Mansell returns as Spa steward

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Nigel Mansell will serve as the drivers’ representative on the stewards’ panel at the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend.

Mansell also appeared as a steward at the British Grand Prix this year.

The other stewards are Royal Automobile Club de Belgique Sport president Yves Bacqueline and World Motor Sports Council members Lars ?sterlind and Garry Connelly.

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    10 comments on “Mansell returns as Spa steward”

    1. Hopefully he’s got over his concussion by now ;)

    2. Is he the first former driver to be awarded two grands prix this season? If that’s the case, he might become a permanent steward in the future.

      1. Younger Hamilton
        24th August 2010, 18:00

        Nope, i think its Derek Warwick that was the first former driver to be awarded two grands prix

        1. Actually it was Johnny Herbert. So far the ones we have had.

          Bahrain: Prost
          Australia: Kristensen
          Malaysia: Herbert
          China: Wurz
          Spain: Warwick
          Monaco: Hill
          Turkey: Herbert
          Canada: E Fittipaldi
          Europe: Frentzen
          Britain: Mansell
          Germany: Sullivan
          Hungary: Warwick

          1. Can you belive they are already running out of stweards willing to do it?

            1. I’m inclined to think that some of them have got the taste for the thing and so can keep on doing it.

            2. HounslowBusGarage
              24th August 2010, 22:33

              No. I don’t think they are “running out”. Rather I think they now have a team who-
              1 take the job seriously.
              2 understand the nature and function of the job
              3 are able to work dispassionately and without preference
              Having said that, I still we could move further up to date and replace Fittipaldi and Sullivan with those more recently experienced in F1. Drivers like Fabi, Palmer, Lehto (sp?) and Boutsen.

            3. I think HounslowBusGarage is right, FIA would want to get a core team of ex-drivers who appear regularly and will build up some experience of handling the stewardiing. Then they can mix in others to give them a chance in between.

    3. Nige isn’t the same without his ‘tache…..

    4. What about Eddie Irvine???

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