Who was the best driver of the British Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)

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Which driver did the best job during the British Grand Prix weekend?

See below for my pick of the best drivers in the British Grand Prix.

Review each driver’s race weekend in detail below and vote for who you thought was the most impressive driver.

For your consideration

Here are some of the drivers who impressed me during the British Grand Prix weekend:

Mark Webber – Shrugged off intra-team politics to make a great start and take a dominant win.

Lewis Hamilton – Coped with a major late set-up change on the McLaren far better than his team mate. Fourth on the grid paved the way for a very useful second place in the race.

Nico Rosberg – Out-drove Schumacher yet again and scored his third podium of the year, aided by a good strategy.

Rubens Barrichello – Silverstone specialist delivered for Williams with fifth.

Adrian Sutil – Great pass on Michael Schumacher and vigorous yet fair defence against Sebastian Vettel which almost held until the end.

Jarno Trulli – Had very little time in practice yet came out on top among the new teams.

Compare all the drivers

You can review what happened to each driver in the race and compare their race data with their team mates using the links below:

McLaren: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes: Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher
Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
Ferrari: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa
Williams: Rubens Barrichello and Nico Hulkenberg
Renault: Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov
Force India: Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi
Toro Rosso: Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari
Lotus: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Koalainen
HRT: Karun Chandhok and Sakon Yamamoto
Sauber: Kamui Kobayashi and Pedro de la Rosa
Virgin: Timo Glock and Heikki Kovalainen

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver impressed you the most in the British Grand Prix weekend? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the British Grand Prix weekend?

  • Lucas di Grassi (0%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (5%)
  • Pedro de la Rosa (0%)
  • Sakon Yamamoto (1%)
  • Karun Chandhok (0%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (0%)
  • Jarno Trulli (0%)
  • Jaime Alguersuari (0%)
  • Sebastien Buemi (0%)
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi (0%)
  • Adrian Sutil (3%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (0%)
  • Robert Kubica (2%)
  • Nico H???lkenberg (0%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (5%)
  • Fernando Alonso (2%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Mark Webber (35%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (6%)
  • Nico Rosberg (4%)
  • Michael Schumacher (1%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (23%)
  • Jenson Button (13%)

Total Voters: 2,945

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    127 comments on “Who was the best driver of the British Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)”

    1. I see we have a vote for Sebastian Vettel. I didn’t realise Helmut Marko read this site.

      I went for Sutil; given the ease with which Vettel was driving by the rest of the challengers who more or less had Sutil’s pace, the Force India man’s display of defensive driving was astounding.

      1. 4 votes for him so far, “borrowed” from Mark Webber.

        1. Borrowed, hah, Webber was the best driver into the first corner, from then on out his car advantage was massive an Vettle’s problem won the race for him. No one could challenge him from that point on and one good corner isn’t enough to merit many plaudits, despite the team situtation

          Not as good a drive as Hamiltons pull the car to 2nd, though Kubica and Rosberg provided him with a cushion as well.

          Sutil however, made a fantastic pass against a superior car, then defended for ten laps, in a car vastly inferior to Vettle’s, on the track most suited to the RB6. It took unfair, rough driving from Vettle for him to get past. Absoultley brilliant from Sutil, he’s developing himself a tidy reputation for amazingly strong deffense, definatley my driver of the day.

          1. I seem to forgot the moment the Mclaren turned to be an inferior car.

            If Lewis’ race was good, Mark’s race was better… Mark beated the only one he needed to beat. And did everything good from turn 1 onwards.

            Best of the race, surely.

            Special mention to Barri and Nico

            1. huh? Marks race was only remarkable on turn 1.

              All the rest of the time he just did what he needed to an the car delivered the rest. Every single driver in the feild cept Yamamoto could have won in the RB6 at Silverstone, easily, it’s the fastest car in F1, on the circuit that suits it most.

              Once Mark was past the first corner in the lead he’d won, no great acheivment.

            2. We’ll see how Yamamoto performs in an RB6 soon enough. Latest news is that he’s bought Webber’s seat for Hockenheim.

          2. Sutil worked great keeping himself ahead of Vettel. But Schumacher’s car was damaged, so it was in an inferior state, not superior.
            Also what a fool by driving into the back of de la Rosa.

          3. Huh?…

            so everyone in F1 history that leaded the field after turn 1 did not deserved the win at all? Never?

            1. Scribe, you’re sounding rather ignorant here. Following that line of thinking, Schumi’s world titles are really all down to the fact that he was driving for Ferrari…

            2. yes and that would be wrong how?

      2. Too bad Vettel didn’t just keep his line…or do a schmuy chop

      3. So just because Vettel turns out to be a spoiled douche he suddenly cannot do anything right?

        He got a puncture was last after the first lap and (if with some luck of the safety car) fought his way up to 7th with some solid and a rather forced pass. Sure his car is faster, but usually so is Hamilton’s when he passes most other cars and I personally really like seeing those as well.

