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What did you think of the British Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2010 British Grand Prix out of ten

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    173 comments on “Rate the race: British Grand Prix”

    1. 9/10 – Justice for Webber. Exciting race, and more tissues for Alonso.

      1. miguelF1O (@)
        11th July 2010, 18:19

        i was thinking on writing the same when i saw the replay of vettel cutting his tyre on hamiltons car i had my closure moment and i wanted to see vettel smile shredded to pieces im sensing some alonso hating here

        1. I don’t make it a secret that I don’t like Alonso.

    2. Karma is a wonderful thing!!

      and I feel sorry for Alonso. Maybe Spain will win now.

    3. As reported on Twitter … great job! You report the highlights that tell a fan what’s important to the race. Frankly, it was almost visual.

      1. Thank you :-)

        1. Must agree. Kudos Keith.
          You and the (mostly volunteer, I assume) team you have cultivated have managed to develop the most interesting live F1 blog.

          for the poor slobs like me who have to suffer through Fox delayed broadcasts in the US this is a life saver

          1. Yes, the live bloggers are volunteers and they do a terrific job. The comments come in thick and fast during the race and they stay on top of it admirably well.

            We can always use more people to help run the live blogs though, so if anyone would like to please get in touch by emailling me, using Twitter or leave a comment below.

    4. 8. Exciting start and got boring until the Safety Car. As a Vettel fan it was nice to see him come back through the field (yes he was lucky to get the safety car) Great to see him overtake all though next time he’s stuck behind a car this race will be forgotten and people will say he can’t overtake again.

      Lewis shown he is the only one who can match the Red Bull’s. I think it will all end up between Lewis trying to beat Webber for the title. If Red Bull keep favouring Vettel too much they could end up gifting the title to Mclaren.

      1. I agree after the front wing incident Webber was saying he wouldn’t have signed if he’d known they would act like that. I am a massive Vettel fan but I was embarrassed for red bull after that.

        I was watching from Vale and I saw Vettel overtake Massa, but it was so exciting waiting to see who he’d overtaken on each lap.

        It started as a joke saying the red bulls would take each other out but it’s not funny anymore- if they want to win they need to remember that although they arte individual drivers, they are still just part of a TEAM!!!

        1. I am not a Vettel fan, and have been forced to downgrade my feeling for Red Bull and Vettel. But at least Vettel showed in those last 20 laps that he does know how to overtake – the fight with Sutil was especially great to see, with two drivers having good cars and showing good close racing.

          Still do not like to see the 1-finger salute of Vettel, but well done to him for a great drive after a first corner mishap.

    5. I thought the race was mildly dull before the safety car. But it was pretty good after that. So a 7 from me.

    6. 8 out of 10. Really enjoyed the race, and I expected it to be a dud after qualifying.

      It’s safe to say I was off the mark when I decided the new rules were a step backwards. I do miss the strategic element off the refuelling era, but there have been so many great races this season that the rule change has been vindicated

    7. I’m not british, so I’ll give it a 4.

      1. How intelligent, thank you for voting.

      2. thats how you judge a grand prix? If everyone were like you the chinese grand prix would always be the best….

      3. Rob, Welcome to Eurovision.

      4. What does nationality have to do with it? The question is, was it an exciting race?

        1. miguelF1O (@)
          11th July 2010, 18:23

          im not british and i gave an 5 because it wasnt that good almost no fight for the win which was totally deserved i was expecting a bit more overtaking the vettel fight in the end was great and bbc driver tracker worked really nice for me

      5. I’m not british, just like you aren’t. So i gave it an 8 out of 10.

        Great action during the first lap. Nice moves throughout the field. I liked the fight between Alonso and Kubica. A shame Ferrari did not tell Alonso to give it back, their fault. The penalty might have been a bit harsh, but if Alonso would have served it immediately (before the SC) he would not have lost as much to fall out of the points race.
        The SC made it exciting at the front of the field and for places 7-12 again. Nice defensive driving from Sutil, the others hardly had a chance against Vettels RBR. Vettel did some pretty feisty passing, that’s something i would like to see from him more often.

        And in the end the right guy won, great comment from Mr. second driver! COTD for Mark Webber.

        1. I gave it a 7, but I mostly agree with your reasoning. Just that after Kubica was gone, and until SC, it was getting a bit dull (having seen it twice, I fast forwarded that part the 2nd time).

    8. Got very boring in the first few laps before the Safety Car, but after that it just got great and watching Vettel get past all those cars was very exciting

    9. Bore Race.
      Biased Race.
      British Track.

      1. Mike Paterson
        11th July 2010, 15:09

        How was that a boring race?
        How can a race be biased?

