2010 British Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review

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Find all the F1 Fanatic British Grand Prix coverage in one place below.

Below are all 44 articles covering the race weekend including reports on every session, team-by-team breakdowns of the race weekend and extensive analysis of the Grand Prix.

Race results and reaction

British Grand Prix review – Webber storms to victory as it all goes wrong for Vettel at the start

British Grand Prix result – Webber shares the Silverstone podium with Hamilton and Rosberg

Full championship points after Silverstone – Hamilton increases lead as Webber moves back in front of Vettel

Alonso’s race ruined after Kubica pass – Alonso was handed a penalty for going off the track and gaining an advantage

"Lewis didn’t mean to give me puncture" – Vettel not bitter after first-lap puncture

Webber unhappy over wing decision – Webber told the world’s media if he thought he’d have to give up superior parts to Vettel he’d not have signed for another season at Red Bull

Michael wants Silverstone bumps eased – Williams’ technical director criticised the bumps but praised the other changes to Silverstone

Alonso: we’ll catch Red Bull in Germany – Alonso also explained why he asked race engineer Andrea Stella to stop giving him radio messages during the race

Race analysis

Who was the best driver of the British Grand Prix weekend? (Poll) – Compare and rate the drivers

Was new Silverstone a success? (Poll) – What did you think of the changes to the home of the British Grand Prix?

Rate the race: British Grand Prix – Share your verdict on the race

British Grand Prix facts and stats – Ferrari suffer worst race finish since 1978

British Grand Prix analysis – How Button went from 14th to fourth

British Grand Prix fastest laps – Fernando Alonso set the fastest lap of the race after his late pit stop

Detailed analysis of every team and driver in the British Grand Prix

McLaren: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes: Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher
Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
Ferrari: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa
Williams: Rubens Barrichello and Nico Hulkenberg
Renault: Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov
Force India: Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi
Toro Rosso: Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari
Lotus: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Koalainen
HRT: Karun Chandhok and Sakon Yamamoto
Sauber: Kamui Kobayashi and Pedro de la Rosa
Virgin: Timo Glock and Heikki Kovalainen


British Grand Prix qualifying – Vettel on pole as Red Bull dominate at Silverstone

Should Webber have got Red Bull’s new front wing instead of Vettel? – Controversy after qualifying as it emerged Red Bull’s last new front wing had been taken off Webber’s car and put on Vettel’s

British Grand Prix grid – Red Bull’s fifth front row lockout of 2010

Liuzzi demoted to 20th after penalty – The Force India driver held up Nico Hulkenberg during Q2

British Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Button facing a challenge from 14th


Sakon Yamamoto to replace Bruno Senna at HRT at Silverstone – A surprise driver change on the eve of the race

Vettel fastest at new Silverstone – Drivers got to grips with the revised track

Red Bull on top again at Silverstone – Alonso showed Ferrari’s pace in second practice

British GP practice interactive data – McLaren hoped to find more performance from their new exhaust package but ultimately decided to abandon it

Vettel fastest after front wing scare – That front wing failure was the seed for a much greater drama

Live blogs

How we saw the British Grand Prix as it unfolded:

British Grand Prix Practice 1 Live Blog
British Grand Prix Practice 2 Live Blog
British Grand Prix Practice 3 Live Blog
British Grand Prix Qualifying Live Blog
British Grand Prix Live Blog

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4 comments on “2010 British Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review”

  1. About improving the coverage.. Well not really just the race coverage.
    But maybe it would be cool to have a permanent chatbox?
    Do some nice talking about f1 old and new things.

    1. I would second this suggestion of adding a chat box to make the whole experience more interactive with people online while watching the race…

  2. Average racing positions after 10 races:

    01. Lewis Hamilton – 3,710
    02. Sebastian Vettel – 3,961
    03. Mark Webber – 4,357
    04. Jenson Button – 5,436
    05. Robert Kubica – 6,038
    06. Nico Rosberg – 6,864
    07. Fernando Alonso – 6,933
    08. Michael Schumacher – 8,423
    09. Felipe Massa – 9,117
    10. Adrian Sutil – 9,156
    11. Rubens Barrichello – 10,669
    12. Vitaly Petrov – 11,609
    13. Kamui Kobayashi – 11,690
    14. Vitantonio Liuzzi – 12,000
    15. Jaime Alguersuari – 12,188
    16. Pedro De la Rosa – 12,820
    17. Nico Hulkenberg – 12,861
    18. Sébastien Buemi – 12,939
    19. Heikki Kovalainen – 16,267
    20. Jarno Trulli – 17,862
    21. Timo Glock – 18,235
    22. Bruno Senna – 18,341
    23. Lucas di Grassi – 18,964
    24. Karun Chandhok – 19,310
    25. Sakon Yamamoto – 21,600

    Best cars:

    01. Red Bull – /drivers should be 1,2/
    02. McLaren – /drivers should be 3,4/
    03. Ferrari – /drivers should be 5,6/
    04. Mercedes – /drivers should be 7,8/
    05. Renault – /drivers should be 9,10/
    06. Force India – /drivers should be 11,12/
    07. Williams – /drivers should be 13,14/
    08. Sauber – /drivers should be 15,16/
    09. Toro Rosso – /drivers should be 17,18/
    10. Lotus – /drivers should be 19,20/
    11. Virgin – /drivers should be 21,22/
    12. HRT – /drivers should be 23,24/

    So best drivers of the season so far (looking at car, what they have) based on race performances, not race results:

    01. Kubica – should be 9th or 10th, but he is 5th
    02. Hamilton – should be 3th or 4th, but he is 1st
    03. Kobayashi – should be 15th or 16th, but he is 13th
    04. Alguersuari – should be 17th or 18th, but he is 15th
    05. Barrichello – should be 13th or 14th, but he is 11th
    06. Sutil – should be 11th or 12th, but he is 10th
    07. Rosberg – should be 7th or 8th, but he is 6th
    08. Senna – should be 23rd or 24th, but he is 22nd
    09. Kovalainen – should be 19th or 20ty, he is 19th
    10. Glock – should be 21st or 22nd, he is 21st
    11. Buemi – should be 17th or 18th, he is 18th
    12. Vettel – should be 1st or 2nd, he is 2nd
    13. Chandhok – should be 23th or 24th, he is 24th
    14. De La Rosa – should be 15th or 16th, he is 16th
    15. Button – should be 3rd or 4th, he is 4th
    16. Schumacher – should be 7th or 8th, he is 8th
    17. Trulli – he should be 19th or 20th, he is 20th
    18. Alonso – should be 5th or 6th, but he is 7th
    19. Webber – should be 1st or 2nd, but he is 3rd
    20. di Grassi – should be 21st or 22nd. but he is 23rd
    21. Liuzzi – should be 11th or 12th, but he is 14th
    22. Petrov – should be 9th or 10th, but he is 12th
    23. Hulkenberg – should be 13th or 14th, but he is 17th
    24. Massa – should be 5th or 6th, but he is 9th

  3. very good Marco lot of info there.

    but shouldn’t these two be the other way round?

    12. Vettel – should be 1st or 2nd, he is 2nd
    15. Button – should be 3rd or 4th, he is 4th

    Button he is 2nd and Vettel he is 4th

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