        As for the move on Sutil, sure it was rather agressive but as good a driver Sutil has become he’s not exactly known for his subtle and sensible driving and he defends quite fiercly. It’s getting a bit old using this as an example, but I really think if this was Hamilton’s move not followed by some sort of soap-opera scandal, we’d all love his bravery.

        I sure would, he’s my favorite driver to watch especially because of this. I don’t like Vettel and after a weekend like this it’s easy to hate, but he did a solid job from almost a lap down and provided some well needed spectacle near the end. Besides, he’s not the first driver to benefit from a safety car this season…

        Kobayashi was once again my driver of the day. Sauber’s doing a great job and seem to be right up there with McLaren in terms of their in season improvement, good to see they have a driver who can show it.

        1. The RB6’s advantage round this track over the force India was over a second and a half. That, is frankly ridiculous, the drive he got out of Abbey compared to Sutil was obscene, Vettle should have passed him, I reckon Hamilton, Alonso and even Button would have with that kind of advantage.

          Mention Malaysia, well not only was Hamiltons advantage less, but Sutils low downforce set up that day, added to the fact that the McLarens big strength is straight line speed ment that Sutil was well placed to keep him behind. Here though the RB6 just completley outgunned the VJM03, Sutil outwitted Vettle an his incredible car couldn’t get him past.

          An Schumacher’s car got damaged when Sutil went past him didn’t it? Anyway it wasn’t mentioned as a big thing, Schueys car is defintaley the better one, kinda odd to say otherwise, with the same engine as well. Sutil overtook a superior car, an kept behind for 10 laps the best car on the grid. Driver of the day easily.

          Kamui had a great drive, but luck really went his way after the first laps.

        2. i have to say (tho i may be bias because i am a huge fan of sebastian vettel) he was the driver of the day for me!! he would have kept second and would have provided a good race against mark webber if it wasnt for lewis hamilton having contact which give him the punture. his overtaking was outstanding and managed to get to 7th which was brilliant i agree that everyone would love lewis hamilton for doing this but at the after party at silverstone on sunday night sebastian vettel was the most accepted driver (except lewis and jenson) he was up on stage playing the guitar and then stayed on stage whilst EJs band were playing he is a excellent young driver because of his agressive overtaking and holds a lot records because of this i absolutly love him hewas definately the best driver this weekend!! mark webber hardly did anything past the first corner just plodded along the car did the work not him!

          1. @kay,

            Vettels car was better than Webbers (webber having to give him his wing after vettel broke his own) He then lost 1st place not because of a bad start (as it is clear his start was pretty much identical to Webbers) but because he was too intent on pushing webber into the wall. Vettel was not taken out by hamilton he was taken out by his own aggression. Hamilton was right on the inside of the track and in Vettels attempt to keep position he clipped Hamiltons front wing (Not that I think it was something he did on purpose and it was indeed in a very frantic time of the race when he was concentrating on webber, however it was certainly not Hamiltons fault). He then meandered at the back almost lapped by both Webber and Hamilton only to be thrown a lifeline by the saftey car. Once this happened he woke up (Alonso, Schumacher Hamilton and even Webber would not have gone to sleep in the first place). He then managed to get by far the fastest car past by far the slowest cars with ease (not really surprising especially as he did not need to make another stop) He then barged into Sutil (did you see Sutils car jolt!) in what was a quite dangerous and certainly stupid move but got lucky as his car did not break and finished 7th. Sometimes you have to look at how a car got to a position to see how good the drive was rather than taking position as a marker of a good drive. It is interesting that you think Webbers car did the work for him yet vettels better car was not a major influence on his position. I would say that vettel is a very fast driver and I really thought a lot of him until this season. However his disgraceful antics over this season have revealed his major weaknesses and it is clear that he thinks he is far better than he really is.

    2. I voted for Sutil as i keep track of him and saw nice race things from him. He did he best to bad he couldn’t stay longer on those hard tyres otherwise he would be in the top 5.

    3. I’ll copy my other post.
      ”I was very impressed by the Mclaren result. It is reflected by the fact that Hamilton finished in the position I predicted and Button finished one position higher than I predicted, and if you consider that I made the prediction when they still was supposed to run the updates, but instead had to rebuild the car with the old parts and then only had one hour to find race and quali setup, I think it is very impressive indeed!”

      So in summery I was very impressed by Hamilton and Button.

      1. That’s why i have Button to win the WDC again,because he manages the car better and Webber will never be WDC,because Vettel will take him out

      2. How can Hamilton be the driver of the day? He didn’t pass a single car? The only spot he made was when Vettel got a puncture, which Hamilton (not deliberately) caused. Hamilton didn’t rebuild the car, his mechanics did. All he had to do was drive the same car he had for the last race. I’m not sure who the driver of the day was, but I’m sure it wasn’t Hamilton.

