Both cars in points (Williams race review)

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Williams claimed their first double points finish of 2010 as Rubens Barrichello finished fifth and Nico Hulkenberg came home tenth.

Rubens Barrichello Nico Hulkenberg
Qualifying position 8 13
Qualifying time comparison (Q2) 1’31.242 (-0.393) 1’31.635
Race position 5 10
Average race lap 1’38.263 (-0.203) 1’38.466
Laps 52/52 52/52
Pit stops 1 1

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Rubens Barrichello

Barrichello was surprised by how bumpy the track was after practice:

I was very surprised by Silverstone today. I really love this circuit, it is one of my favourites, but it’s really, really bumpy. It’s quite odd and I’m sorry to say this because I’m usually such a fan. We weren’t anticipating such a bumpy track, so we had to make a lot of unexpected set-up changes in response.
Rubens Barrichello

Nonetheless he reached Q3 and brought the car home in the top five for the second race in a row.

Compare Rubens Barrichello’s form against his team mate in 2010

Nico Hulkenberg

Held up by Vitantonio Liuzzi in qualifying and missed the cut for Q3 by three tenths of a second. Liuzzi was later given a five-placed grid penalty.

He ended the first lap where he started, having been passed by Vitaly Petrov but then fighting back to take Sebastien Buemi in The Loop.

A late pit stop allowed him to take the place back from Petrov and he successfully defended it when the Renault driver tried to take it back at Brooklands.

But Hulkenberg could do little prevent Sebastian Vettel demoting him to tenth. He picked up the last point despite his car coming to a halt after the chequered flag.

Compare Nico Hulkenberg’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    8 comments on “Both cars in points (Williams race review)”

    1. Barichello also got fastest time on Top Gear in Suzuki Liana, in last week.

      1. We talk about Rookie of the year I think we need to have a award for the older driver of the year selecting driver 35 & above & so far this season Barrichello deserve it.

        All of a sudden Williams are looking good to fight against Force India, Barrichello had a quite race in Silverstone.

      2. US Williams Fan
        15th July 2010, 8:46

        Thanks for the Vid ninad!

        He beat the Stig!

        Who beats the Stig????!!!!????


    2. Bartholomew
      12th July 2010, 21:08

      I like Williams very much. Glad they are doing well !!!

      1. Williams,isn’t this the best,so glad to see them getting back on form.They have been in the wilderness for ages.
        Look at Reubens :),he is like a new “young” man with a marked spring in his step..They must be a happy team to work for.Unlike some we could mention!!

    3. I really hope they can be a front runner again.
      Williams is Formula 1 as it should be!

    4. I’ve never been a huge Williams fan apart from the fact that they’re still the dominant privateer team in F1 but I suppose it may have something to do with the fact that the two champions they produced in the last fifteen years don’t really stack up against their peers

      1. Their last two champions less than exceptional ability is a reflection of how dominant there car was in 1996/1997

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