        Not sure what your last comment means unless it is a weak attempt at racism – please explain.

        1. Leave him – Trolling.

        2. “How was that a boring race?” – It just was.
          “How can a race be biased?” – british stewards, british gp, british commentary – all favouring the british. I dont think it gets any more bias than what we saw today.

          I dont know how you managed to get any hint of racism out of his comment.

          1. Mike Paterson
            11th July 2010, 15:25

            Hee Hee – what a load of old bollox –

            So the location of the tarmac makes a race biased ?
            So the commentators of one of the countries broadcasting the race make it biased ?

            I think you are possibly wrong about the stewards – as far as I am aware thay are not all British.

            Your overtly anti-British statements are extremely xenophobic if not racist.

            I thinkl most people here will be having a chuckle at your rather biased comments :)

          2. “british stewards”

            Two of the four stewards were British.

          3. If you don’t want the british commentary, you can watch a whole range from German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish to Czech, Dutch, Finnish and Hebrew. Have your pick.
            By the way, i like your idea of having the next GP in UN or EU territories, that are out of jurisdiction of any countries, only theres not enough space for a good track.

          4. Soo, Spain was biased to spanish drivers then? Oh, wait. The Dutch comments I hear in my 2nd viewing were not all that different, and actually a bit more critical of Alonso, for example, than the BBC was (after agreeing that it was a very harsh penalty from both commenting teams).

        3. What? racist? why? Where did the race take place today dude?

          1. Mike Paterson
            11th July 2010, 15:34

            So what on earth was the point of stating “British Track”

            I would have thought that was entirely superfluous so guessed that you were stating it as a link to the 2 previous statements you made

            1. Ok you want a reply – here goes. I think that the new format at Silverstone is not worth the investment. If this was Mosley’s idea of having a lot of passing then it all went awfully wrong! Silverstone is as dull as it used to be.

              BTW F1 is international and a reference to a nationality should in no way be racist…so stop whining.

              There are are goos British drivers, good British teams and there are bad British tracks. ‘nough said!

            2. @sasbus

              Silverstone is regarded as one of the best racks in the world and you will constantly hear drivers commenting in how much they love it. The sweeping corners in the first half are unmatched anywhere else in the world. I personally think the new section has improved the track a bit (I had been against it originally). I think it did offer more passing than the old layout and far more than many tracks on the calendar (Bahrain, Valencia, Singapore….) However passing is caused by more than just the track, The cars are the biggest problem as they are very hard to drive when close to another car which is obviously not good for passing. I would also challenge you to find a better crowd at any GP in the world. I think your comments are being taken badly as you are insinuating that the track is bad as a consequence of being British rather than singling out the particular track.

            3. Hmm… If this track is so biased before British drivers… Why did the Australian win?

              I think it’s a bit dumb to say it’s biased, I mean, wouldn’t every track be biased based on it’s location?

              The BBC commentators are widely regarded to be some of the best F1 commentators. But you, having an internet connection can easily access other stations.

              Also, I doubt the commentators have much of an effect on the outcome of the race, seeing as the driver usually aren’t listening to to it at the time, usually they are busy driving.

              The comment about the stewards suggests that you are an Alonso fan, who was dealt with quite harshly, but not unfairly.
              From this I can find the motivation to accuse the race of being Biased.

              If you want to talk about bias, don’t forget the discrepancy between Lotus’ and Ferrari’s expenditure. Or between Williams and RBR.

          2. Maybe an answer may be found here:


            and I do not watch the race on BBC or ITV. There are other good commentators around speaking other languages. Then again that depends …..

    10. 7/10. Dull up until the safety car, but decent amount of overtaking and battling throughout the field in the second half of the race. Good effort by the least popular guy on this site to get 7th, but Webber did great 2 weeks after his flip.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. All the same thoughts crossed through my head.

    11. 6/10

      Saved by the safety car.

      1. Charles Carroll
        12th July 2010, 2:26

        I’m with you on this.

        1. im in on 6 aswell

    12. 9/10. I’m an Aussie.

    13. Enjoyed it very much. Very happy for Webber,Lewis and Rosberg.
      Redbull has the best car but will likely not win the championship and its all because of bad management.

      I’m no Alonso fan but feel the drive through was too harsh. . If only he had given back the position to Kubica right away, he would have been fourth maybe third.

      1. I am afraid of the situation at RBR going Alonso 2007 this year.

        Your right about Alonso, his team should have instructed him to let Kubica by.

      2. I agree I don’t personally like Alonso or ferrari, but the drive through overly penalised him compared to giving up a position.

    14. 5/10, Alonso’s penalty is a fraud. Vettel’s great rise from hell doesn’t equalize it.