        1. Hamilton Passed Alonso, given; Alonso had a bad start, but it was still a Pass due to Hamilton having a typically excellent start

        2. Hamilton had a 30 second advantage over Button before the safety car and another 20 seconds at the end of the race.

          I guess you could say that Button “managed” his tyres better, but with a 50 second deficit that’s not very hard to do.

        3. It’s meant to be driver of the weekend, not the day, and Hamilton did well to keep as close as he did to Webber and phenominaly to qualify where he did.

    4. I went for Mark… justice has been served.

      1. Speed Damon
        13th July 2010, 9:51

        I Agree. Webber drove a great race despite having two disadvantages to Vettel
        1 – He had Vettel’s old chassis that was worse than the new one
        2 – He didn’t have the new front wing.

        P.S Please reply if you agree that Red Bull’s new is unfair and should be banned. The camera’s on the front wing are standard for all the cars, even HRT, and they disrupt the airflow. However, Red Bull have put their cameras on the side of the air intake where they can act as extra aerodynamic parts.

        1. He had Vettel’s old chassis that was worse than the new one

          It had been repaired since then, you know? Apparently it was slightly lighter than Vettel’s, though they’d have had to ballast it up it of course.

          Red Bull have put their cameras on the side of the air intake where they can act as extra aerodynamic parts.

          People have been doing that for years.

          1. Speed Damon
            13th July 2010, 13:46

            OK Thanks Keith for explaining things. :)

    5. Webber for me. Turned adversity into a great performance. He did the one thing he needed to – beat Vettel off the line, then put his foot down and drove flawlessly for the rest of the race.

      As a fan of Button, Hamilton and McLaren in general cheering Webber at the start then as he brought it home was a first for me!

      1. x2, brilliant for aussie grit

    6. I voted for Mark Webber, but Red Bull might let Vettel “borrow” them.

    7. Sakon Yamamoto. Not been in an F1 car for 3 years and comes back and is almost on the pace of his team-mate immediately. Unlike Herr Schumacher…

      1. Chandhok was 15 seconds ahead of Sakon when the safety car came out and after that had an issue with the car so didn’t pull away again.

        1. But still, that’s 15 seconds in around 30 laps, which means Chandhok was 0,5 second a lap faster. That’s not much given the fact that Sakon hasn’t driven in 3 years.

          1. Latest news is that Yamamoto paid Kolles a tip to slip some octane booster in his motor. And sawdust in the gearbox makes it run sweet as a nut, apparently.

      2. LOL! Yes, but that doesn’t make Sakon the best driver on the grid!?! ahaha

    8. If I didn’t pick Webber, then it would have been Hamilton for being that quick in an unbalanced car.

    9. In actuality, I would say Webber because it was a hard weekend for him.

      But I voted Hamilton to show support, and for the fact that he did a very good job getting 2nd in the McLaren.

      1. More or less my reasoning too for voting Hamilton. Webber deserved it for grit and style but the vote is on the ‘race weekend’ and I think he should have been 1 or 2 anyhow, with or without the we’ve-only-got-wings-for-Vettel issue. Hamilton’s 4th in qualifying was the best driving of the weekend I think, by a fairly long shot.

    10. Although my second choice would be for Rubens as he managed to top the leaderboard on Top Gear – beating The Stig in the ‘reasonably priced car’ :-)

      1. Speed Damon
        13th July 2010, 9:54

        Some say we won’t be seing Rubens at the next race unless it’s in an ambulance…

    11. Kamui Kobayashi! 6th place in a Sauber is an excellent result. After his 7th place at Valencia I hope we are going to see a great second half of the season from KK.

      I think when it comes to racing ability Kobayashi is just fine, but I’m very concerned with his awful qualifying performances. He ought to be outqualifying Pedro de la Rosa most of the time if not always. If he doesn’t improve in qualifying I don’t see him progressing beyond the level of an F1 journeyman.

      But I hope he can sort these problems out, because I love Kobayashi and I desperately want to see a Japanese banzai warrior finally succeed in F1!

      1. Kamui put in some pretty impressive Quali performances in Spain and Turkey, an lets not forget the car is dire.

        As a rookie, it’s understandable that Kamui can’t set his car up as well as someone like De La Rosa whose job has been to understand how to get the best set ups for quite some while. I wouldn’t worry too much about Kamui’s quali pace, it’s not half bad.

        Personally I think that Kamui’s race pace and Quali have both been more impressive than De La Rosa’s this season.

