2010 German Grand Prix grid

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Row 11. Sebastian Vettel 1’13.791
Red Bull-Renault
2. Fernando Alonso 1’13.793
Row 23. Felipe Massa 1’14.290
4. Mark Webber 1’14.347
Red Bull-Renault
Row 35. Jenson Button 1’14.427
6. Lewis Hamilton 1’14.566
Row 47. Robert Kubica 1’15.079
8. Rubens Barrichello 1’15.109
Row 59. Nico Rosberg 1’15.179
10. Nico Hulkenberg 1’15.339
Row 611. Michael Schumacher 1’15.026
12. Kamui Kobayashi 1’15.084
Row 713. Vitaly Petrov 1’15.307
14. Pedro de la Rosa 1’15.550
Row 815. Jaime Alguersuari 1’15.588
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
16. Sebastien Buemi 1’15.974
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
Row 917. Jarno Trulli 1’17.583
18. Heikki Kovalainen 1’18.300
Row 1019. Adrian Sutil* 1’15.467
Force India-Mercedes
20. Bruno Senna 1’18.592
Row 1121. Vitantonio Liuzzi 1’18.952
Force India-Mercedes
22. Sakon Yamamoto 1’19.844
Row 1223. Timo Glock* 1’18.343
24. Lucas di Grassi*

*Five place penalty for gearbox change

2010 German Grand Prix

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    43 comments on “2010 German Grand Prix grid”

    1. Incredible recovery from Jenson over the weekend. Yesterday, who would have thought him to be 5th ahead of Hamilton? Definitely a name to watch over the race.
      Mercedes phailed again, and Alonso was so close :(

    2. Sutil row 10!!!!

      1. And still ahead of Liuzzi!

        1. looks like its gonna be a tough race for force india!! will see lots of overtaking to get some points!! or will they do a kobayashi!! like canada!!

    3. very interesting to see Ferrari have found some speed

    4. I’d have loved a non-Red Bull driver to grab pole. Shame. Also Massa did beautifully, considering that he’s spun more than he’s stayed on the tarmac thus far.

      1. With Danny Sullivan as race steward this weekend perhaps a Massa “spin and win” isn’t out of the question!

        1. That would be great. “Felipe baby, just spin it round completely and drive on”

      2. It seems Massa likes it that way. If I remember correctly, even in his 2008 championship campaign he often spun in practice.

        1. Also a certain Mr M. Schumacher would usually have a spin at some point during a race weekend. Didn’t stop him much!

          1. It´s better to spin than to put it in the wall and loose FP2, like Hamilton

            1. Yes, I can’t remember Massa actually hitting anything in practice in the last few years – while when Hamilton spins, it seems he hits the wall (e.g. Bahrain 2008, Monaco 2007)

        2. I suppose it means he’s really on the edge with the car, getting the last drop of speed out of it.

          Nice to see him in P3 again.

    5. Urgh, 3rd Row for Mclaren.
      Oh well, lets hope for rain… heavy rain, that’ll spice it up nicely!

      1. I think it’ll be worse for Mclaren tomorrow I just have a feeling Hamilton may lose a wing or two, I don’t know why I just have a wierd inkling……

      2. The lost running from Lewis not doing more than 16 laps on friday wasn’t helpfull to get a good setup for him.
        But their race speed and race craft should bring McLaren close to the podium again. Actually it’s good to see Button get the best of Hamilton again after the last 7 races.

        1. Yeah, I was beginning to think Button wouldn’t outqualify Hamilton again this season.

    6. i couldn’t really watch the quali, but did any of the teams took the risk of a slight different set up, eg. rain?

      1. Not likely, no. The race will most likely be predominantly dry.

    7. shame alonso just missed out,be good if ferrari could grad a 1~2 finish,get them back in the hunt,well done vettel

    8. A FERRARI ONE two finish is looking highly likely and for me that is good news for now because as long as they lock out the redbulls then at least mclaren will still keep the points lead until they find speed next race

      1. Yes, The best thing that could happen tomorrow for McLaren, barring a first lap pile up taking out P1-P4, is that Ferrari beat RBR, specifically, for Massa to win. However, it will be close.

        1. That would be amazing, having Massa lead home Alonso and maybe Vettel or even better, Barricello or Rosberg. That would mean only Ferrari will close in on RBR and a bit on McLaren.

          I would rather hope for Alonso to win it in front of Massa and maybe Webber (don’t want Vettel to get in front of Mark again) with Mclaren finishing 4th and 5th. That would bring Alonso right into the fight and Webber and Button would close in on Lewis.

          1. I’d have no problems with that. The closer the fight is the more interesting.

          2. Yes, let’s tell Bernie that is how we want it, and see what happens :p

    9. Alonso did say he would win the WDC. Looks like he is on the right track.

    10. Schumi starting 11th could be a benefit, starting on the hard tyres whilst everyone infront will be on the super softs…

      1. But the hards will suffer quite a bit from the first laps on high fuel load, so he will have to do a pretty long stint on the super softs then.

        1. Again. Maybe this time, he will come in for a second stint on the hards later on, instead of struggling to keep the tires on near the end of the race and losing three places in the last few laps?

    11. Perfect chance for Massa for a Bahrain revenge. Give Alonso a taste of his own medicine, eh? Massa’s starting on the clean side, unlike Bahrain.

    12. Good to see Jaime beating Buemi again after China… It was a surprise for me how well he did today, with 4 tenths advantage above team mate… Also De La Rosa’s time was very near… I hope 15th place on grid will bring him the same luck as in Spain…:)

      1. That was as big a surprise as Button besting Hamilton.

    13. It’s amazing to think that Hamilton’s 1:14.603 in Q2 was the quickest time in 2008, and now we’re almost 1 second quicker.

    14. For some reason, I can see Massa winning this one, and it would be great if he did.

    15. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/85514

      Glock dropped to back for gearbox change. Reliability woes again strike both Virgins, it seems.

      Heh, Webber with a reprimand for doing a too slow lap after that first corner error.

      1. Both Virgins are at the back of the grid. Force India will be starting only a few meters in front though.

        I wouldn’t be supprised if Liuzzi and both the Virgins would start from the pits tomorrow.

    16. Keith, F1.com has Glock at the back with TWO 5-place grid penalties. Not really sure how that works, maybe a gearbox change as well as an engine change? In any case it looks like DIG is now 23rd and GLO 24th.

      1. The autosport article I quoted above mentions that one is for replacing the gearbox itself, the other for changing a gear ratio (7th I think).

        Since he was at the back already, they probably thought they might as well do the second change as well for a better race, if they found that they got that one wrong for the race conditions.

    17. Keith,
      i think from row 6 to 8 the time should be.
      1′16.026 not 1′15.026 ??

      otherwise there times would put them ahead of some others drivers.

      thanks to your site and the wealth of info you provide in keeping us up to date is fantastic.
      Thanks Eric

      1. The times from rows 5 and further back are from Q2 or Q1; places 5-10 were slower in Q3 than in Q2.

    18. Hamilton must have had a scrappy final run as he was faster than button throughout qualifying. Massa is usually like lightning off the startline, now after saying that hel get the worst start possible lol

    19. I think I speak for all of us when I say there’s nothing more that I want than a bit of Massa magic, a 2008-style inspired performance. Come on Felipe baby, stay cool!

    20. Alonso is usually a very good starter so can see him and Vettel having a coming together first corner or at hairpin at end of the left handed “straight”.This would leave MW to fend off the McLaren challenge. 2 against 1, sorry Mark, another bag of points for JB and LH!

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