Rubens Barrichello marks 300th Grand Prix start (Belgian GP Thursday pictures)

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Williams honoured Rubens Barrichello today as the Brazilian driver prepares to start his 300th Grand Prix this weekend. He is the first driver to achieve a triple century of Grand Prix starts.

Barrichello was given a special medal by Bernie Ecclestone and a commemorative bike from his team – and burst into tears after they showed a video commemorating his career to date.

See below for pictures of Barrichello’s celebrations and more from today at Spa.

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    53 comments on “Rubens Barrichello marks 300th Grand Prix start (Belgian GP Thursday pictures)”

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      26th August 2010, 20:24

      Well done Roo!
      Congratulations on reaching your third century of Grand Prix.
      I wonder if it would be possible to assemble a ‘Team Barrichelo’ photograph of all his team mates through his career. It would be a great shot.

      1. That would be cool. Any idea how many people that is?

        1. HounslowBusGarage
          27th August 2010, 8:10

          Y’know, it doesn’t look as though it’s as many as you’d think.
          I think it’s this lot-
          Ralph Firman
          Ivan Capelli
          Thierry Boutsen
          Mario Apicella
          Emanuele Naspetti
          Eddie Irvine
          Aguri Suzuki
          Andrea de Cesaris
          Martin Brundle
          Jan Magnusson
          Jos Verstappen
          Johnny Herbert
          Michael Schumacher
          Jenson Button
          – unless I’ve missed a few out.

          1. Don’t forget his current one Hulkenberg but I think that’s them all HBG

          2. That’s a third of F1 history right there ^^.

      2. It would be a big photo, he had 5 team-mates in his first year alone!

        1. He could then use it as a dart board ! Well, one particular head anyway ;)

          1. Nice one Pink Peril LOL

    2. rubens is a top guy.

      If Rubens keeps driving so well for williams it looks like there will be at least one record that MSC will never get his hands on!

    3. Finally Bernie can give away a medal. Hope this is enough for him…

      Schumi not in the picture? He has apologized ‘personally’ by text message for the fact that Rubens thought that Schumi tried to push him in the wall, so they could have been sharing those old Ferrari memories together.

      And it’s not even his 300th grand prix. It’s his 296th…

        1. What classifies as a ‘start’?

          The reality is there no classification of ‘starts’ and this is Rubens 300th time being listed as a race driver and therefore able to take a ‘start’.

          1. Well all the Michelin teams did not make a ‘start’ at the ‘famous’ indy 2005, so there is a defenition …

            All in all, it’s a big achievement, and I have to admit there were times I’d rather see the guy move on, but now he’s just part of the furniture

          2. There is a classification of ‘starts’.
            A start is where you start the race.
            He DNQ’d for one of his 299 Grand Prix (the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, where he had that terrible accident) and didn’t start another three of them (the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix, 2002 Spanish Grand Prix and 2002 French Grand Prix). So he has 296 starts and Belgium, if he starts, will be his 297th. (Even though I disagree with the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix, because the restart is considered the “real” start, which he DNS’d because he crashed in the first start. So I would consider 297 starts.)

            Anyway, it’s still his 300th *Grand Prix*, so this discussion is pointless.

            1. Is it really though? According to he already has 296 starts and 300 entries, so Hungary would’ve been his 300th GP entry. I just checked Wikipedia as well, and if you add all his races up he’s already had 300 entries. So there’s one in there somewhere he’s not counting. Most likely San Marino ’94 as that’s the only GP listed as DNQ due to his crash in Friday qualifying. Belgium ’98, Spain ’02, and France ’02 are all listed as DNS. So I guess he’s counting those as entries but not San Marino ’94.

            2. DNQ would be the one, if you didn’t Q, you didn’t Q for an entry, I assume that’s the system.

    4. I find it ironic to have a engine making company’s logo on an unmotorized vehicle. :D

      1. Rubens is the engine.

        1. And it’s an engine Cosworth can be proud of. Very durable ;-)

      2. I want a carbon fiber bicycle with the cosworth logo on it, too!

        But yeah, you are right, totally an ironic branding going on there.

    5. Any chance we will get to see that video commemorating Ruben’s career?

      1. Seconded, I really hope it’s posted somewhere online.

        1. That was the first thing I thought when I read this article! Rubens is one of my favourite drivers – he seems a funny guy who isn’t haughty like some other drivers… And he may have moaned a little last year, but surely of all the drivers out there, Rubens would have to be the one most entitled to a little dissatisfaction. I hope he continues for another year or two! (And he is faster than the Stig!)

    6. Well done Rubens!!! I have the greatest respect for you. :D

    7. Barrichello was given a special medal by Bernie Ecclestone

      …which marks the first time in history that Ecclestone has given anyone anything.

      1. consider all the money rubens has made for bernie in 300 races

    8. HounslowBusGarage
      26th August 2010, 21:25

      Well, dunno about that.
      I met him once and he *gave* me the brush off.