      1. Mike Paterson
        11th July 2010, 15:10

        What else could be done – He broke the rules and should have ceded the place straight away. Instead he acrried on and got the same penalty given to Hamilton last time out – a drive through – seems reasonable to me.

        1. Sure, same as Hamilton, you are so funny!!!!

          1. ha ha ha , I’m still laughing!!!
            ha ha ha….

        2. Alonso got pushed wide and had to take to the run off. He needed to let Kubica through straight away.

          Interestingly enough this is what Lewis did in Spa 2008. But he got a worse penalty. But let’s not going into that hey…

          1. Do tell. Refresh my memory pls? what happened?

            1. I am not sure if you are trying to be sarcastic. Hamilton was forced off in a similar way by Kimi (something which I think is fine and part of racing) Hamilton then cam back on, let Kimi back past and then re overtook him. The team radioed to race control and was told that that was fine and they had done enough to avoid a penalty Hamilton managed to pass very quickly having a quicker car and nothing in the rules at the time stated that this was not allowed.(In fact he was punished for leaving the track not gaining an advantage) After the race (kimi not finishing) Hamilton was then given a points deduction after the race stewards advisor and ex-ferrari pr man, interviewed the two drivers (I add that the actual stewards did not get to interview the drivers at all!).

          2. But that was, allegedly, because it was late in the race, so they had to do the assigned after-race replacement penalty to Hamilton.

            I guess Alonso would have lost less with that penalty than he did now, but he would still have been out of the points, somewhere at 11 or 12.

        3. Hamilton’s case is quite different.
          At Vale curve Alonso was beyond Kubica, but he gave some room. Then Kubica blocked Alonso and forced him to go outside the track.
          Alonso got some advantage from this, but it was an unclear situation.
          In the beginning the officials told him he had to give his position to Kubica (which would have been a fair penalty), but just after this communication Kubica retired. After about 15 minutes (!) then officials decided for the drive through.
          The usual luck completed the perfect day with a SC at the right time.

        4. yeah but the stewards should have just told him to give the place back as soon as the incident happened. (before KUB retired)

          1. Exactly. Once again, late and poor stewarding. If they had immediately instructed him to relinquish his position to Kubica that would have made the most sense.

            1. Then Ferrari should not have complained against the penalty.

          2. spanky the wonder monkey
            12th July 2010, 8:25

            why is it down to the stewards?
            alonso knew he overtook another car whilst off the circuit, so should also know that the place needs to be given back. doesn’t & shouldn’t need team or steward intervention.

            1. The team should have told him to give the position back, and Alonso himself is smart enough to figure that out. I guess after Valencia they thought: oh, well, lets see what they do, but forgot the precedent from Spa 2008 that would make leniency a bit difficult.

              But with laps being around 100 seconds, taking more than 20 minutes to decide is long, perhaps too long (but I don’t know how to improve their reaction time – a brainstorm to find ways to make that happen by FOTA would be a good initiative, I guess).

      2. Alonso’s penalty was all they could give him under the circumstances. He should have had the sense to give the position back straight away: Alonso’s race ruined after Kubica pass

        1. All the drivers know the rules and I don’t think I heard Alonso blaming his crew for not telling him to give the place back, they all know you cannot cut a corner and gain an advantage and that you have to give the place back, the fact he didn’t is up to him.

          1. after spa 2008, everyone knows that if you cut the corner and gain a place, you have to give it back straight away! then wait untill the second corner after the corner you cut to try overtake again.

            Alonso didnt do that and he got a penalty! clear as day!

      3. I hope you also thought that Hamiltons penalty in spa a few years ago was also a fraud….

        1. didn’t everybody?

    15. Happy for Webber and Button. Sad for Vettel getting into the points at all and Kubica retiring.

      Quite interesting, but nothing spectacular. A 7.

      1. Oh, and extremely happy for Sauber and Williams!

      2. That’s quite bitter. After Red Bull’s douchy actions this weekend I was thrilled to see Webber leading after a great start, but Vettel surprisingly was the one bringing most of the exciting overtaking. Nice drama from them this weekend. :)

        Also, great stuff again by Kobayashi.

        1. It was great to see Kobayashi have such a clean race and place even higher than Valencia, without a risky strategy call, simply finishing on merit.

      3. I am a massive Vettel fan, and I really enjoyed watching him work his way back up the field. Why (and I may be a bit naiive but I mean this genuinely) do people dislike him??? He is a natural instinctive driver and many of the cringeworthy decisions that people attribute to him are team decisions.

        I was watching from Vale and I was really excited lap to see who he’d overtaken. Because the 1st and 2nd was decided from the start.