        1. Easily the driver of the race for me. Finished even better than Valencia, and not because of a risky strategy, but simply on merit. In those two finishes alone he’s now rocketed Sauber past Toro Rosso in the championship, and they’ve had both drivers score points this year. I see great things in Kobayashi’s future if he can get himself in a more competitive car.

        2. I also have to agree that Kamui has been very impressive. If you compare him with the other rookie Petrov, then you have to ask what is Petrov doing in F1?

          Petrov is in a far more superior car than Kamui but Petrov has only scored 6 points thanks to 7th place finish in the crazy China GP and its not like he didn’t have spin there as well. Other than that he has had some below average finishes(5 in total) and 4 DNFs some as a result of mistakes. At the same time Kubica has scored in every race apart from Bahrain where he spun on the first lap because of the contact with Sutil(because of the big cloud coming from Webber’s back), and last race in Silverstone where he was targeting another top 5 finish until the drive shaft problem. In total Kubica has 83 points, almost 14 times more than Petrov. If Petrov had scored at least half points of what Kubica has, Renault would be in front of Merc and would join the ‘big four’.

          At the same time Kamui has had terrible luck with reliability, he has had 4 technical DNFs and one DNF in China where he was taken out by Liuzzi and one DNF in Canada which as far as I can see is his only big mistake in the whole season. This means he has only finished four races (6th, 7th, 10th, 12th) scoring in three of them, to gather 15 points which is more than two times more than Petrov and 15 more than Pedro de la Rosa. So he has outscored his more experienced team mates last year, and this year, that is very impressive!

          And it’s not like Petrov has any promise of speed either,(like Hulkenberg for example) being the only driver on the grid to be trashed by his team mate in qualifying.

          So the question is – Does it pay off to Renault, to have an under performing pay driver, instead of some crazy but precise Ninja. If they could be at least one or two places higher in the standings.

          I think Sauber did a bold move to sign Kamui, just as bold as Kamui in Valencia, so their characteristics go together. But if you think what other drivers was an option for Sauber, then it was the only right decision.

      2. I was an enthusiastic member of the Kamui Koyabayshi Klub before it had to be shut down for some unknown reason.

        1. I just got that!

      3. @ Ned Flanders

        I don’t think Kobayashi’s qualifying performances are going to determine how long his stay in Formula One will be.

        Drivers like David Coulthard wern’t exactly qualifying specialists, but he went on to have a great career which lasted 14 years.

        I’ve stressed this a lot recently. But it the results that team owners are most concerned about. Kobayashi has delivered so far. If he keeps it up, then I see him being in Formula One for many years to come.

    12. without a doubt Webber! First the old specs front wing and then totally dominated the whole of the grid! Amazing race for him!

    13. 4 people actually voted for Alonso?! He has some hilariously stubborn fans!

      1. Oh, come on… it wasn’t his fault… someone made him get a crap start… and then Massa boinked into him… and, er… it was a Sunday… ;)

        1. “someone made him get a crap start” … LOL

          1. Speed Damon
            13th July 2010, 9:59

            Serves him right. He drove badly at Silverstone and in the last to races has done nothing but whinge on the radio about how unfair his race is or how much he hates Hamilton. Ferrari need to be firmer with him and not baby him as much. They’re all “Don’t worry Fernando mummy ferrari will kiss it better for you” and “Just ignore the nasty mclaren driver”. Alonso needs to stop acting like a spoilt brat and start acting like a double world champion

    14. You can look at Rosberg, Kobayashi, Barichello, Button for steady and quality drives. But It remains amazing that Hamilton was able to take the fight to Webber after the fiasco VMM endured Friday. Hamilton was pulling away from Kubica or Rosberg at an amazing rate. Even after the SC period Hamilton put near 20 seconds on Rosberg, which was really shocking.

      I was almost thinking of Monza last year and the image of Hamilton stuffing it while wringing out the car to get after Button, during those laps when he was trading purple with Webber, and forcing Webber to keep stepping it up a little bit to manage the gap. Time was, you expect Hamilton to over do it in this situation, but that may be changing.

    15. I said Webber. My general rule is you reap what you sow and Webber put in the graft. However, Hamilton is a close second. The car maybe shouldn’t have been 4th in quali and he kept his head in the race. I don’t think he ever could have beat the RBR but 2nd was the maximum he could achieve. I think his qualifying was the most impressive though while Webber was more impressive race wise for me.

      I’d give nods to all the ones you’ve got on the considered list though Keith. Apart from that, noone else really stood out for me.

      1. I voted Sutil. He had a decent start, had to fight to get up front, pased some cars including Michael Schumacher and had a good fight to keep back Vettel.

        Yes, Webber had a great start and unique pace managing the gap with Lewis, and all this against the backdrop of the team favouring Vettel.

