Hamilton increases lead – full championship points after Silverstone

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Drivers’ championship

Position Driver Points
1 Lewis Hamilton 145
2 Jenson Button 133
3 Mark Webber 128
4 Sebastian Vettel 121
5 Fernando Alonso 98
6 Nico Rosberg 90
7 Robert Kubica 83
8 Felipe Massa 67
9 Michael Schumacher 36
10 Adrian Sutil 35
11 Rubens Barrichello 29
12 Kamui Kobayashi 15
13 Vitantonio Liuzzi 12
14 Sebastien Buemi 7
15 Vitaly Petrov 6
16 Jaime Alguersuari 3
17 Nico Hulkenberg 2
=18 Pedro de la Rosa 0
=18 Karun Chandhok 0
=18 Heikki Kovalainen 0
=18 Lucas di Grassi 0
=18 Jarno Trulli 0
=18 Bruno Senna 0
=18 Timo Glock 0
=18 Sakon Yamamoto 0

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 McLaren 278
2 Red Bull 249
3 Ferrari 165
4 Mercedes 126
5 Renault 89
6 Force India 47
7 Williams 31
8 Sauber 15
9 Toro Rosso 10
=10 HRT 0
=10 Lotus 0
=10 Virgin 0

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    41 comments on “Hamilton increases lead – full championship points after Silverstone”

    1. Lols. Interesting Message FRM MARK WEBBER ON TEAM RADIO. nthing like mclaren’s driver thank you, but

      WEB ” “Not bad for a number two driver,” says winner Mark Webber in an explosive message on the Red Bull radio.

      1. Delighted for Mark.
        He has guts for saying that publicly on the radio. Brilliant race.

        1. yeah, exactly

          Mark is the man for that. big balls

    2. and who says Christian Horner treats his driver equally . He replies saying ” You Can Smile Now!” Wow. So that means red bull team will be crying while web smiles?

      So the team principal VET’s Smile more than Web’s .

      1. Robert McKay
        11th July 2010, 15:48

        “So that means red bull team will be crying while web smiles?”

        Only if you’re looking to make it mean that. Didn’t come across like that to me.

      2. Even the congratulations sounded quite different than in Valencia. Looks like Horner was not really happy about it.

        Who was that with Webber on the podium?

        1. Newey’s second in command of design, according to BBC. Not who Webber asked for :)

    3. Awesome! Vettel’s own fault for not giving sufficient space to hammy in first corner.

      1. yeah VET really squeezed WEB against the wall. good stuff!

      2. I don’t think it was anyones fault was such a tiny tag was simply a racing incident

      3. I think it was just a racing incident. As Vettel admitted: he was probably a bit too eager to make up for the bad start he had.

    4. Now that we have Webber ahead of Vettel does that mean that he gets his front wing back?

      1. You think he even wants it now? Or maybe he tells Vettel to put it up his …

      2. At least now Vettel was able to give them clean testing data of the wing until that safety car happened, maybe Newey was really the one to decide it should go this way :-p

    5. Haha, It seems its not hammy.. but his own team mate.. WEB seems to force him off… and he loses his nuts, and go way into areas off the driving track.

      . So yea, its So Funny, Karma Probably.

    6. Mclaren have broken the most points in a season, it was previously Ferrari with 248. Redbull have also exceeded this figure. Although this was always going to happen this season because of the larger total of points given out.

      Lewis Hamilton is currently the driver with the second most points in a season, with 1 more than the 144 that Micheal Schumacher acheived in 2002. However he needs a further 4 points (8th place) to go ahead of Schumachers record point scoring total from his dominating 2004 season.

      1. Sadly, this is completely meaningless…

        1. Haha, I know but I love all these kind of stats. Definately meaningless when you get more than twice the amount of points for winning nowadays, and it will all change by the end of the season ;)

          1. Love it! Also, no driver has ever scored more points when a GP has fallen on the same day as a World Cup Final.

    7. Lewis Hamilton, 2010 Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Looks that way, since Turkey he has been flawless. Despite being in a car that has nothing compared the Red Bull’s he’s been right up there. Incredible driver and is becoming the complete package.

        Can only see Webber catching Hamilton now.