        1. But he also lets it happen, profits from it, and pretends nothing has happened.

          Adding to that, earlier this year, when Webber was on a roll, did you hear him honestly congratulate his team mate, or did he act childish and annoyed in press conferences when being behind him?

          Maybe I am by now biased against him, underdog-Webber syndrome or something, but Webber just seems over all the more mature and dependable driver this year, even though Vettel might ultimately be a bit faster.

    16. Surprised so many people seemed to have enjoyed it that much. I thought it was one of the least interesting races of the season. Some good battles in the midfield, but basically all the drivers who would have made the championship tighter by scoring good points ended up with little or nothing.

      Great job by Rosberg, Barrichello and Kobayashi, good on Button for gaining so many places. Ferrari – if they had any luck it would be all bad.

      Bit of a snoozer. A perhaps too harsh 5/10.

      1. your right, Rosberg should have won it from Kubica and Alonso. With Massa in 4th in front of Schumi, followed by Webber, Vettel, Button and Hamilton (maybe those last 4 without points even better). That would have given the championship a real boost ;-)

      2. I’m guessing you are a Kubica/Vettel fan

        Even my kid (7) watched the whole race. He usually walks away after a few laps.

    17. Worst stewards decision I have ever seen! Stupid 5 second penalties were thrown out at those drivers who were too fast during a safety car period in a previous race, now Fernando gets screwed over. We want to see the fast cars fight at the front, not have slower cars cause issues and make it almost impossible for someone behind to pass. We could have had three different teams up near the front today (even thorugh Mark was just too quick). If the race stewards had any brains they would have said to Alonso (straight away), let Kubica pass by the end of the next lap. Then if the same situation happened and Alonso was forced off the track, you would let it go. Kubica was holding up half the field, this is what sucks about F1’s aero, no one can pass unless you barge your way through!

      1. Mike Paterson
        11th July 2010, 15:12

        He was only “screwed” in the same way that Lewis was last time out.

        Seems the logical penalty to me given that he could no longer be told to drop behind Kubica.

        1. That’s not quite true though is it? Hamilton actually benefited from the stewards taking time make their decision.

          It was harsh, but Alonso should have let Kubica past straight away, and this is what the penalty should reflect.

          If on the other hand it was in response to Kubica dropping out, then I think the penalty was wrong, It isn’t Ferrari’s fault that the Renault died.

          Having said that, I’m glad he didn’t get off scot free, because he did take an advantage and should have yielded the position.

      2. It was up to the Ferrari pit wall to tell Alonso to give the place back – everyone knows how that works; it’s not the stewards’ job to explain to teams how to avoid penalties. Alonso’s race was ruined by his own team.

      3. Seems this time round Alonso understands the penalty and can live with it.
        He must have cursed his team for not informing him to let Kubica pass and not having him serve the penalty immediately and get out before the SC situation.

        I think Alonso might get into the mood he had in 2006 after midseason and have a mighty drive to be a real WDC contender again, let’s hope so.

        1. Alonso should know the rules himself.

          Het’s been in this situation before too (Suzuka 2005).

    18. MouseNightshirt
      11th July 2010, 15:03

      Sir Stirling Moss giving Lewis his trophy – how awesome was that!? Overall, I give a 7/10 – had a dip mid race, but as has been said, safety car timed to perfection.

      Karma is finally dropping its payload on Alonso…

      Poetic justice for Webber.

      Brilliant turnaround for the British fans.

      1. If Karma was involved, Alonso would have won.

        Honestly when last did Alonso do anything bad?

        1. Mike Paterson
          11th July 2010, 15:17

          Do you wear rosso red tinted glasses per chance?

          1. Try answering my question.

            1. MouseNightshirt
              11th July 2010, 15:29

              2003, European GP – Alonso gave Coulthard a brake test

              2006 Hungarian GP – Gave Doornbos a brake test and intentionally hard braked in the race to allow Schumacher past when a red flag was out

              2007 – I’ll not even open that kettle. Blackmail is a pretty serious thing though.

              2008 – Singapore? And then the subsequent “I deserved that win” a season later.

              And his attitude this season so far – as Brundle accurately described him, he is “a miserable little so-and-so.

              Great racer, sour guy.

            2. Mike Paterson
              11th July 2010, 15:39

              I restate my last comment

            3. Technically I agree with MouseNightshirt’s examples, but Mike- he’s spent most of his career in Blue and Yellow, racing against the red team.

        2. MouseNightshirt
          11th July 2010, 15:23

          I’m looking back at a career, not just Valencia.

          1. Karma has already paid him back for each of those, making them invalid.

            So, its been two years since he last did anything bad worth mentioning, and you and others are still going on about how evil he is.

            Brundles comment is completely inaccurate by the way. Its brundle afterall, and we all know how he takes every opportunity to lash out any Alonso (because he is a lewis fanboy).

