F1 Fanatic round-up: 21/8/2010

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The latest Jean Todt’s Approval Rating will be up on the site later today.

Until then, here’s today’s round up:


Sauber eyes more progress at Spa (Autosport)

"Sauber is optimistic that it can maintain its recent improved form at the Belgian Grand Prix as it eyes adding more points to its tally.

"The Hinwil-based outfit enjoyed its first two-car points finish in Hungary before the summer break and, having made good progress with its car since Valencia, it is confident of more strong form at Spa.

"Technical director James Key said: ‘Certainly we want to continue with the recent form we have shown, and the package for Spa is based around the ongoing developments we have introduced since Valencia.’"

Aerolab/Force India row set to intensify (Autosport)

"The ongoing dispute between Force India and Aerolab looks set to escalate after the Italian aerodynamics company hinted on Friday about fresh legal exchanges.

"In a statement issued by Aerolab, in the wake of Force India being forced to pay it more than one million Euros in unpaid fees, the company said that it expected its director, Jean Claude Migeot, to soon be charged following a criminal complaint filed against him in Bologna."

Why don’t F1 drivers have coaches? (jamesallenonf1.com)

"I was reading about tennis star Andy Murray the other day, who beat Roger Federer to win a tournament soon after dispensing with his coach. It seems to be quite a big deal and the more you read about it, the more you realise how central to an elite sportsman’s life his coach is.

"If you think about it, most sportsmen and women still rely heavily on coaches even when they reach the peak at the elite level. Golf, tennis, all the Olympic sports, all the team sports like football, rugby and cricket, basketball, NFL – they have armies of coaches on the staff, who work with the players constantly.

"So what about F1 drivers? Many get some coaching on the way up; young driver programmes usually have a coaching component to them. They spend some time with a professional driver coach like Rob Wilson or John Stevens, but do they bring them into F1 and take them to every race? Certainly not.

"Coaching is not part of the culture of F1."

F1 2010 E3 Gameplay Video – Spa in the Wet (YouTube)

Comment of the day

LIbby has two tickets to sell for the Belgian Grand Prix:

I have two tickets for Eau Rouge 3 covered for next weekend, if any one wants them please email me at [email protected] to discuss prices. Having to cancel the trip due to illness, please email me asap.

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

The Turkish Grand Prix was held on this day in 2005.

This was first grand prix held at the new Istanbul Park circuit, designed by Hermann Tilke.

The inaugural race was won by Kimi Raikkonen for McLaren, followed by Fernando Alonso and Juan Pablo Montoya.

43 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 21/8/2010”

  1. great f12010 game vid. however, codemasters should sort out the arms when turning the wheel. they don’t turn nearly as much as they should there! la source should be around 3/4 lock.

    1. I’m guessing you like Star Wars also?

      1. huh? i don’t get it!

    2. Agreed, it just doesn’t look right. I quite like my driving games to be realistic and I’d also like the visibility to be much lower when in wet conditions. If you’ve ever been karting in the wet you’ll know what I mean, you can hardly see a thing!

    3. Indeed, it also looked weird in that Sutil clip. You could see Sutil steering the wheel to full lock and then the on screen wheel turned only half way.

      1. Hopefully you’ll just be able to turn off the arms and/or wheel if you want to.

  2. Here’s hoping Spa turns out to be as wet as that game.

    1. Yes, would make for a great race!

  3. This F1 2010 game might be something I’m interested in. I hope there is a gameplay mode for full-lap races and F1-like lap times. Now that would be great.

  4. very nice graphics and all…

    but i think that game will be rubbish… just hearing the engineer advice: “the track is wet, you’ll loose a lot of grip” and the tyre noise (on a wet track???? come on!)…

    1. Yeah I’m hoping you can shut them up. What I’m more worried about is all drivers having the same English guys voice.

      The turning of the wheel should be easily corrected when you have all aids turned off (to try salvage what ever simulation is left in the game). If you have a wheel, the steering you see in game should mimic where your arms are. At least that how it is in rfactor.

      I’m worried most about the easy AI, the limitations in setting the car up and in the actually on screen display.

      Everything looks very dumbed down, as if its made for console gamers (because they don’t have a mouse).

      I’m going to get the game, but I don’t see how it could possibly replace a game like rfactor in regards to re-playability.

      1. I do recall them mentioning being able to set it up for more arcade type driving and more simulation type driving to appease both camps.