        1. I’d say he’s been near flawless since well before then. I don’t see him as a complete package yet though, he still doesn’t have that strategy brain although that is less critical now with the new rules and he has the team to do that anyway

    8. Jhonnie Siggie
      11th July 2010, 15:35

      Since Lewis’ first win, things keep getting better and better in terms of his position in the WDC. He has had some luck in terms of stewarding and comings-together, but no other driver has evolved as a real potential challenger. Webber, Vettel, Button & Alonso are all within striking distance but they are all making so many mistakes while Lewis has been a rock. The reliability issues at RB + no clear #1 driver is really gifting him the chance to stay close till the Mclaren gets better.

      1. All that annoys me is he was cruising in Spain until that ruddy puncture spun him off! He has been very consistent though!

      2. Yer I think that as well, if Red Bull can avoid tearing themselves apart they should still win the championsip but Hamilton is the one driver who’s putting in the consistant results and looks like winning the title unfortunately.

        Can’t believe how Alonso’s title charge has fallen apart, appaling luck and some uncharacteristic mistakes mean he needs a blinding second half of the season.

        1. “Can’t believe how Alonso’s title charge has fallen apart, appaling luck and some uncharacteristic mistakes mean he needs a blinding second half of the season”

          Painful to watch Ads. Hope he and Ferrari come good for us soon.

          RBR should really walk this title but they’re giving themselves a headache. If they don’t get on top of things soon it could be Mclaren 07 again. Squabbling, losing focus and ultimately losing a title or two.

          1. I just hope Alonso does grit his teeth and do like he did in 2006 to clinch the WDC, that would be an amazing come back drive from Ferrari and Alonso.

            But i would be happy even if they got Alonso to end it in 3rd behind Webber and Hamilton this year if they take the battle to a 3 man fight in the last couple of races.

            1. After the last few races, Ferrari keeping third in WCC and Alonso getting 3rd in WDC seem like the best they can hope for. Merc. have gained quite a bit on them this race, and they are both more than three full race wins away from Red Bull & McLaren.

              They really need to do well in Germany, but that was what they needed to have in the UK already.

          2. Massa didn’t seem too pleased with Alonso in his post race interview on the bbc.

          3. Very difficult to watch, indeed. I also hated seeing Alonso and Massa clash. Massa yet again bad first lap due to contact, and race gone. He needs to be more careful. Really wish Alonso had given Massa more space, and just given that position back to Kubica. I guess he was hoping for a save like Hamilton had for Valencia and the stewards were not liking that.

            It is sad, now Ferrari seem to have the speed to get good points, but they can’t seem to get a clean race. Alonso does seem a more than a bit frustrated, and Massa too, some of it with Alonso – not a happy team.

    9. Ask Lewis Hamilton How Sebastian Vettel feels today and Ask Fernando Alonso How Mark Webber feels today :)

      1. I did have a feeling of deja vu. Only then Alonso was not supported by the drivers and had less to base his feeling of the team being biased on.

        Look at the way Hamilton hugged Webber and Alonso gave him a hearty handshake. Even Rosberg looked happy for him (not best friends those two).

        1. Rosberg and Webber may not be best friends, but I don’t think there’s any bad feeling between them.

        2. I noticed that too – all the drivers seemed very happy that Webber won, not Vettel. Of course, for Hamilton and Button that is clearly helping their WDC & WCC leads, but they did all seem to be happy with the top three, and congratulating Barrichello too.

      2. Mclaren never screwed Alonso over his car. And if the mechanics weren’t exactly smiling seeing his face…Well he started it first. Webber did nothing but be patient and polite. Alonso was exactly the opposite. He made his bed by himself.

    10. And Hamilton will sleep tight every night until Hockenheim knowing that, as Webber is now the leading RedBull, Webber will take his turn stuffing it in Germany.

    11. McLaren must be loving this, Red Bull is impolding, Ferrari can’t catch a break, Mercedes just plain suck and meanwhile, McLaren just float under the raidar and keep on picking up podiums and wins, they must be laughing there heads off.

    12. What are the team thinking. Canabalising one drivers car to advantage the other is complete madness. Who ever authorised that. Are dark forces at work!

    13. Now who is the number 1 driver for Red Bull?
      My question is will Mark get all the better pieces in the next GP than Vettel???

      1. That is rhetoric, right?

    14. keith there’s no such thing as ‘=10th’. teams with 0 points are ranked using finishing positions and retirements or DNFs.

      after silverstone Lotus are 10th, HRT are 11th and Virgin are 12th.

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