            1. I don’t think Karma has finished with Alonso yet.

              Mind, Karma has still got a can of whoop-ass to open on Schumacher though!

            2. Ah lol, is that’s what keeping Schumacher back?

              Thought he might have forgottten the handbrake, but indeed it’s probably all that Karma weighing down on him :)

            3. without being rude rob i have been looking through the comments and everytime your name comes up it is followed by some rediculous comment about how amazing alonso is,or how the british are evil. sort it out man its getting boring.

            4. Charles Carroll
              12th July 2010, 4:47

              I don’t believe in karma, but that aside, Fernando is very talented and he has done nothing that Michael hasn’t done, or really any other champion racer for that matter.

              In fact, I would hazard a guess that if given the chance, all of the current racers would do the same as Fernando has done in the past and present. Is he really any different than the other drivers? Really?

              From what I can tell, he is an extremely driven and often irritable little man. That would describe all of the other racers more or less, especially those who have been or are successful. None of them are going to win nice-guy awards, nor would they want to. They want to win championships, no matter the cost.

              At the end of the day, as a fan and consumer of the sport, I EXPECT nothing less out of the racers. If they didn’t care so much about winning, and do whatever it takes to win, I wouldn’t watch.

      2. I think it really moved Lewis, that was nice.

        Alonso will hopefully get fired up real mean to storm ahead in the next races, like he did in 2006 to clinch the WDC

    19. Justice for Webber. Hamilton again MUCH quicker than Button and would have been nearly a lap clear without the SC. Alonso penalty was harsh and I think wrong, however he should have given the place back to Kubica immediately. I recall when Hamilton was penalised in Belgium a couple of years ago when raising Raikenen Alonso was very vocal in critisicing Hamilton. What goes around comes around.

      1. Not that again. Hamilton gave the position back… and then attacked again.

        1. Mark Hitchcock
          15th July 2010, 13:26

          And Alonso didn’t even give the position back…

    20. 8/10, I’m Aussie, Button made up heaps of ground and Vettel duffed it.

      I’m gonna be a Vettel troller and say that with the car he has he’d have to be an absolute numbskull to not be able to overtake.

      Notice how when a top car ends up at the back it either tends to be one of two results, a storming run thru the grid ala Barrichello 2000 German GP or a nothing afternoon middling around not even on your teammates pace ala Vettel before the safety car.

      On a different topic, when Brundle and Legard looked at the first corner from Hamilton’s perspective could everyone else not see it or only us Aussie’s on ONEHD. I’m certain that’s happened in a few other races too.

      1. obviously everyone else could see it

        all we do is get their audio; nothing else

        we dont see any of the pit/paddock interviews, etc.



        1. Hehe I always thought they just played the audio of the interviews for everyone…. I mean why do I want to see Kubica talking about pulling out of the race when I can just hear him and still see the race.

      2. yeah the BBC inserted that clip ontop of the FOM feed. nice.

      3. I think the part where Vettel was off the pace before the safety car was largely due to the option tyres being way faster at that stage compared to the prime. It solidified the position of the leaders and got Button up into 4th, among things.

        I’ll agree Vettel had the car that was comfortably fast enough to overtake (although the Red Bull’s advatage to overtake is hardly proportional to their speed advantage in clear air), but he still had to do it and made some pretty impressive moves, especially at a heavily defending Sutil.

        I’m no fan of Vettel, especially after all the unneccesary drama of the past couple of races, but today he managed to bring most of the overtaking excitement. I’ll cheer for any driver who fights hard until the last lap like that, I don’t watch F1 for all the soap-opera politics surrounding it. :)

        1. I don’t know if Mas had different tyres on but he was clearly lapping faster than Vet at that stage (one lap was 7/10s). Good on Vet for picking it up when he really needed to though

          1. No Massa definitely also changed to the prime tyres after the first lap, I guess Vettel really didn’t have it together then. I can recall there was radio contact informing Vettel that his pace was good though.

        2. If you look at the fastest laps, Vettel was 3 seconds a lap faster than the people he passed. So it’s no wonder that he passed the cars with such ease.

          On the other hand, Alonso’s car wasn’t much slower and Alonso got nowhere. When Alonso usually IS a driver who can overtake.

          Maybe Alonso was too busy throwing toys out of his pram again instead of getting the job done.

          It’s sad, because he is such an amazing driver when he wants to be. He really is his worst enemy lately.

        3. I want to say well said, I am a fan of Vettel and when he is out there driving that is what I went to see, I didn’t go for the politics. If I remember rightly he was 17th when the safety car came out, and finished 7th. I watched him overtake Massa from my seat in Vale and although I was sat in a sea of orange and grey I still showed my excitement everytime he came round having overtaken someone else.

