up and act like a man.

    Alonso, the other whiner, clearly gained a position from going off track and should have immediately given the spot straight back, he made it worse for himself by not doing so. The penalty is legitimate regardless of whether the car he was passing was still on the track. The entitlement mentality is sickening. Follow the rules and quit crying.

    Mansell is a tool.

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