        Jenson Button had the start he needed and a good tactical drive saw him gaining further places. Rosberd did nothing wrong, but was not able to threathen Lewis in front.
        A good impression was made by Yamamoto, after booing him for taking Senna’s place, he showed he is up to the job of driving a F1 car around.
        And Vettel showed he can overtake if he must, even if the first passes after the SC were aided by him being 3 secs faster and going past Sutil was pretty rough.

        1. I thought about Sutil long and hard. I’m never sure how much he’s getting out of the car when he’s alongside someone as dire as Liuzzi but his racecraft and defensive driving was brilliant yesterday. I’ve rarely given Sutil any praise and thought him to be an overhyped, crash junky but he’s been consistent and shown some real class this year despite the limits of his equipment.

          1. He always had me wondering what to think of him. Remember when Lewis said he had a tough fight with Sutil in F3? I never knew what to make from that.

            Maybe it’s true, that he is now getting a decent car and does not have to overdrive the car too much any more. Anyhow, Sutil is turning into a decent driver himself as well, i would like him to do some wetweather drive like Monaco a couple of years back and see where he lands.

    16. Either Webber or Rosberg for me. The McLaren drivers also did great.

    17. Webber for me, but Hamilton continues to be hugely impressive, near flawless, this season. Honourable mention for Adrian Sutil.

    18. Barrichello, comfortably the best driver all weekend. I know he finished 5th, BUT if anyone saw Top Gear last night, he’s faster than The Stig

      1. but hamilton was only 3 tenths slower in the wet……. imagine a dry lap from him. what do they reckon its worth about 3 seconds :s

    19. Being a very big fan of Lewis Hamilton who drove a flawless awesome race, but yet voted for Mark Webber for abvious reasons. He was under tremendrous pressure after all the politics, but drove brilliantly. Sutil also did a great job of holding off vettel(may be a force india biased, mallya being from my place)

    20. i’m one of Hamilton’s fans but i’ve got really impressed by Vettel race.

      1. Lew Numba 1
        12th July 2010, 21:12

        Yeah, I have to say (and it looks like few other people are thinking the same way), despite having screwed up the first lap, Vettel’s comeback was pretty damn impressive. And after looking at all of the data charts, he just made his way through the field on raw pace and MUST have passed at least a handful of folks out there to wind up 7th.

        I too am a big Hamilton fan, but that was damn impressive. Button may have had a great improvement, but he couldn’t seem to pass anyone.

        1. Would agree with this, were it not for his clumsy driving into Sutil at the end of the race that really should be penalised IMHO. Great driving before that however.

          But Rubens was driver of the day for me.

    21. Lewis is by fr the best driver on the track at the moment. I dare to state that he has at least a .3s lead on the rest.

      1. 3 tenths over everyone else?

        Got a lol from me.

        But, still, your support is admirable…

    22. Yamamoto. All day.

      Actually a serious answer would be Barrichello or Kobayashi

      1. Totally agree. (With Barrichello :P)

    23. Since Vettel and Webber had the best car on the day, if either of them didn’t win it would be a surprise, so a raspberry to Vettel and a slap on the back to Webber.
      Hammy did do well to keep up with Webber, but he didn’t get close enough and never really got close enough to do any good, I would expect him to handle a dodgy car well, so another slap on the back. Button had a lousy qualifying but bounced back with good pace and smart strategy, to nearly make it to the podium, so gets my vote.
      Rosberg did well with strategy and speed in a car his older, wiser, more experienced team mate cannot handle, and did reach the podium, but lets see a little more effort from the team and give him the car he deserves…another ‘well done’.
      Kubica, Sutil and Kobyashi showed they deserve to be in amongst the big boys, and Rubens is a big boy who deserves a better car.
      I’m not rating either of the Ferrari twins, they aren’t worth the space…….

    24. Any chance you could put the Top 5 in the daily round up tomorow or wednesday Keith?

      1. Sounds like a plan!

    25. Everybody is going to flame me but, I voted for Sebastian Vettel. The reason his if we cut out the first lap stuff, he was able to drive the car from last and +80 sec with the help of one SC to the points, and was passing cleanly and drove consistently, until the last lap bang with Sutil. Webber certainly deserves credit for winning, but really he got the lead at the 1sr corner, and then just went around lap after lap in the what is the fastest car on the grid, the RB6.

      1. I thought it was a mixed bag for Vettel. Before the SC his pace really was nothing special but he switched it on when he needed too. The first corner perhaps he could have avoided the puncture and I didn’t appreciate his move -or at least the way he did it- on Sutil. So good when he needed to be which is the most important thing but a little more care and a look in his mirrors at turn 1 and *perhaps* he could have been saved the aggro.

      2. Oh and “what is the fastest car on the grid, the RB6.”

        Mark didn’t get the new front wing, did he? ;) Sorry just couldn’t resist a little joke there!

