German Grand Prix practice in pictures

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Rainy weather greeted the teams as practice began at the Hockenheimring today.

There’s a lot of soggy-looking cars and drivers in this selection of pictures from today’s practice. Plus some new logos on the Red Bulls and yet another new helmet for Sebastian Vettel.

2010 German Grand Prix

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    Images (C) Ferrari spa, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1, Mercedes

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    18 comments on “German Grand Prix practice in pictures”

    1. Great picture Keith. These are the best around. have some great pictures but what is the point of them putting them on there site if we as viewers arn’t aloud to even save them and use them as desktop backgrounds?

      1. Yep, I love the fact that these are such high res. I’ve used a bunch as desktops. Right now I’ve got a beautiful one from Silverstone of Kobayashi with puffy clouds in the sky.

        1. There were also a lot of really nice shots from Monaco in the tunnel that have a nice sort of backlit look.

      2. I have from Canada where ALG was leading HAM and ALO, that was a great shot because the cars are so close together.

    2. Loving the one with the orange sky!

      1. That was my favorite as well.

    3. Why is hamilton strapped in a car that obviously isn’t ready to race? Seems like a waste of time to me…

    4. Matt G (lotus fan)
      23rd July 2010, 17:06

      Nice amount of Lotus pictures :)

    5. Nice to see Vettel’s 347th helmet design. But it looks lame. I think he should have stuck with the all dark blue one he used a couple of times.

    6. Has anyone else noticed Vettel running the two types of front wing? I’ve been hunting through your pics keith looking for the differences between the two at Silverstone and the big difference seems to be the location of the camera housings. On the old wing they are up on either side of the nose, while on the new one they’re just above the central plane of the wing between the support pillars.

      In a couple of the head on shots of Vettel, the two immediately following the shot of Trulli’s Lotus, they show 2 different wings. Makes me wonder why seeing as the RBR heirachy was sure the new one was a tenth or two quicker…

    7. I’ve noticed Lotus have gone in for a Mercedes-esque engine cowling with the way it forms a sharp point at the rear end. It could be this approach and the ‘blade’ rollbar are the tech to have in 2011. Hopefully it will spell an end to the sharkfin …

      1. The sharkfin looks awesome! It looked a little weird with the 2008-spec lower rear wings but since the taller slimmer wings were introduced it looks brilliant.

        Can’t believe you don’t like them…

        IMHO it’s Mercedes stupid split intake and blade rollbar that look ugly. I seem to remember Ferrari running something similar on Mansell’s car in ’89/90 before going back to a ‘traditional’ airbox inlet. To me, it’s a dead end.

        1. Sorry, but I think sharkfins – especially the ones that are anchored to the rear wing (as is the car with Red Bull and Toro Rosso) – make the cars look like semi-trailers.

          1. For once I have to back PM up, these new billboards are stupidly ugly and should be banned for bringing the sport into disrepute.

            For example, the Ferrari, Usually a great looking car (red ^^) is an eye sore when viewed from the side this year.

            1. I think some of them look quite good. The sculpted fins look nice. McLarens is probably the only one. I also like Renaults fin.

    8. Thanks Keith for this amazing pictures.

    9. Great website!I like it!
      I‘m from China.

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