Red Bull extend Hungaroring domination

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There was no comfort for Red Bull’s rivals at the Hungaroring this morning as the RB6s lapped the track over a second faster than anyone else.

Mark Webber set the quickest time of the weekend so far ahead of qualifying with a 1’19.574.

Team mate Sebastian Vettel’s attempt to beat it were thwarted by traffic.

The fastest driver not equipped with a Red Bull was Fernando Alonso, who was 1.15 seconds slower than Webber when the cars ran on the super-soft tyres at the end of the session.

McLaren’s fears were confirmed when Robert Kubica lapped quicker than either of their drivers in the Renault, and Vitaly Petrov was able to split Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, as was Nico Rosberg.

But Mercedes continue to struggle with their recent upgrades. Michael Schumacher was told on the radio during the session that his rear wing was not working properly.

Free practice three times

Pos.CarDriverCarBest lapGapLaps
16Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’19.57417
25Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’20.0580.48415
38Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’20.7241.15019
411Robert KubicaRenault1’21.0661.49219
57Felipe MassaFerrari1’21.2641.69016
62Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes1’21.3761.80217
712Vitaly PetrovRenault1’21.3991.82515
84Nico RosbergMercedes1’21.4221.84818
91Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes1’21.4731.89918
1010Nico HulkenbergWilliams-Cosworth1’21.5131.93918
119Rubens BarrichelloWilliams-Cosworth1’21.7052.13119
123Michael SchumacherMercedes1’21.9392.36515
1322Pedro de la RosaSauber-Ferrari1’22.1512.57721
1423Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari1’22.3372.76320
1517Jaime AlguersuariToro Rosso-Ferrari1’22.4272.85319
1616Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari1’22.5082.93422
1714Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes1’22.9183.34414
1815Vitantonio LiuzziForce India-Mercedes1’23.7084.1348
1925Lucas di GrassiVirgin-Cosworth1’24.5474.97319
2018Jarno TrulliLotus-Cosworth1’24.5765.00222
2119Heikki KovalainenLotus-Cosworth1’24.6235.04922
2224Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth1’24.8055.23117
2321Bruno SennaHRT-Cosworth1’26.4796.90521
2420Sakon YamamotoHRT-Cosworth1’27.1767.60221

Practice three ultimate laps

An ultimate lap is a driver’s three fastest laps added together.

Pos.CarDriverCarUltimate lapGapDeficit to best
16Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’19.5200.054
25Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’19.8550.3350.203
38Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’20.5741.0540.150
411Robert KubicaRenault1’20.9461.4260.120
57Felipe MassaFerrari1’21.0861.5660.178
62Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes1’21.2101.6900.166
712Vitaly PetrovRenault1’21.2161.6960.183
84Nico RosbergMercedes1’21.3231.8030.099
91Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes1’21.3521.8320.121
1022Pedro de la RosaSauber-Ferrari1’21.4071.8870.744
1110Nico HulkenbergWilliams-Cosworth1’21.4131.8930.100
129Rubens BarrichelloWilliams-Cosworth1’21.6082.0880.097
133Michael SchumacherMercedes1’21.7682.2480.171
1423Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari1’22.1322.6120.205
1517Jaime AlguersuariToro Rosso-Ferrari1’22.2032.6830.224
1616Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari1’22.4282.9080.080
1714Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes1’22.8163.2960.102
1815Vitantonio LiuzziForce India-Mercedes1’23.5634.0430.145
1918Jarno TrulliLotus-Cosworth1’24.4454.9250.131
2025Lucas di GrassiVirgin-Cosworth1’24.5475.0270.000
2124Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth1’24.5725.0520.233
2219Heikki KovalainenLotus-Cosworth1’24.6235.1030.000
2321Bruno SennaHRT-Cosworth1’26.3666.8460.113
2420Sakon YamamotoHRT-Cosworth1’27.0577.5370.119

Complete practice times

PosDriverCarFP1FP2FP3Total laps
1Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’21.1061’20.5971’19.57480
2Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’20.9761’20.0871’20.05877
3Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’22.7721’20.5841’20.72478
4Felipe MassaFerrari1’23.0071’20.9861’21.26475
5Robert KubicaRenault1’22.0721’21.3751’21.06677
6Vitaly PetrovRenault1’23.2491’21.1951’21.39972
7Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes1’24.0751’21.3081’21.37662
8Nico RosbergMercedes1’22.7771’22.0391’21.42271
9Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes1’22.4441’21.7301’21.47368
10Nico HulkenbergWilliams-Cosworth1’22.9661’21.6231’21.51384
11Rubens BarrichelloWilliams-Cosworth1’22.6011’21.8441’21.70580
12Michael SchumacherMercedes1’22.7921’21.7731’21.93972
13Pedro de la RosaSauber-Ferrari1’22.7641’21.8091’22.15183
14Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari1’23.3271’22.2121’22.33780
15Jaime AlguersuariToro Rosso-Ferrari1’23.8681’22.4691’22.42790
16Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes1’23.0031’22.5071’22.91855
17Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari1’23.7801’22.6021’22.50882
18Vitantonio LiuzziForce India-Mercedes1’23.1381’23.70844
19Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes1’23.52019
20Lucas di GrassiVirgin-Cosworth1’26.8681’25.6691’24.54768
21Jarno TrulliLotus-Cosworth1’25.0321’24.5531’24.57681
22Heikki KovalainenLotus-Cosworth1’25.2101’27.7051’24.62350
23Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth1’25.9901’25.3761’24.80573
24Bruno SennaHRT-Cosworth1’26.9901’26.7451’26.47988
25Sakon YamamotoHRT-Cosworth1’28.1571’26.7981’27.17677

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    25 comments on “Red Bull extend Hungaroring domination”

    1. Looks like it going to be another race between the Red Bulls unless we see a repeat of Turkey… And Kieth i’v a question thats been tearing me apart for the past weeks: How do i put a display picture?

