F1 Fanatic round-up: 20/8/2010

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The second instalment of Keith’s interview with Silvertone designers Populous will be up later today – I hope you all enjoy it.

Until then, here’s today’s round up:


De la Rosa driving “better than ever” (Autosport)

"Pedro de la Rosa thinks he is now driving better than he has ever done in his career – after insisting that three seasons out from F1 have not hurt his racing instincts."

Niki Lauda Q&A: Vettel still favourite for the title (Formula1.com)

"You could say it’s been a good season for Niki Lauda. At six of the 12 races to date the Austrian has heard his national anthem ring out thanks to Red Bull victories. But it is not mere patriotism making Lauda – a three-time world champion and acknowledged F1 expert – tip that team to lift both titles. Speaking exclusively to Formula1.com, Lauda reviews 2010 thus far, explains why Vettel still has the edge over Webber, why Ferrari should fear their WMSC hearing, and why Mercedes should give up now on 2010."

Renault confirms F-duct for Spa (Autosport)

"Renault has given the official green light for its F-duct to be introduced at next week’s Belgian Grand Prix, with the team having hit its development targets with the concept.

"The Enstone-based outfit has been working on the blown-wing design for several months, and in July said it hoped to have it ready for the high-speed events at Spa and Monza – where it should provide a good advantage on the long straights."

Virgin boss hits back at Ecclestone (ESPN F1)

"Virgin boss John Booth has hit back after Bernie Ecclestone predicted two of F1’s struggling teams might fold before the end of the season.

"Ecclestone has gone on record saying two teams in question ‘really shouldn’t be there’ and that he would be happy if the grid dropped to just 20 cars. ‘They’re a bit out of their depth at the moment.’

"’I wasn’t particularly pleased, because comments like that for a team like ours can do great damage,’ Booth told motorsport-total.com. ‘It’s difficult for us at the moment as it is for other teams, and for all the new teams’, adding such remarks were ‘destabilising’."

Shell Trackside Laboratory (YouTube)

Comment of the day

Pirelli has completed its first test session at Mugello this week and has announced it’s on target to return to Formula One for the 2011 season. Steph says:

Well good start but I don’t see what else was expected. It’s basically just to get data and improve.

The tracks pretty abrasive but Nick has a gentle(ish) driving style so maybe that’s a good compromise or perhaps they should really have hammered the tyres.

I’m really looking forward to Pirelli though. It’s something new and good see some strategy. It’s bound to shake up the order a little too.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Woffin!

On this day in F1

Ralf Schumacher lost his appeal over a crash at the German Grand Prix on this day in 2003.

The FIA imposed a fine of $50,000 to replace the original penalty, which would have meant Schumacher dropping 10 positions from his qualifying spot at the start of his next race at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Ralf Schumacher had crashed with McLaren’s Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari’s Rubens Barrichello as the three cars left the grid at the start of the race. Race stewards blamed the German driver for the crash.

"It appeared to the court, in particular from reading the report by Peter Wright (technical and safety consultant) analysing accident data recorder information, not available to the stewards, that some responsibility might possibly be imputed to the other two drivers involved in the incident," the FIA said.

"The court decided that the case should be referred back to the panel of the stewards of the German Grand Prix so that the conduct of Rubens Barrichello and Kimi Raikkonen can be considered in the light of the evidence from Mr Wright."

From the archives

Top ten?? First lap crashes

42 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 20/8/2010”

  1. Looking at that video of Schumacher’s crash, I’m surprised at just how archaic the graphics to displacy the safety car are compared to today’s.

    1. Today’s graphics look way better and neat, but if you are not near to the screen you almost have to guess the numbers that indicate gaps, lap times, etc.
      Probably they look fine on high definition tvs, but in an average like mine’s I find it really hard to tell.

    2. Looking at it, i thought about our Forum thread about bad camera angles. You can hardly see who’s doing what at the start when it’s shown only head on.

      Graphics are pretty rudimentary, as you state.

  2. the sound! was just epic!

    i still miss the V10’s!

    1. Agree completely. Ah, the V10 engines…

      What saddens me the most is that things are just getting worse from now on. Soon we’ll see races with 300hp motors and cars weighting a ton.