        1. Well how much is the that new front wing worth in terms of performance? A few hundredths of a second? Also I think the whole thing with Webber not being given the wing has been blown out of proportion. Getting a puncture at the first corner is just a lottery, and would not blame it on Lewis or Vettel.

      3. I do think Vettel finally showed he can overtake, that’s good and deserves some votes.
        But his overtaking was done in a car that is pretty far ahead of most other cars around, the 80+ sec went away with the SC, before that he had been cruising around in P14 or so.
        And the move on Sutil was too harsh in my opinion, not the first time from Vettel either.

    26. I voted Mark Webber, he won with inferior equipment to his team mate and gave him and the team the big finger. Well Done!

    27. What is it with Vettel and the swerve maneuver? (the swervettel maneuever) I used to be a Vettel fan, but I think with all of the coddling, RBR is creating a monster. Hats off to Webber, he gets my vote — poetic justice, unflinching great drive in car number two.

      Can somebody help me understand how Vettel’s pass on Sutil is o.k.? Is it o.k. to run into the back or side of a car (clearly Sutil was still ahead, imagine if Webber pulled that move on Vettel, RBR would send Webber down the river fro the same)and then gain an advantage?

      1. Well when Vettel did it to Mark it was ok according to RBR. Mark’s ahead in the standings now so maybe he’s allowed to swerve? Just joking again.

        I didn’t like the Sutil move either. There was twice on Lewis, once on Sutil and once on Mark at Turkey that I’ve counted Seb pulling the same trick. Lewis and Sutil both complained, Lewis even did so to Charlie in Turkey I think so I thought the stewards would have looked at it in all honesty or it should be brought up in a drivers meeting.

        1. Swervastian Swettel!


          1. Not much of a swerve really compared with say Webber’s on Barrichello in Spain last year. Short memories most F1 fans…

            He just did what almsot every pole sitter does at the start of the race but obviously the story in F1 is is the Red Bull favouritism thing and there alwasy has to be a link…

            Both Vettel and Webber laughed off any lack of room given to each other. Have you forgotton that the Ferraris actually collided with each other…

    28. I went for Rosberg, although I feel he and Hamilton both outperformed their equipment I figured Hammy would get more votes anyway.

      Also a word for Rubens, he’s doing a really good job at Williams.

    29. For me it was Rosberg – from practice to qualifying to the race was between 0.5 and 1 second faster than his team mate. Finishing third in the Mercedes is no mean achievement, especially a damged one (sans its bargeboard).

      Honourable mentions go to Kobayashi (despite a poor qualifying), Barichello (that was a pretty awesome drive), Button (great first lap, steady thereafter), Sutil (defense of his position agains Vettel was masterful until the latter drove into him)and finally Lewis (he got the best possible potential out of the Macca).

      Obviously Webber’s performance was great but the car is 0.8 secs faster than everyone else barring his team mate.

    30. Scott Joslin
      12th July 2010, 19:05

      I voted Vettel. Despite his first lap incident he did a decent job attacking the field. Ok, so he was helped out by the safety car, but he still delivered.

    31. Jaime Alguersuari s performance was a nice surprise of Sunday for me… He struggled in practices and in qualifying, but he recovered in a great style, driving 11th just 2 second behind Schumacher and Hulkeberg before his brake problems arrived… His race pace was impressive and over 3 tenths better then Buemis…

    32. Tbh Alonso did take a lot of stick from the british “lewis” fans with all the booing, so the stiff upper lip award would go to Alonso by miles.

      I think jenson was driver of the race from 14th to 4th good showing.

      Vettel was lucky to get 7th, without the safety car it would of been a lot worse. He did silence a fair few people saying he can’t overtake since he did just that taking sutil and schumacher.

      Excluding the safety car webber and lewis dominated the race.

      1. Alonso did take a lot of stick from the british “lewis” fans with all the booing

        Really? I hadn’t heard about that. When did it happen?

        1. yer the second he got interviewed by the silverstone media the whole pit straight, woodcote, luffield and copse booed him. I’m not sure about the rest of the circuit but tbh I never remembered schumacher being booed at silverstone when I last went.

          Was a sad sound to hear tbh since you hear british fans saying they never act like the spanish “alonso fanatics” and cheer anybody, yet around 50,000 did just that trying to intimidate Alonso, was like I went to a football match with liverpool vs man utd…only negative thing i had to say about my trip there.

          1. Did he say anything worth booing or was it just booing for the sake of it?

            1. nope, booing for the sake of it. Funny though since you couldn’t even hear what he was saying afterwards, shame really.