      1. You need to go through the forums for the picture.

        1. I don’t use the Forum,
          I was told to use this:

        1. Thnaks alot i will try it now. :)

          1. Nice choice. The ‘real’ stallions of motoring. :)

    2. At least Ron Dennis knows that the McLaren is the fastest car. That should help.

    3. interesting to note that Sutil tops the speed trap @299 and Webber is at the bottom @282…

      thats shows how cleverly Red Bull have set up their car for sector 2 & 3…

    4. Surprise! Sakon in only a second slower than Senna

      1. I think in time he has learned to turn his speed limiter off

    5. How can the RB go more than a 1sec quicker than Ferrari and almost 2sec than McLaren?

      What tipe of aerocar are they enjoing?

      1. They have huge amounts downforce, more than anyone else, as per the whole of season, and the track doesn’t require grunt from the engine. Thus it is a perfect RB6 circuit.

        The reason the Ferraris matched RB in Germany was that that circuit had some long straights and RB’s lack of top speed brought them back closer to the pack.

      2. Look at the speed trap. Webber is last in FP3 and Vettel 3rd slowest. Lots of downforce

    6. looks like it’s between Webber and Vettel again (the same 0.5 second between them in FP2 and FP3, just the other way around) with Alonso getting best of the rest and Kubica, Massa and Hamilton fighting for 4th.

      Mercedes is way back, i expect Button to get to 7th or 6th.

    7. I’m impresed by Petrov again – but I hate it when things look rosy for him and Kubica pulls two tenths out of nowhere five minutes from the end.

      1. Still it’s a lot better than the situation at the beginning of the year when Kubica would pull out five tenths or more. Petrov’s looking good here and he was strong in Hockenheim too. I could see him splitting the McLarens in qualifying if all goes well.

        1. Just wait until the Qualify is over, he might be P12 after that..
          I hope that Massa can get a bit more speed and get ahead of Alonso in Qualify.

        2. He was strong at Silverstone as well, but mechanical woes in qualifying shunted him down the grid and a slow puncture late in the race forced a second stop. He showed us what he was capable of in Turkey, but I suspect his confidence was shaken a little after Canada.

          It’s very easy to forget that Petrov started racing in the Lada Cup in Russia before he stepped up to GP2. So he’s really driving high-end machinery without the base education in karting and Formula Three that most drivers have. Not to mention that the likes of Nico Hulkenberg and Kamui Kobayashi – really his main rivals; Renault have reportedly told him that they want to see him racing Hulkenberg if he wants to retain his seat – had established working relationships with Williams and Toyota for years before stepping into Formula 1. Hulkenberg, for instance, was groomed by Williams ever since he was first spotted in the F3 Euroseries. So of al the rookies, Petrov is probably the least experienced. Yet he’s trouncing them in the points. Maybe that’s because he took a gamble and stayed out on dry tyres in Shanghai, but the ability to read the prevailing weather conditions (and sometimes put your faith in the team’s ability to make a strategy call) is one of the most important skills a driver can have.

    8. Chandhok was faster than Senna

      1. Kolles does not care about the speed, it is pretty much obvious, innit?

      2. Chandhok isn’t racing. Yamamoto has taken his place…

    9. Webber looked to have .1 on Vettel before he hit traffic and he just didn’t compete yesterday. I don’t think they turn the wick up on the blown diffuser usually Fridays but Vettel did because Webber was pressuring him. Webber was o him and he just came out and knocked it down 0.8 and that might be what the blown diffuser is really worth to the RB6. No bigger gap than 0.15 between them though.

      Vettel was hard eyed on his screen after P3, expect Webber’s settings to migrate again. Let’s see what the relative car speed vs the shape of the Q3 lap looks like between them. Magyar is the one the Austrians will want Vettel on pole for more than 1 reason. De facto home race and track position and getting up on Webber to make the favouritism automatic again. Nobody wants to be in dirty P2 either.

      I like Petrov too and think he might have it but they would be better off with a PDLR or Rubens and that is what McLaren is missing too.

      I’m expecting Rubens to surprise. He always turns up the gap another 0.3-0.5 or so over Hulkenberg from FP3 to qualy.

    10. The only reason why Yamamoto is racing is because he is super rich.

    11. I wonder wich wing ferrari will use. They were doubting their latest ‘flexi’ wing… looks like a vettel/webber battle

    12. It seems like this weekend unlike last one will be Red Bull VS Prancing Horse.

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