      1. You can see that now in WTCC :)

        1. Yeah those V10s were something. When you hear the sound of the V* you can tell that some cylinders & volume are missing.

  3. Ecclescake has left his rod in the lake and John Booth has taken the bait.

    You must learn to ignore the poisoned dwarf Mr. Booth!

    1. Still, I find it good to see the teams sticking up for themselves. Ecclestone’s comments were damaging, misinformed and unfair. Nodding along and humouring him like he’s a mad old uncle who needs to be treated delicately isn’t the way to deal with it anymore I think.

      1. Yes, they can’t let Ecclestone say things like that and not speak about it.

  4. only 1 week til F1 action…

    1. Yeah.Can’t wait for the cars to go in those high speed tracks.

  5. I think Pedro de la Rosa might be right on driving the best of his career. I never rated him much before he got the McLaren test seat, the few races he did for McLaren, he did a solid job, but nothing really special.

    But in the Sauber he is getting the car in Q3 at times and manages to bring it home without to much trouble, if if does not break down. Still i expect him to move back to a testing role next year for Sauber.

  6. That crash might have cost Kimi the championship!

    Schumi finished 7th (2 points) after a puncture which was the margin at the end of the season.

    Had Kimi scored and Schumi still suffered the puncture, Kimi could have been Champion, the youngest ever at the time.

    1. I remember that, made me really gutted. A different Champ in between the Ferrari/Schumi washout would have been welcome.

      Also convinced me again, that Ralf was not much of a driver.

      1. Lots of different things might have cost lots of different people the championship. Montoya was well on course for the title that year as well until Michelin had their tyre advantage neutered, as well as a couple of other things.

        1. But I do agree that Ralf seemed to be prone to accidents, as if he wasn’t fully in control of his own driving at times.

          1. … He was actually quite a solid driver, and got some good results…

            Like his brother, Ralf has gained a reputation that just won’t shake.

            … But I don’t really like him either :D

  7. X( I thought Spa was starting today – not next Friday :/

    1. Don’t panic, just read up on the Hockenheim GP from Katy and Tommy B or have a look at the second part of Keiths vistit to Populous.

      I know, hard to keep calm, but you’ll manage ;-)

  8. There’s an interview with Adrian Sutil on Eurogamer if anyone interested, he’s testing the F1 game.

    1. Looks like Adrian is an avid gamer! Nice link Sush.

  9. Thanks for the birthday mention :)

    1. Happy birthday Woffin!

    2. Enjoy the day Woffin!

    3. Happy birthday Woffin!

      1. Oh boy, I loves me a good bandwagon!


    4. Happy B Day, 1 month til mine ;)

  10. What a stupid driver was ralf, he simply couldn’t take it having anyone in front of him.

  11. YAM will drive at spa. not chandock…

    1. How did you find that out?

  12. Not sure about De La Rosa driving better than ever. He had a good race in Hungary and Europe, but bar that has never got on top of Kobayashi.

  13. Thanks for the CotD Cari! May I just say what a great job you’re doing of the site :P In all seriousness, you really are doing a splendid job of F1f.

    Now just 11 more CotDs and I’ll have the same amount of them as Massa has wins. OK I’ve taken my geekishness too far…

    1. Well done Steph, but does Massa not have 11 wins, that’s only 10 more you need to match. That’s more achievable ;)

      1. I really need to think before I type or get a maths and f1 stats degree. He has 11 wins? 2 in 06, 3 in 07, 6 in 08. I so far have 4 Cotd so need 7.

        1. *6 need 6 wins. God, I can’t type! :D

          1. 7 wins as 7+4=11. I can’t actualyl believe I’m arguing with myself. Wine with my meal tonight was a really bad idea.

        2. 11 more to match his total number of pole positions ;)

    2. That sounds like a plan – good choice of driver too

      1. Yea, If this isnt Stephs 5th CotD then i’ll be shocked :o haha

        1. Yes you’re right there David.

          Cari you’ve got my Cotd for some sort of Massa praise :P

          Ratboy I think you’re more likely to find a copy of my comments on F1rejects…

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