    33. Barrichello for beating the stigs lap around the Top Gear tst track!!!!!!

      1. When will we see Lewis do a dry lap!

    34. Basically, it’s folks like us who keep F1 going, in our millions, and at the moment it seems that the majority (not all, but most) of us, think that Vettel is behaving like a spoiled *****. That can only be bad for Red Bull, and good for Monster energy drinks. Business ethics are one thing, apply them to sport and you come a cropper soon enough. Red Bull take note.

      1. Yup Webber should be off the team soon

    35. Many good drives this weekend.

      My vote went to Webber, he did a perfect weekend.
      No mistakes, great drive.

      Hamilton did a great job after the backsets the team got, great qualifying effort and nice solid race.

      Button did a smart solid job making most of his bad starting stop.

      Vettel finaly showed us he can pass, but he does have the best car and it’s a circuit wich let u do these things.

      Sutil and Koboyashi did a very good race, big ups for them!

    36. Webber not only shrugged off the internal team issues, he shrugged off one of the most horrific accidents in recent times at his prior race and made one of the great starts of the season. His qualifying was incredible given what we now know to have happened in the team. His drive was impeccable, fast and controlled and aggressive.

      1. Oh, and Webber had Vettel’s cast off chassis to boot … talk about having the odds stacked against you …. sheesh!!

    37. Electrolite
      13th July 2010, 0:19

      Webber. That was the definition of getting the job done.

    38. Webber. Others did a brilliant start, too, but no-one that had an amount of pressure similar to Mark’s over their shoulders (Vettel and Alonso come to mind) coped with it as successfully as him.

    39. I will day Webber ,no doubt.

    40. Charles Carroll
      13th July 2010, 5:23

      I went with Nico Rosberg. Just when I thought Mercedes was going to be slipping back into obscurity among the “best of the rest”, Nico shows up on the podium yet again. While I don’t think he’ll challenge for the championship, he impressed me with his cool and consistent driving at Silverstone.

      A close second was my man Kobayashi!

    41. Definately Mark Webber, had a massive crash last race , if he got any higher a stewardess would have turned up and served him a meal, he got Vettels mended chassis and gave up the latest front wing and still got the job done! He’s gaoned a lot of fans. Can’t beleive some people votd for Vettel, the only reason he got so high up was the safety car, and I could train a monkey to pass cars in that awesome RB6.

    42. Chris Powell
      13th July 2010, 8:20

      Why does eveyone think the Mclaren is a slow unbalanced car just because “1” of the latest updates didn’t work? how many races have lewis and Jenson won this year already without the failed upgrade?

      With Button on grid 14, Vettel off the track on the first corner and Alonso having a useless start.. it was always going to be Webber #1 Hamilton #2 nothing shocking there.

      1. I think people are saying that because McLaren basically lost a day of practice and set-up work when their upgrades didnt work and had to be removed. So its thought that they couldnt get the set up quite right in the final practice session, or at least Button didnt get the set-up quite right (he was certainly more vocal about it).

    43. So far we’ve had over 2,000 votes and Webber leads ahead of Hamilton, Button, Kobayashi and Vettel.

      The one that really surprises me in the top five is Button. He had a good first lap but that’s about it really. He was downright poor in qualifying.

      1. Well us old guys know,car management is key (not just tyres)but i didn’t vote for him in this race…up until the carbon fiber started flying the race was plain boring. Some day they will fix thee aero package ,so faster drivers can pass slower drivers.

      2. Well, Button did overtake 6 cars in one lap. Granted that was mostly because he qualified so poorly, but it took vettel a whole lot loger in a much faster car and Alonso didn’t overtake a single car all day.

      3. He certainly was poor in qualifying, and therefore set the bar pretty low, but I guess that its hard for people to overlook the fact that he finished the race 10 places higher than he started. Personally, I voted webber, for obvious reasons.

    44. I’m baffled by the votes for Vettel. he was consistently a second slower than Webber until his engineer told him to get on with it as he had a chance to improve – whilst cruising around behind the SC. Didn’t enybody else get that feed??? Hamilton is clearly the racer’s racer, but for sheer focus on the job at hand – #1 for Webber this time. Probably his best race start ever – when he absolutely had to.

    45. Webber driver of the race. After being shafted by his team and to drive a faultless race with the team against you for not the first time this year. Vettel only got in the points after safety car otherwise he was back in 14th.
      Hamilton & Webber for the championship with the little annoying brother Vettel getting in the way of possibly a driver and constructors championship for red bull or the team themselves.

    46. Trulli. Webber is good only if he starts first.

      1. So how do you explain Webber started 2nd and dominating the race?

        1. I mean that some drivers like Webber or Massa are like missile, only if they start in head to the group. They are not good to reassemble. Imho of course.

