Debris delays Chandhok (HRT race review)

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The most dramatic moment of the weekend for HRT came when they decided to replace regular driver Bruno Senna with Sakon Yamamoto.

Senna is expected to return to the car at the next race.

Karun ChandhokSakon Yamamoto
Qualifying position2324
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’36.576 (-0.392)1’36.968
Race position1920
Average race lap1’42.725 (-0.012)1’42.737
Pit stops11

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Karun Chandhok

Beat his new team mate but was 1.3 seconds off the next fastest car in qualifying:

The race was pretty much as we expected to be honest. We weren’t really in a position to race with others so I pushed early on to open about 15 seconds gap to Sakon.

After the pit stop, I ran over some debris which damaged the barge board and the side pod on my car costing downforce. So after the safety car it was all about just managing the damage and the gap to Sakon.
Karun Chandhok

Compare Karun Chandhok’s form against his team mate in 2010

Sakon Yamamoto

Gained pace as the weekend went on and finished six-tenths of a second behind Chandhok.

Compare Sakon Yamamoto’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    6 comments on “Debris delays Chandhok (HRT race review)”

    1. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned elsewhere yet by anyone, but I cracked up during FP2 on SPEED when David Hobbs called Sakon Yamamoto “Sacks o’ Money-yoto.” Coincidence? I think not. A shame we didn’t get to see how Bruno would have done this weekend.

    2. I reckon if Klien, Sato or Ant Davidson were behind the wheel HRT would be right in the mix with Virgin and Lotus…

      1. If I remember right when Klein drove the car he was worth about half a second at least. but someone else will have to confirm that…

        The only reason he isn’t in the car has to be money, the alternative could only be stupidity.

        1. Well it was practice so there’s always a chance of different fuel loads and set up work but yes Klien was around half a second quicker

    3. I think that Klien really deserves to be in Formula1.

    4. I am sort of relieved by Yamamoto’s performance. Sure, it isn’t great, but the car has to take a lot of the blame. As I said before, either the car is so bad at Silverstone that no one can do better, or Chandok is not that good, or maybe Sakon is not that bad. Hm, I still have trouble believing the last one, but maybe he matured. Him gaining pace al through the weekend is a good sign. He can be Senna and Chandok’s white VW beatle car to take over if they falter :)

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