F1 Fanatic round-up: 13/8/2010

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As we creep past the halfway point in the summer break, join the other F1 Fanatics suffering from withdrawal in the comments below.

Here’s today’s round-up:


The Maldonado Enigma (Motorsport Ramblings)

“The really intriguing question, though, is whether, if Maldonado does get his Grand Prix chance with Sauber next year, it will be the Pastor Maldonado of 2010 who has dominated the series in the manner of Hamilton or Hulkenberg, or the confused, under-performing Maldonado of 2009, who appears on the F1 grid.”

Comment of the day

Xanathos says critics of the new teams should give them a break:

It is a shame that anyone dares to complain about the new teams this year. No one, not even these teams themselves, expected them to be competitive this year and they won’t be for another two years.

If you take a closer look, you’ll see that Virgin and HRT signed up for a limited budget F1 which didn’t happen. As a result, their budget this year is just a fraction compared to the established teams.

Last summer there has also been talk about technical assistance from the established teams, something that apparently hasn’t happened. On the other hand, Lotus have a decent budget, but they had only five months to get their car ready.

What exactly did all those people that are criticising them now expect? They should be grateful that they have new privateer teams coming in, something that hasn’t happened for over a decade.

From the forum

WelshF1 reckons boring camera angles are spoiling F1 coverage.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Ciaran and Chris Monk!

On this day in F1

Damon Hill claimed a useful ten points in the Hungarian Grand Prix 15 years ago today.

A fuel pump failure for Michael Schumacher four laps from home allowed Hill to regain lost ground in the drivers’ championship.

But the most memorable moment of the race came when Taki Inoue jumped out of his smouldering Footwork – only to be hit by a course car. The Japanese driver sustained heavy bruising in the collision:

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35 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 13/8/2010”

  1. Shame on anyone who laughs at that video… pretty impossible not too mind! Forgive me Taki

    1. Only a wry smile from me, managed it.

      Nice new Gravatar pic Ned, something political, or just fun?

      1. Haha no, I just think it’s a funny pic

  2. So I’ve to wait 14 days for first practice from Spa. Then possibly around 30 days for F1 2010. Even my PS3 is starting to become impatient!! :D

  3. im sadly killing F1’s lack of action with algebra and physics FFS!

    not summer holidays over here! What a shame!

    1. Algebra and physics are cool, although I was the only perso in my class to think that. I have a severe case of nerd-itis, it has to be said.

      1. i love physics (yeah, i really love them! you learn so much about how things work!! it’s awesome) but i struggle at algebra… :P

        i miss holidays!

  4. Yeah i think some camera angles could be better in F1. Below is a video from Kubica onboard at Monza, it would look brilliant during an incident or at the start!


    Didn’t F1 trial things like heart rate monitors and the like for a couple of races (Suzuka rings a bell). Indeed they could do much more to make the images more exciting. Kind of goes back to the argument of whether the FOM made Bahrain more boring then it actually was. For example, more recently the safety car period in Hungary was caused by what? We never actually saw an incident, only an image of a piece of wing on the track. Could have been a bit more exciting to see who that was from!

    So yeah, the FOM could make viewing even more exciting by spicing up the video feeds.

    1. Bernie’s too busy pocketing the money to reward the fans by putting it back into the sport. Maybe someday we’ll get to see bad camera angles in HD.

      1. Well yeah that’s another thing. Whilst football is working out 3D TV, F1 (the pinnacle of technological advancement) has yet to embrace HD. Ok i don’t have an HDTV yet, but if I did i would definitely be disheartened that this amazing oppurtunity is going to waste!

    2. As someone who directs the video feed for a live sporting event, I will say that not everything gets caught on camera. Whatever happened to cause the debris might have happened before any of the cameras were in position to catch it. It’s not an easy job producing and directing these kinds of events, lemme tell you.

  5. The only thing keeping me sane during this break is the knowledge that we’ll be returning to Belgium, not Valencia as last year. I’m just so excited!

    And congratulations Keith and your wife to be for your wedding this weekend! All the best.

    1. Agreed on all counts. Very excited for Spa! AND CONGRATULATIONS KEITH! I wish you and your fiance all the best!

      1. Terry Fabulous
        13th August 2010, 5:39

        Hiya Tommy

        I wholey agree and concur.
        How are you mate?

        Keith, Gettnig married was the best day of my life, Enjoy the best day of yours! On behlaf of all your fans, have a wonderful day and a great honeymoon, make sure you don’t think about the website, we will all be here when you get back, still argueing about Lewis Hamilton!

        Mark Young

        1. Hey Mark, i’m good. how are you? going to the GP in melbourne next year? i’ll probably be living there so i’ll almost definately be there again.

          Bring on Belgium, and Go Webber!

          (and button for Mark’s sake)

  6. Halfway on my hibernation…

  7. I think we should have a whup round and get young Mr. C. a wedding present. Here’s a few bucks. $$$$.

    1. Er. That’s ..whip round.. Hope that $$$$ works wherever the honeymoon is.

  8. Taki Inoue, one of the F1 Reject legends of the 1990s. Can’t believe it’s now 15 years ago.

  9. That’s a pretty interesting piece on Maldonado’s upturn in form this year. I am pretty sure driver self confidence is a very big part of it (it does explain trouble Fisi, Kovi and Piquet had at Renault under the bullying Flav).

    Let’s just hope Maldonado brings his 2010 form into F1 and gets the confidence of Petr Sauber to make it last (he will probably be outperformed by his teammate at first), but Sauber showed he knows how to deal with rookies in the case of Kobayashi and with Raikkönen and Massa before that.

  10. Something to enjoy during the summer brake, GPUpdate.com visited AGS Formule1 who run F1 cars for paying guests. This is what it looks like when an ordinary guy gets in a F1 car (don’t worry, no wreaking accidents).

  11. Keith,

    F1.com has the race summary video available now (you may have already covered it). Interesting hearing Vettels comments on Mark Webber leading.

    1. Yeah I saw it a while ago, thought the Vettel comment was funny!

      1. Oh and mate. The very best of luck for the weekend and the future that lies ahead!

  12. The big weekend’s almost here!! Hope you, your bride to be and everyone involved have a fantastic day Keith!..

  13. I forgot i added my Birtday to the list it was a bit of a shock when i read my name on F1 Fanatic!

    Thanks Keith

    1. Well Happy Birthday Chris and Ciaran and i would like to add my congratulations to Keith and his bride to be.

      1. thanks for the greetings Zahir!

  14. Thanks for the link – most traffic I’ve had to my quiet little corner of t’interweb since Jalopnik featured a piece I did on a fantasy F1 calendar last year.

    1. Glad to hear it!

    2. Gee, very nice article Patrick.

  15. What make is that car that hit Taki Inoue? Is it a Moscovic or something?

      1. I am pretty sure it is a Tatra, they were very popular and pretty good cars at the time in that part of Europe.

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