          Sorry for my english

    47. I’m fan of driving performance done by Lewis. But this time, The Man of the weekend was Web, for my view. When you competing, you usually doing this, with other guys on the truck. But Web, this time, has to copes with his own team as well. Great drive from him form the start. Even, with Red Bull, taking wing away…

    48. It’s got to be Hamilton, I think if you put him in the redbull it would be game over, even with vettel as his teamate

    49. I voted for Rosberg, I think he got the absolute maximum out of that Merc on Sunday. His advantage over Schumacher was substantial.

    50. Speed Damon
      13th July 2010, 14:09

      I voted for Alonso. No, no ,no… before you all start throwing things I voted for him being the funniest driver of the race. He moaned about Kubica and then after his drive through basically had a sulk and told his engineer not to talk to him. Hilarious!

      1. Finally someone justifies voting for Alonso here! Bravo!

        Now lets hear the other 40-something who voted for him state their case…

        1. Speed Damon
          16th July 2010, 20:32

          I’m not hearing anyone rushing to explain why they voted for him. Or are all the tifosi too embarassed? There was no real reason to vote for Alonso

    51. This is a difficult vote.

      Webber drove a great race, but driving a car that’s nearly a second faster than the rest of the field obviously makes things a huge lot easier.

      Hamilton had a great race after a disastrous weekend. It’s really amazing how he managed to reach P4 after he basically had only FP3 to set his car up.

      Button’s rsult looks nice since he went from P14 to P4, but apart from his first lap he didn’t do anything for that though. In fact he was very much inferior to Hamilton (lost about 50 seconds on Hamilton over the whole race). That first lap was very amazing though.

      Kubica obviously had a great qualifying, but in the race he was pretty mediocre.

      Kobayashi drove a pretty good race too. Or maybe he just underperformed in qualifying, but going from P12 to P6 in an underperforming Sauber does seem pretty impressive. Besides, he destroyed de la Rosa.

      Barrichello had a pretty good race too, but that seems to be related in the biggest part to a much improved Williams car. Even with Barrichello in the newer car and Hulkenberg with the old package, Barrichello didn’t put too much of a dent in Hulkenburg though.

      Vettel had a bad start, bad anger management through the first turn and then an incredibly poor first half of the race. But then after the safety car came out he did make good use of his 2 second a lap faster car and actually overtook some drivers. OK so they were much slower midfielder cars, it’s still much more than anyone had assumed he could do.

      So there are several drivers who did well. I think in the end I’d give it to Hamilton though. Especially for the way he showed up Button again.

      1. Seems like a good summary and is the reason I went with Kobayashi. I think the McLaren isn’t as bad a car as people seem to think it is, it just happens to be in the same field as the Red Bull which kinda takes the shine off the other cars.

        But the Sauber isn’t anywhere near 6th fastest and yet Koboyashi got it there purely on driving and good strategy. Taking full advantage of misfortune and mistakes from others, granted. But when it’s an established name “they make their own luck” and I see no problem applying that logic to him. Awesome job from him and his team this weekend.

    52. Wow! Vettel only 5% despite finishing the 1st lap with the safety car ! Great drive, i thought, a tigering effort,possibly the vote was clouded by red bulls wings silliness… but hear this he thinks he can play guitar, he played on stage at the after race party and he is more jimmy crankie than jimmy page. Truly awful. great guy tho, went up in my estimation and proved he can overtake, sort of, still a bit touring cars-ish.

    53. kay, i found the website you were meaning to post on.:


    54. I was never a big fun of Mark Webber – but what happened on Silverstone inside Red Bull’s team is a disgrace for this sport. How is it even possible? THere should be regulations which does not allow team to act in such manner. And now vettel (small v on purpose) is talking sth about mutual respect – after Mark went public with whole problem? haha, what a stupid child he is, I can’t even find proper words to describe this.
      Now I’m all heart with Mark Webber – I hope he takes title and vettel will never be a champion – maybe he is fast, but he simply does not deserve this.
      I wonder if there were similar cases in the past, which we simply doesn’t know about? If yes, vettel’s good performace is hugely overestimated.

    55. Although Webbo deserves it for the great start he did … i voted for Jenson for what i believe was a magnificent drive from the nether land…. he botched Quali, but did a superb job of salvaging as much points as possible.

      Kamui also did a superb job with his Sauber… i usually never liked Japanese drivers recently because they were rubbish and usually pay drivers… but this guy is a different Breed,i hope he gets a better car in a more performing team soon.

    56. Just finished watching my tape of the race this AM.
      My three stars of this race are Button, Kobi, and Rubino. Way above average performances from each.
      Button is so much fun to watch this year.
      Kobi got another good result.
      Reubens delivered the goods for Williams at home.
      Another great race for this season.

    57. sorry john but as said before if lewis hamilton (or whoever you support) did what sebastian vettel did they would be amazing and it would have been great driving!! he did what he had to do to get more points he had an amazing race and drove brillianty!!!

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