Adrian Newey hospitalised in crash

2010 F1 season

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Adrian Newey has been taken to hospital for precautionary checks following a crash at Snetterton

The Red Bull technical director was competing in a Ginetta G50 race supporting the British Touring Car Championship at the Norfolk circuit.

The race was red-flagged after his crash in which two other cars made contact with his G50. He was removed from the car on a stretcher.

Newey, designer of the championship-leading RB6 which has won six races this year, was appearing in the race as a guest driver.

He was also involved in a crash while racing in the Le Mans classic in 2006. Earlier this year Red Bull presented him with a 2009 RB5 to thank him for his work for the team.

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30 comments on “Adrian Newey hospitalised in crash”

  1. Not saying it was his fault, but maybe Mr. Newey should stick to designing cars???

    1. He has been racing for quite a long time now. So he is not a complete rookie.

  2. Newey is such a racer. Hope he’s ok.

  3. Younger Hamilton
    8th August 2010, 14:44

    Hope his alright,he has designed one of the best and fastest but unreliable car in F1 i have to give him a huge amount of respect to him.Its really interesting to seeing a tecnical director race as well as design cars.

    1. Jez Playense
      8th August 2010, 16:19

      He has designed many F1 championship winning cars. Have a look at Wiki, its a good source of info.

  4. MouseNightshirt
    8th August 2010, 15:17

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Let’s hope he’s not as fragile as his cars usually are…

  5. Hope he’ll be okay.

  6. So drivers go off and do triathlons on their holidays, and the designers go racing…something wrong there!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Mr Newey…

  7. At 51 years old, your body is not able to endure as much as it used to. Let’s hope he’s okey.

    1. I understood he was taken to hospital only for checkups. He should be back in the office after the end of the summer shut down period.

      He might even fancy giving his own RB5 a spin on track before that!

  8. Lets hope he gets well soon, but i think at 51 he is a tad too old to be racing.

    1. He’s not that old – Fangio was only 5 years younger than that when he won his final title.

      1. I’d be very surprised if Newey stopped,
        As dangerous as it it is, he is a racer, it just happens he is also a multiple championship winning designer as well :/

    2. Plenty of people older than that race regularly, especially in classic series.

      Sir Stirling Moss being merely a well-known example.

  9. Get well soon.

    If he is off work for a while, it will finally get across my message that there is more than just Adrian Newey working on designing the RB6 car, there is in fact a whole group of qualified designers getting no credit.

    1. Yeap I certainly hope he is okay.

      Although Adrian Newey is a very important part of the design team, he’s only one piece of the team. It would be a safe bet to say that he doesn’t design every single component of the car. Truth be told he is probably responsible for the overall concept of the car, and assessing the validity of new ideas that the engineers working under him come up with.

  10. Lets hope his body isnt as flexible as his Red Bull is lol :) hope he is ok :)

  11. I think it’s great to see a 51 year old racing, hats off to the guy.

  12. Great, but he was way too early on the brakes there and hence was kind of responsible for the crash.

    51.. I mean, how old is too old?

    1. no the guy behind newey only pulled out to defend from the car behind him. but he locked up and hit newey.

  13. I was about to comment about Mansell competing at Le Mans at age 56 but that didn’t end well either….

    1. :D Yeah, but that wasn’t Nige’s fault, and the way he bounced back was pretty impressive. Only sign of concussion was saying on live Television that he wanted lewis or jensen to win when he was a steward for the race! ;p

      But Fittipaldi finished third at the Indy 500 at 48. Ok, he was a proper driver, but the 500 is a bit tougher and more dangerous than G50s. And Fangio was still pretty tasty in his middle years when the cars were quite a handful to say the least.

      1. Paul Newman finished second in Le Mans in 1979 aged 54, and 3rd overall (winning his category) at the 24h of Daytona 1995 aged 70.

  14. That’s got to be some of the worst TV coverage and commentary I’ve seen in years. All they do is talk about, and the camera focuses on, one car and driver, no mention of Newey’s car at all, they act like it was a one car crash.

  15. I hope he is ok. This guy is a F1 genius and the true and real star in Red Bull campaign!

  16. Why you want to ride on other cars when your car is the fastest machine on earth & then get injured. I think this may be the last time we may see him racing this season. Now Red Bull needs to think about three drivers now.

  17. Sush Meerkat
    9th August 2010, 13:31

    I like how alot of people are banging the “old” drum here, well I’d like to say Stirling Moss, now everyone shhh.

  18. Age really only becomes a serious factor in certain series, such as F1. There are plenty of racers around the world (who do it sucessfully) well PAST their 50s. Sure to remain competetive in a F1 car, being younger helps… but that doesn’t necessarily hold true for other racecars (e.g. sports cars, stock cars etc). I’ve been involved in racing for my entire adult life (about 8 years now), and I do find it interesting that so many people watch one clip of Newey crashing and assume he is not up to the task. As racers we all have incidents; I’ve had my fair share that would make me look a bit of a fool, and if I was 50+, not 26, you all might say it was my age… but mixed into those undesireable moments came quite a few wins and podiums ;)

    Newey is a racer, hats off to him for it.

  19. He seems to have a thing for crashing race cars so was it really a good idea to give him is own F1 car worth millions to go and play with on a track!!! :/
    Anyway hope you get well and drive safely :)

  20. It seems Mark Webber spoke with Newey after the crash, returning the favour from after his 2008 accident. This is what he said about it:

    “I’ve been in touch with Adrian and he’s okay,” Webber said, following the technical chief’s release from the Norwhich and Norfol hospital with a bruised arm. “In fact, he was joking about not having a flexi bed in hospital.”


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