Webber takes championship lead – points standings in full

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Drivers’ championship

Position Driver Points
1 Mark Webber 161
2 Lewis Hamilton 157
3 Sebastian Vettel 151
4 Jenson Button 147
5 Fernando Alonso 141
6 Felipe Massa 97
7 Nico Rosberg 94
8 Robert Kubica 89
9 Michael Schumacher 38
10 Adrian Sutil 35
11 Rubens Barrichello 30
12 Vitaly Petrov 17
13 Kamui Kobayashi 17
14 Vitantonio Liuzzi 12
15 Nico Hulkenberg 10
16 Sebastien Buemi 7
17 Pedro de la Rosa 6
18 Jaime Alguersuari 3
19 Heikki Kovalainen 0
20 Karun Chandhok 0
21 Lucas di Grassi 0
22 Jarno Trulli 0
23 Bruno Senna 0
24 Timo Glock 0
25 Sakon Yamamoto 0

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 312
2 McLaren 304
3 Ferrari 238
4 Mercedes 132
5 Renault 106
6 Force India 47
7 Williams 40
8 Sauber 23
9 Toro Rosso 10
10 Lotus 0
11 HRT 0
12 Virgin 0

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    32 comments on “Webber takes championship lead – points standings in full”

    1. It’s going to be really tough for McLaren to fight back from this position. They are going to have to focus on getting back ahead of Ferrari and hope they can capitalise on Red Bull’s unreliability and/or average race pace to grab the odd race win if they want to win either or both championships this season.

    2. It really is very, very close now. And with McLaren now slightly off the pace, how they come back after the break will decide the season!

    3. :(

      McLaren REALLY need to get back on the pace in Spa, I want Lewis to take this championship!

      1. It’s gonna be a last race showdown!! Woohoo!
        7 races to go.
        Too bad the last race is at the lame Abu Dhabi and not Interlagos.

        1. if it’s for the title, we still might get some exitement at Abu Dhabi this year. We have already had suprises in China, Valencia and most other races this year (last sunday as well).

    4. well not too boring after all, well done Mark Webber excellent job on pulling that gap to make sure you come back out in front of Alonso.
      i did feel for Vettel, especially when he got close to Alonso then his car would just step out as he lost down force from the dirty air.
      as for Michael Schumacher he needs a kick in the jackcee for pulling a stunt like that on Rubens Barrichello, the one guy that has handed him wins before, dam that was as close as you can get to hitting the wall, it was just totally mad on Schumacher as Barrichello still had to make a pitstop sooner or later.

      1. Barrichello had made the pit stop that is why he was behind Schumacher

    5. Come back,

      Indeed after the break, McLaren will have a revised MP4.
      The (blown-exhaust)diffuser which they rushed development of, and abandoned. Reverting back to the old car, will be implemented after the break.
      McLaren will once again be flying !!!

      1. They were running the EBD last week, and this. they only abandoned it at silverstone.

    6. spa is going to be incredible…

      1. Indeed. It will be interesting.

    7. Younger Hamilton
      1st August 2010, 16:13

      Ahhhhhh!!!! Well McLaren really really need to forget about the blown diffuser and work on getting more downforce on the MP4-25,Red bull Superior and unbeatable on Qualifying and Race Pace.Ferrari have now gotten ahead of them.McLaren i totally have faith in them and i hope they get some serious and enormous upgrades and developments between Spa and Singapore and sling everything in there and hope that Red Bull and Ferrari do nothing and flip up.We are way behind now and we’re suppose to be the best guys in the padock who can develop a car throughout the season.

      1. the EBD IS more downforce! What they need is that flexi-wing. What they need is that special engine-mapping

        1. Seems the FIA will be doing something to curb the Flex wing boom: http://adamcooperf1.com/2010/08/01/exclusive-fia-set-to-clamp-down-on-flexible-wings-by-belgian-gp/

          let’s hope it helps bring the cars closer together again.

