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Fairuz Fauzy will drive in a practice session for the third time this year at the Hockenheimring.

Lotus previously said his additional outings in the T127 this year would be in Hungary, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

The Malaysian test driver is getting another run in the car because of the mechanical problems he suffered during his practice run at Silverstone which limited him to 11 laps’ running.

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    13 comments on “Fauzy to drive in Germany practice”

    1. Matthew McMahon
      19th July 2010, 16:39

      Does anyone think we could see Fauzy getting a race seat at any stage this season?

      1. I’d be very surprised. Lotus have a pair of experienced drivers and I doubt they’re as pressed for cash as HRT are.

        1. Apparantly Kovalainen is being linked with Renault, so if this deal were to happen, it would open up a seat at Renault and boom, you then have a Malaysian driver in a now Malayasian team.

      2. As Keith says, Lotus is in a lot better position than HRT. They don’t need the money as badly and actually have something to lose in the races from running less competative drivers.

        1. I guess no as Lotus have two good driver racing for their team, I think they are giving him some track time so that he can learn & in the future replace him by anyone.

    2. I think Lotus need to have the best package at each GP and that’s clearly with Jarno and Heikki. The 10th constructors place is not sure at all at this time, even if Lotus is still the best newcomer team. A 13th place for HRT or a 12th place for Virgin is now suficient to pass Lotus. Not easy to achieve but possible in case of a dramatic GP. And this 10th place is very important for money!
      So perhaps if things are over just before the last GP of the year, Fauzy should be given a chance to compete in Abu Dhabi but I don’t think it is possible before.

    3. lotus are in a better placce than hrt as loustean says

    4. I don’t think fairuz will get a full time seat at lotus anytime soon but expose him during FP1 on friday will do some good in term of driving experience he need on F1 Car

    5. I think Lotus need to focus on getting some points so that they are a secure 10th in the championship (and get the money that it represents). They’re not going to do that by running Fauzy in a race unless he’s some kind of wunderkind.

    6. Søren Kaae
      19th July 2010, 23:44

      What a great name for a racing driver: Fairuz Fauzy.

      Furious Fuzzy!

      1. Can anyone see Lotus, Virgin or HRT scoring any points this season?

        1. No points for them until something horrible happen on race so that the big team all retires.

    7. I wish more teams would give their test drivers an opportunity like this. How else will they be competitive if the call comes to replace a driver, even for one race?

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