Renault could have F-duct in Germany

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Renault may introduce its version of the F-duct in the next race at the Hockenheimring.

But team principal Eric Boullier admitted it is more likely to appear for the first time at Spa-Francorchamps for the Belgian Grand Prix.

Speaking on the Renault F1 podcast he said:

The second part of the season will be crucial to see where exactly our pace is and if we can get the best of our car to get some more pace and more podiums.

You always have some inertia, when you have an upgrade on the car the decision to do it and to manufacturer it was done two weeks or maybe three races before. So we still have some good developments coming for the next two, three or four races.

We obviously have some specific tracks like Singapore, Monza or Budapest where we will have a special aerodynamics package. But we still have some good upgrades including an F-duct coming so that is quite promising for the end of the season. Actually I can’t wait to have all this on the car!

[Its introduction will be] depending on the production, because now we have validated a good package, and depending on the schedule because Budapest is a high-downforce track so we don’t need to have it there. Maybe we will get it before but very likely right after.
Eric Boullier

Boullier added he was pleased to re-sign Robert Kubica for another two years and believes it is a vote of confidence in the team by his driver:

That was very good news before the Grand Prix because we had very good discussions with him. First of all I’m happy for the team, it’s a great mark of confidence towards the team that Robert is signing a two year deal with us.

With all respect for the other teams he is a very highly-ranked driver and a lot of prestigious names in the paddock were chasing him or were supposed to be chasing him.

It’s good for our project to have Robert committing for two years because it means we have some credibility in his eyes and it means our team has done a good job but we are supposed to do a better job in future.
Eric Boullier

Boullier also praised the efforts of Vitaly Petrov, calling him the best rookie in F1 this year, while urging the Russian driver to improve his consistency:

His future in his hands. We have not been disappointed by him, he clearly is the best rookie in the paddock. He did a very good performance and an amazing job sometimes.

Very frankly he is lacking some consistency to get the points he deserves and we definitely need to have both cars scoring points. So that obviously creates some rumours around him and his race seat but we are totally committed to him, we are happy to have him on board and we will do everything we can to help him make the final step to where he wants to be.
Eric Boullier

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13 comments on “Renault could have F-duct in Germany”

  1. Well I cant criticize Boullier for not criticizing Petrov, because he doesn’t need him to loose his confidence, but he most certainty isn’t pleased with his only on finish in points(6 points) which is almost 14 times less then Kubica and more than two times less than Kamui in a far worse car. Kamui has scored in 3 of the 4 races he has finished and 5 potential finishes(Canada crash).
    So Petrov best rookie? Yeah….

    1. To be fair, Kamui has a little more GP experience than Vitaly. Sauber have also had a massive change in the technical department. I didnt think James Key would have such a big effect on the team as he has had.

      Credit should be awarded to Sauber rather than criticism to Renault here.

      1. In no way I’am criticizing Renault, they have done amazing job, right from the start of the season they have been very impressive and I would rate them as the fourth team, which would be reflected in the standings as well if Petrov could manage half as good results as Kubica.

        1. ” well if Petrov could manage half as good results as Kubica.”
          You compared him to Kamui but he only has Pedro as his teammate. Petrov faces a much tougher task

          1. Are we saying that Sauber may be a better car than Renault and that we can’t see it because of bad drivers?

  2. As a Renault supported I can only ask how on earth one can consider Petrov to be the best rookie in the paddock? He was promising in the first five races, but ever since China he has been horrible. Kobayashi is much better and has achieved much more with a far inferior car, and even if you do not consider him a ‘real’ rookie, Hulkenberg has been much closer to Barrichello than Petrov’s been to Kubica. Now Barrichello is not exactly Kubica, I understand that, but after all he is the fastest in the Suzuki Liana! On the other hand the Williams driver has had much more testing prior to his first race… Even if he is the best rookie, why not hire someone with experience since I am not so sure whether Renault needs the Russian’s roubles anymore… Glock seems sensible.

    1. What do you want him to say “Oh sorry Vitaly we don’t think you’re really that good, keep it up though”. Publically, he’s screwed if he says anything other than what he said. Of course he’s going to support his own driver.

      Certain people respond to public criticism and pointers, but in most cases it isn’t at all productive. I’m sure behind closed doors the team know exactly what he needs to do, and I have no doubt Petrov himself knows where he needs to improve.

      There’s a lot of mutual investment on both sides of the fence here, and it’s not in anyones best interest to blow the relationship up after half a season. Renault have developed some great drivers, but they’ve also let a lot walk who’ve come good elsewhere. If they think he’s worth giving more time, maybe that’s the way to go.

      1. True. I never suggested he should say anything else – the point of my statement was to say that he’s not really fooling anyone.

  3. Thouhgt they were not doing the ‘F-duct’. Thought it would ‘distract’ them from their ‘ambitious’ development program…

  4. It is sensible to say Petrov’s had much worse luck than Kubica. His qualifying pace leaves much to be desired – but the pressure the drivers are under in qualfying will be easier to deal with with more experience. His race pace is good, but this season has shown it is difficult to avoid trains and incidents in the midfield!

    Plus he’s driving a car which is being developed around Kubica and not himself.

  5. I am glad Renault praise Petrov while urging him to get more consistency and points to secure his drive. Compare that to the management under Briatore!

    Not sure about Petrov being the best rookie, though. It’s hard to compare. Kobayashi had some testing milage as well as 2 race outings with Toyota before this season, and his team mate is having horrible luck for problems as well as being far of the level of Kubica. Alguersuari is a complete year in F1 now, so not really a rookie. And the rest have cars they can hardly be expected to shine more than doing the occasional pass and constant finishing without hitting anything.

  6. Well nice work you have done by having Kubica for two more years, now if you don’t have Petrov then try to have Kimi or Webber if he leaves Red Bull. I think they will beat Mercedes at the end of the year.

  7. About Petrov, i felt he had done decent job, everybody is trying to compare him against Kubica who is one of the best in current drivers. I felt worst driver this year is Liuzzi worst than Petrov :)
    One good result and he will start giving the return

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