New images reveal 2011 Indian GP plans

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Four new pictures published by Hermann Tilke’s company show what the Jaypee Group Circuit will look like when it hosts the first Indian Grand Prix in 2011.

The images show the pit buildings, the grandstand along the main straight and part of the pit lane.

A track layout was revealed last November. At that the time circuit was expected to be slightly less than 5km, but according to Tilke it is now 5.14km, putting it on a par with most modern tracks.

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Thanks to Kaushal for the tip.

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35 comments on “New images reveal 2011 Indian GP plans”

  1. Those buildings look a let futuristic, but more practical than AbuDhabi.
    I would have expected them to use more of the colours of the indian flag in it though (instead of combining blue and green). Still looks pretty good.

    1. It’s F1Fanatic colors!

      1. Nice catch :)

        If it became reality that would be great!

    2. i dont care about the buildings no f1 cars are climbing those wall anyway the 4th picture reminds me of the indianapolis main building

  2. Hmm doesn’t reveal too much, but nothing crazy like Yas Marina.

  3. Looks like they’re getting most of the materials from Ikea.

    Also, why do all of Tilke’s renders show cars from what looks like the 2002(ish?) season? The Aboo Dabby renders were the same.

    They need to update that paddock render too. I don’t think you’ll see any Bridgestone trucks out the back come 2011.

    1. “Also, why do all of Tilke’s renders show cars from what looks like the 2002(ish?) season? The Aboo Dabby renders were the same.”

      Maybe Hermann Tilke actually died several years ago but left behind an archive of three hundred grand prix track concepts for Formula 1 to choose from over the next hundred years.

      The sport will have moved on to hovercars but the same 2002-ish render will appear in them :-D

      I’m fairly sure I saw these pictures before and thought then what I do now – that the first shot looks like a very nice multistory car park.

      1. Hovercars! I can’t wait!! :)

        1. Something like Wipeout 2097 would be cool :-D

          1. yes!! with full guided missiles, deflector shields and proximity mines too please.

            No overtaking?? no problem:

            “cloak engaged!!”

            try and push me into the wall now Mr Schumacher.. you can’t SEE me!! haha

    2. Not to mention a Ferrari Enzo at the entrance, and an Arrows on the main straight.

      Do you think there may have been Michelin trucks in the space around the Bridgestone ones? :-D

  4. Welcome Keith :)

    I heard that the average ticket price will be around $250. With 100,000 sitting capacity, will they be able to fill all the stands?

    1. In the first year maybe… for later years, no chance

    2. I doubt they will keep it $250. I guess it will be around 150$. They will initially try to analyze crowds interest.
      Anyways I would be there next year. Hope FI will do better there.

      1. $150 seems reasonable, even the tickets of IPL(cricket) costs much less than $150. I hope they will consider it.

        1. Anshumaan Tuteja
          11th August 2010, 20:01

          lets hope they can bring it down to about a $100

          1. They did said that they will keep the price as much as they did with the IPL ticket so I think it may be affordable to many Indians & not to mention Bangladeshi.

  5. I’m not massively impressed by the architecture. Would have liked a proper Indian stamp on it but the buildings look like any generic scheme that could be anywhere in the world. Can’t see any inspiration in them at all.
    A wasted opportunity in my eyes.

  6. It looks nice. It looks functional, without being over-designed. The front straight also looks quite claustrophobic, creating a tunnel-like effect.

  7. It looks modernist.

    I like modernist.

    1. I heard the layout has been modified since that original one was released, so it might look different… probably not by much though. Although Keith is saying it’s gone from less than 5Km to 5.14Km which gives some room for change.

      It is a dead ringer for Kyalami though, just modernised in the usual ways.

    2. shame they didn’t rip off the old Kyalami…

  8. Charles Carroll
    11th August 2010, 14:43

    I’ll only watch it if there are water hazards incorporated.

  9. Found 1 more picture of team Area:

  10. I think these show the biggest problem with Tilke – more concerned with the trackside buildings and grandstands than the actual circuit.

    I just can’t get excited about shiny buildings!!!

    1. When people think of Spa, its an image of Eau Rouge. Interlagos – Juncao and Subida dos Boxes. Valencia? A stupid little bridge. Hmm.

      Damn Bernie and his shiny buildings, hes like a bloody magpie. And if you are somehow reading this Bernard, Interlagos may need a bit of spit and elbow grease, but not a ruinous multimillion pound revamp.

      1. and turkey – turn8

  11. It’s a pagoda!

  12. As long as track is good for racing, there is nothing more I want.

    1. what about if it had a tunnel.

      then the cars could do something like this.

      bet Hamilton could do it and pass someone at the same time….

  13. Since aerodynamic force is as high as weight it could be theoretically possible…

    1. Isn’t that an… well, not an urban myth, but… missing the word here.
      The cars generate enough downforce to do it, but the engines are not build running upside down making it all very hypothetical.

  14. The images look very beauty. If we make this in 2011, it will be great to watch and enjoy F1 action in India.

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