          Alot of Vettels bad press is team related and should not be levelled solely at him. He is still young but I believe he will be a multiple world champion of the future.

      4. Well, it is difficult to make up a full lap while the top is driving in cars (almost) as fast or faster than you, I don’t think one can blame Vettel for that.

    21. Racing was rather dull but thanks to all situations, we have much to discuss in 2 weeks brake, so I will give it a 7.
      I love Mark comment about second driver :)

    22. Boring up to the safety car, only interesting after that because some of the faster cars were out of position, so score a five for me.

      Trains of cars following each other for lap after lap doesn’t mean it’s an exciting race !!!

      1. But when there are battles between those train of cars it makes it exciting, and there was plenty of overtaking (for silverstone) too.

        It’s like people forgot how boring it was last year.

        1. A train of cars following each other for lap after lap isn’t a battle.

          1. When they attempt to overtake each other it is.

    23. Really good race, lots of good battles and unpredictability. Great drives from Button and Webber, superb first lap from Hamilton and a great recovery from Vettel. Alonso’s penalty was a fraud, and I say that as a British McLaren fan, but shouldn’t he have conceded, let Kubica by and THEN attacked at the next corner as soon as it happened?

      1. So which is it: should he have ceded the place back or was the penalty a fraud? Surely, it can’t be both.

        1. That’s the point… it’s hard to tell and this thing still isn’t done and dusted.

          1. There is nothing hard to tell at all. Alonso should have ceded the position as every driver does when he overtakes through he grass.

            After the Spa 2008 debacle, the rule has actually been refined to “cede the position AND don’t overtake at the next corner”

            How on earth Alonso thought he could get away with this is beyond me.

    24. Drivers of the race:


      1. Oops, can’t forget Yamamoto too, hasn’t driven an F1 car in ages and managed to stay out of trouble and on same lap as teammate.

      2. Mike Paterson
        11th July 2010, 15:20

        My drivers of the race

        Webber – poetic justice
        Hamilton – well raced given the car
        Rosberg – Blew MS away again
        Button – 14th – 4th – great first lap and strategy call
        Barichello – Well done Rubens

        1. I really do think Vettel belongs in there somewhere, mainly due to the last 20 laps.

      3. Did Kubica do much? I know he’s been brilliant this season but he didn’t do much today then retired.

        1. He screwed over his best friend Alonso (not really meant he was a driver of the race, more of a joke though)

      4. Kubica was more the driver of qualifying. He obviously got that car qualified much higher than the car could actually handle in the race.

    25. If Alonso was too upset to give back the place, the pit crew should have ORDERED him to give back the place. Two laps after, Kubica leaves the race… problem solved. Now we’ll have to hear his rants. Ferrari have gone too far into leaving him do as he pleases, I wonder if Montezemolo and Domenicali will stop letting him doing what he sees fit.

    26. i pitty Ferrari, they have got a pretty good car… but they seem to be losing out on driver errors, mistakes & blunders… also their pit calls are often horrible in between…

    27. Younger Hamilton
      11th July 2010, 15:27

      10/10 good amount of overtaking and surprises,a lot of dueling down the field and the fact that it was the British Grand Prix,my home grand prix and the new silverstone arena track is just brilliant.

    28. MouseNightshirt
      11th July 2010, 15:30

      It was nice to see Vettel do some actual overtaking. Took his time getting past Sutil, but demolished everyone else behind.

      1. Sutil seemed to be the first one that had a competitive car, and he knew he was close to the end of the race, so dared a bit more.

    29. if a race needs a sc to become interesting ok then yes it was a interesting race
      1/10 to the race
      10/10 to the sc
      20/10 to the stewards (which this year are all jokers)

      1. Alonso is the joker.

    30. i thought Alonso moved away from Kubica so they wouldn’t make contact, what was he meant to do, hold his line and have a crash?
      i thought the penalty was a bit harsh really, and im not a Alonso supporter.

      i just loved the start of this race, watching Vetel get his just rewards for the team taking Marks front wing was the best thing that could have happened for me. i was rolling on the floor laughing my head off.

      was a awesome result for Mclaren in the end, Button made a great start gained a few places, looked after his tires, pitted latter and made up a few more, with Kubica breaking down and he being promoted to 4th was pretty cool when you consider he did not have to pass anyone except at the start.

      being consistent and staying outa trouble has its rewards, hence the reason i still think he is good for McLaren.
      Lewis, great drive, well deserved second place.

      1. Alonso knew going in he would not make the corner, so he could have slowed and avoided it, or tried it, then given back the position. And he would have been rewarded when Kubica had to stop. But he decided to see what would happen, sort of testing the stewards.