    2. Look at a few of the gamescom videoes, they show an improvement, but even they aren’t the final build. The stupid tyre noises have gone, the engineer doesn’t state the obvious (probably due to the harder difficulty) and the AI looks better, although i’m yet to see a video with the most difficult AI setting.

  5. “Why don’t F1 drivers have coaches? ”

    you could say that engineers sometimes act as coaches to the driver, because they can see the telemetry and point out where the driver may or may not be going slow/fast. I don’t see how else one could coach an “f1 driver”, other than having an ex-WC to point out some useful tips.

    the young driver programs are not going anywhere for F1. Testing ban needs to be lifted so that new and current drivers could practice and improve themselves. Just imagine having to play tennis but having no ability to train or practice your sport due to a ban.

    1. I was going to say the same, I think F1 has even more coaches than other sports, but they are all hiding under the title ”engineers”.

    2. I do feel, the closest things to a coach are their phisios and of course the engineers. Maybe that’s also the reason they don’t have coaches, as those would have to get between the driver and the race engineer, making the feedback less direct.

    3. I think once you’ve got to F1 you’ve proven you can be fast – the technique is there.

      After that, it’s about how well you can set up a car, and where your mind is – and they have support in those areas.

    1. looks a pretty dull track to drive, but also looks like there are a couple of places where overtaking is possible, particularly on the first lap.

      1. oh and the game looks amazing =)

    2. Gee, nice spot Sato! First lap around that track we get to see.

      Not too sure it will be any good, but that’s hard to judge just from this.

  6. I’m sad I won’t get to play F1-2010 as I doubt my laptop will support the game (despite being only a year and a half old and have 2.0GHZ dualcore processor, 2GB RAM and 40GB free of a 250GB HD) as I don’t know what the video card is installed. My games console is the PS2 and that’s now outdated so I play the most recent F1 game possible – F1 2006 and I’m still content with the quality

    1. If you’ve got a PS2 get yourself a copy of F1 ’97 mate, it’s not the most advanced game you’ll ever play but it’s loads of fun !

      1. Or F1 99-02. But on the pc, the console versions were different and not in the same league

      2. Good call – what a fantastic game! Maybe not the most advanced but still ahead of its time.

  7. I think Sauber need to push a extra bit so that they can collect some strong result this season which will help them to attract sponsor & a good driver for 2011.

  8. Game looks great!
    That second video looks even more promising, i like that you cant just play dodgems like in some racing games.

  9. “Why don’t F1 drivers have coaches? ”

    After reading the little extract it wasn’t until about 2/3rds down I thought JA was going on about busses. Interesting topic though.

    1. Haha, LOL.

      I agree it’s an interesting thought.

    1. sorry forgot to say they were of the f1 2010 game :)

    2. Nice videos there.

    3. The game is not very realistic though. I checked the Red Bull on-board lap and the front wing doesn’t flex :)

      1. What! Thats terrible! ;)

        1. Maybe in anticipation of the new tests already?

  10. Im slighlty disappointed that you dont see the driver change gears. Im 98% sure i saw the drivers using the paddles on a previous trailer, from memory, i think it was Button at Monza in the 2009 cars. And THAT Geordie accent could get really annoying, i hope you can change it. Other than that, it looks great

  11. Are any F1Fanatics going to be at Silverstone tomorrow for the BTCC?

  12. Looks like Aerolab might have a go at confiscating FI assets to get their money. It might be a pretty hot weekend!

  13. Nice to see 2005 with Kimi, JP and Fernando battling at the front. Is it because it was a new track and nobody had any real data up front, or was overtaking more usual then?

    Button did quite a nice race there. And Ferrari was nowhere with their Bridgestones.

  14. I have every intention of annoying my brother into getting it for his PS3. ^^

    It looks good, as a sim, I doubt it will even touch rFactor.

    But as a game, I think it looks very promising.
    Just as long as their is a hard mode.

    1. rFactor isn’t even that good… There’s racing games out there that are 10 years old and are still 10x better than rCraptor

  15. Thought the game looked really good except that the colours are all washed out a bit too much. Other than that and the steering arm angle it looks tempting. Unfortunately Gran Turismo 5 is out soon, and I know which of the 2 is more likely to get my money (hint, it’s the one that I’ve been waiting for since Gran Turismo 4)!

  16. Nice move by Button at 1min 31sec :)

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