      2. “We are way behind now and we’re suppose to be the best guys in the padock who can develop a car throughout the season.”

        You work for McLaren? Awesomely bodacious!

    8. Good drive by Nando to finish second. Luckily the stewards couldn’t find anything to penalise him for this time.

      1. That’s because he didn’t do anything wrong this time…..

        But I agree, he drove an almighty race!

      2. You can hardly say their being unfair to him now. Got a 2nd place handed to him by Vettel’s punishment by the Stewards and even had a (small) chance at victory. That’s more than he would have hoped for here.

    9. If mclaren can’t win spa it’s over for them…

      1. Even if they come 2nd and 3rd?

    10. Alonso less than a race win behind Webber!! And with him as the only one with no.1 status within the team, I say things are looking really good for him, given Ferrari’s amazing speed.

      1. By amazing speed do you mean 1.5s per lap behind RedBull? Alonso is back in the saddle for sure but unless they find out what kind of captured alien technology RBR is running it ain’t looking good for anyone without a big soda can painted on their car.

        1. Toro Rosso still with a chance then?

      2. I think that could be advantage Alonso going into the last part of the season. Both RBR and McLaren have two drivers in contention and seem determined to give both drivers the same opportunities. Ferrari are determined to put Alonso on top…

    11. It’s drives liken today that can get Webber the championship. The total opposite of how he handled Aus as when everything seemed out of shape for him he kept his cool and delivered this time. It was a strong and mature drive.

      1. To be fair he did not try and overtake anyone in Hungary

    12. Pour Lewis, looking ahead waching Alonso driving like a champion.

    13. It is surprising that Alonso is one win out of a championship lead. When you think of how invisible he was for a good stretch, all of his costly errors. Thinking that Massa once led the points is now kind of a joke—until you realize that events could easily put him back in the thick of things. With the points punishing DNFs so hard now anything could happen. If McLaren stays reliable, even with current performance gaps they could stay well in it for a few races. But this kind of massacre a couple more times will make it very unlikely.

      However, this RBR performance may have been a good thing because it should provide a good kick in the *ss, as soon as they recover form the shock.

      If I didn’t know better I would think RBR was running a V10, or was about 25lbs light. If things keep going this direction like this we may have to rethink the 107% rule because we might have only 15 cars on the grid! I haven’t seen a team put a beat down on the whole field like that in a plain dry race in a long time. Someone brought up 1988 and it seems right.

      1. If I didn’t know better I would think RBR was running a V10, or was about 25lbs light. If things keep going this direction like this we may have to rethink the 107% rule because we might have only 15 cars on the grid!

        Hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right. I think the 107% rule is probably a big part of why both ART and now Cypher have both pulled out of the running for next year. No one wants to put the kind of money and effort into fielding a car that will just sit in the garage every weekend during the race.

      2. Just look hat how close it is. All 5 drivers with only 20 points between them and with 7 races to go.
        The only boring races so far have been Bohrein and and Hockenheim (until Ferrari gave us a talking point). In all other races we had weather, mistakes, glitches, suprising recovery drives, nice overtakes, etc. to make a great season with changing fortunes for all 5 to make it this close.
        I expect Ferrari to be closer pace wise and McLaren will probably be closer to Ferrari in Spa as well.

        I am with you on the 107% rule, it must be a though deal for anyone considering the 13th spot for next year.

    14. Great result for Petrov! He’s back up in the points now, tied with Kobayashi. It’ll be very interesting at the end of the year to see which rookie places highest.

    15. Its amazing how the championship battle has taken shape since we got back to Europe. After China Button was leading, Rosberg 2nd (!!), Alonso and Hamilton on equal points behind him, Vettel 5th with Massa a few points behind, Kubica 7th and Webber WAY out of it in 8th, with only 28 points to Button’s 60!

      Who could have predicted back then that it we would be heading into the summer break with this leaderboard!? It also shows that anything could happen in the final 7 races.

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