        I see he agreed with penalty, sort of saying: I fought the law, and the law won. He might even feel he was making a point after Valencia.

        I agree that on the whole, McLaren have a good team of drivers.

    31. After the racing incident between Lewis and Vettel the race was boring. Thanks to the SC we got a bit action at the end of the race but no position changes in the front.

    32. Red Bull – Red Bias http://twitpic.com/24eo9l

    33. one more time we see a manipulated race, again a british driver as a steward….it´s…mmm and obviusly, the big cheater/cryer/sucker….kubica crying on the radio to blame Alonso… Nigle, You are too old to be involved in F1 make yourself a favor and go to play golf…please, use charlie “big lier” whitting as a ball.. Well, i dont like the new Silverstone for F1 there is no place to overtake another car (It will be different in touring cars).

      1. Alonso penalty was exactly what you would have expected under the rules. The silly thing about it is he could have easily avoided it had he just let Kubica past: Alonso’s race ruined after Kubica pass

    34. Craig Woollard
      11th July 2010, 16:58

      8/10, lots of overtaking, not just from Vettel, Massa and Alonso, carnage with De La Rosa’s wing, a very difficult new layout too. Good result for English and British sport after the World Cup and Wimbledon. The twits who voted it as 1/10 must clearly be Ferrari fans ;)

    35. I assume there are 53 crazed Italians who will only enjoy a race when their driver does well. Those that say “British race”

      Ferrari fans, they’re all the same really..

      8/10 – What they should do is reverse the field every race. Fast guys at the back and the slow ones up front. That’ll get the blood flowing!

    36. In my opinion Silverstone isn’t much better than Bahrain. It’s all about history…

      1. I agree. Silverstone is nothing special. Spa, Montreal, Suzuka or even Monza are way better.

        1. bad_whippet
          11th July 2010, 18:51

          But all the drivers disagree with you, so it must be a good track – look how enthused Vettel was, talking about it pre and post race, not to mention Hamilton.

          Both Brundle and Coulthard also talked endlessly about the combination of corners and how excellent it is…

          I’m not trying to say you’re wrong, you did after all say, “in my opinion”, but it seems the drivers (old and new) thoroughly enjoy racing at Silverstone.

          1. Vettel was happy to be on pole. When he’s on pole he’s a happy camper and he loves everything. When he’s not on pole he complains about something that must have prevented him from being on pole.

            The British drivers seemed to be in Ultra PR mode. They just kept repeating how the fans were helping them go faster and such nonsense. It was all a bit too much.

            Still, even if Silverstone comes right after the few tracks that Manu mentions it’s still a pretty good track.

    37. cube
      yr name tells its all

      1. It is no good entirely viewing it from a British point of view as the Internet is Worldwide..It is obvious by these comments,unpalatable as they may seem to all GB fans, that many watchers were disappointed..

        1. @almanac, That doesn’t make any sense.

          I don’t really care it the British drivers do well or not, since I don’t support them.

    38. silverstone sucks

      1. Why?

        1. It’s clearly a great track for speed, viewing and tradition. The bumps were terrible this year and need to be improved. Is the spectator environment improved over years past when I went there? I expect so, but it used to be less than comfortable. Nice to see some overtaking on the new section and some real racing throughout the field and throughout the length of the race. This was not all due to the track, and some was possibly due to the bumps and resultant safety car but the track permits real racing, so thumbs up from me.

          1. Interestingly in discussions that I have seen/heard in recent weeks, the consensus is that bumps actually improve the racing by making the braking area more unstable and therefore opening it up for more overtaking.

            1. I think that’s right, but Sauber need to beef up their wings (again) it would seem. The latest version of Abbey, for example, was intended to be awesome, not tricky.

            2. @ almanac

              Ok the bumps were bad but the new section did provided some good racing?

    39. i’m extremely pleased for webber and extremely dismayed for ferrari. i think the on-track action was kinda meh. mclaren are simply the best when it comes to spending money and that enabled them to salvage some results from disaster. williams and sauber classified better than they really are, but at very least it will cost bernie a bit more at the end of the year. 6 from me.

    40. Charles Carroll
      11th July 2010, 20:51

      I gave it a 6. The first few laps were exciting and thankfully the safety car made it more interesting later on. Otherwise it was not as good as some of the other races this year.

      I was happy to see Kobayashi perform so well, as well as Rubens and Sutil. It was sad to see Kubica retire, but that is the way it goes. I’m not big into the Red Bull soap opera suffice to say that I personally was sad to see Vettel out so early, because the battle between Mark, Lewis and Sebastian would have been more entertaining.

      So, a 6. Looking forward to the next.

    41. 10, because it’s so much more awesome in person! 24 cars leaving the grid with their blown diffusers pointing straight at your face makes the most amazing noise in the world ever.

    42. I gave it a 7, and COTD to Webber for the ‘not bad for the second driver’ remark. I though Alonso’s penalty way too harsh. Yes he probably should have given the place back to Kubica straight away, but with Kubica retiring a lap or two later the whole incident became a bit of a moot point.

    43. Newnhamlea1
      11th July 2010, 22:19

      Had to give it a 10/10, twas my first ever live grand prix, the eruption in the chaple general admission area as vettel straightlined becketts made it so much sweeter.

    44. Matt G (lotus fan)
      11th July 2010, 23:18

      7. Was a good race to watch, good job by Webber showing just how much pace the red bull had. Lewis also showing that he was the only driver able to keep pace with the red bull today. Another podium for Rosberg finnishing well infront of Schumacher. Best result possibe for Button getting 4th from 14th. A great result from Rubens and Kob High places for Williams and Sauber respectivly. Also it’s the first double car finish for Lotus of the season so that made me happy.

      Lastly it was unfortunate what happened to Alonso but it could have been avoided by giving the place back to Kubica straight away, though the slow responce by the stewerds didn’t help.

      1. Hamilton, for all his problems, has shown repeatedly, that when there’s the faster car to hang on to, he’s the guy who can do it.

    45. 7/10 Exciting start gave way to a few battles here and there until the Safety Car,

    46. Absolutely brilliant race. Would have been a 10 but for the non-sensical Stewards decision over the Alonso / Kubica incident.

      I’m a Brit and even I was wondering what the hell Mansell was smoking, and if the whole drive through penalty / safety car debacle was an attempt to give Hamilton and Button another bite at some places. Madness. I just pray Mansell was not the one who gave another driver such a dumb penalty for what even Kubica called a “racing incident”. I was stunned that Alonso kept on driving. If it had been me I would have parked my car and walked out of Silverstone, or ignored the penalty until black flagged.

      1. Im sorry, but the precedent was set with the lewis/kimi incident in spa 2008. It is irelevant that Kubica retired, Alonso failed to let kubica past and made an illegal move.

    47. 6 Tense and exciting but less overtaking then I had hoped for. The only thing scarier then the Red Bull’s pace is the teams chemistry.

    48. i noticed one car go past the Safety Car after it had crossed the the white line. did anyone pick up on that????

      is this ok now as the Safety Car is trying to pick up the leader when it comes on track.

      the rules have changed then changed again, so im a bit lost as to what they can do or cant.

      1. Yes i was wondering about that too…but some people rate this race 8 or higher because of some flying carbon fiber . So long as faster drivers can’t pass slower drivers ,it will be a boring show.

      2. Mike Paterson
        12th July 2010, 20:13

        The safety car will generally wave drivers through to pick up the leader. They do not have to do this, and in Valencia they decided (possibly for the first time??) not to do this due to the nasty nature of the accident.

      3. Grenn light on the back meant he was allowing them through.

        1. ok, got that, thanks guys for the info.

    49. gave it a 10 because I WAS THERE!!

    50. I gave it a 10/10 due to the fact I got to witness such a great and well organised race in the flesh. I take my hat of to Silverstone they have really turned a corner from the old to the new and what they have managed to do it such a short space of time is testimant to their hardwork. My only complaint was it was sooo dusty but this had no impact on the race and the only thing it ruined was my ice-cream (went from nice white ice-cream to brown grity ice-cream in a mater of secs)! I for one look forward to another 17 years of F1 at the home of motorsport :-)

      1. One complaint i will add to the point is the way in which silverstone circuit metaphorically raped me when i went to get breakfast early on sunday morning.

        1. Completely agree, we cooked our own breakfast on the other days but on Sunday we had no choice but to pay £4.00 for 1 piece of fatty bacon stuck between 2 stail slices of bread…it was terrible. Grandstand seats and full english back at the tent next year.

    51. I thought it was a great race and that the layout was a success.

    52. I would have given it 7 but a win for Webber will add one more points to the table.The new section is the place where it seemed like all the overtaking have had happened.
      I thought that there will be more overtaking at Hanger straight but there weren’t.

    53. I totally agree with ivz about Alonso. He gained a place by illegittimately cutting a corner, therefore gaining an advantage. From what i have understood the team immediately asked Mansell if he had to give the place back and Mansell put the team on standby as he was making a decision. in that time Kubica retired so in effect Alonso hadnt any longer gained a place. So A- he shouldnt have been penalised in my opinion B-Mansell should have notified the team in a timely manner to order Alonso to give the place back. Alonso was once more harshly done by

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