    9. Rubens legend fantastic mate. Things will get better for you. RB 2011 WDC!!!

    10. Well done Rubens – even a text of the former teammate that nearly stuffed you into the wall what more can you have?

    11. Rubens is such a genuine character
      F1 need more like him!

      1. Couldn’t agree more. :D

    12. Yay for Ruby! Perhaps one of the most stand-up guys in the field if you ask me. I do want to see him win a championship one day before his F1 career ends.

      1. 2009 was his last chance, surely. a bit of luck might have sent it his way but button was superior, that much seems clear(ish)

    13. “Additionally, in the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa, when David Coulthard lost control of his McLaren and caused a huge accident at the start – no less than 13 cars were involved in the pile-up – Rubens Barrichello was unable to restart the race due to the injuries he had sustained minutes earlier.”

      Surely this counts as a start… so I’d class it as his 297th START, but who first said it was to commemorate his “starts” – surely it could just be to commemorate his 300th Grand Prix, which it is.

      1. I’m sorry, I didn’t see your comment when I posted saying the same thing.

        Also I forgot to change my name using a different browser. lol

    14. Way to go Rubens!I have much respect for the man.I believe the best present Schumacher could have given Rubens is by not showing up at his party :)

    15. Well done Rubens! such a nice guy =)!

      That drawing is so nice :D! Love The Stig shouting there somewhere! :D

      I find it weird Cosworth gave Rubens a Virgin race car… oh no… wait!… it’s a bicycle!

      1. I also liked that drawing of Rubens way to 300th GP.

        I think i read someting a while ago about Williams working together with a bike producer. So it might really be a bicycle developed by Williams!.

        1. Take a look at the odd rear hub of the bike. Williams KERS?

    16. Congratulation to him for this great achievement.

    17. We love you Blub-ens.

    18. I count this as his 298th start (if he makes it). Belgium 1998 is a start for him, two races in 2002 are not.

      You can just ask Niki Lauda did he start 1976 German GP in his own opinion?

    19. Lol! The older you get, the more you nag. So do not expect Rubens to slow down anytime soon.

    20. According to Will Buxton, only one driver didn’t show up for Barrichello’s party last night. No prizes for guessing which…

      1. Sakon? On the drive there he couldn’t get out of first. He’s still on his way now.

        Sorry, couldn’t resist! I do feel sorry for yamamoto as all he wants to do is drive but it’s just too easy.

        Schumi? The sad thing though is did anyone really expect him to show up?

    21. I came up with 132 drivers Barrichello has raced against in his F1 career. Three of them are no longer with us: Ratzenberger, Senna and Alboreto.

      So here they are. I put them into groups of ten. Order is done by two things: first race with Rubens and then grid position in that race.

      * Prost, Senna, M Schumacher, Hill, Alesi, Lehto, Patrese, Blundell, Andretti, Wendlinger
      * Alliot, Brundle, Fittipaldi, Berger, Zanardi, Herbert, Capelli, Comas, A Suzuki, Katayama
      * Warwick, de Cesaris, Barbazza, Alboreto, Badoer, Boutsen, Martini, Apicella, Lamy, Häkkinen
      * Naspetti, Irvine, T Suzuki, GOunon, Frentzen, Morbidelli, Verstappen, Panis, Bernard, Beretta
      * Gachot, Brabham, Larini, Ratzenberger, Belmondo, Coulthard, Mansell, Adams, Dalmas, Noda
      * Schiattarella, Lagorce, Salo, Inoue, Deletraz, Montermini, Moreno, Diniz, Boullion, Papis
      * Lavaggi, Tarquini, Magnussen, Villeneuve, Fisichella, Rosset, Marques, R Schumacher, Nakano, Trulli
      * Wurz, Fontana, Takagi, Tuero, de la Rosa, Zonta, Gene, Sarrazin, Heidfeld, Button
      * Mazzacane, Burti, Montoya, Räikkönen, Bernoldi, Alonso, Enge, Yoong, Massa, McNish
      * Webber, Sato, Davidson, da Matta, Firman, Pizzonia, Wilson, Kiesa, Baumgartner, Pantano
      * Bruni, Klien, Glock, Karthikeyan, Monteiro, Friesacher, Albers, Liuzzi, Doornbos, Rosberg
      * Speed, Ide, Montagny, Yamamoto, Kubica, Hamilton, Kovalainen, Sutil, Vettel, Winkelhock
      * Nakajima, Bourdais, Piquet, Buemi, Alguersuari, Grosjean, Kobayashi, Hülkenberg, Petrov, di Grassi
      * Senna, Chandhok

    22. 300th Grand Prix, 296th Grand Prix starts.its better by ALOT than i can do, but only 11 wins with almost 300 starts,races…WOW. Celebration too early, plus id think 100 race wins is more impressive. MS will soon do us that honour.

    23. That Jim Bamber card is absolutely brilliant!

    24. I just want to thank Rubens for always being the class of the field. 2000 Hockenheim was the most entertaining GP I’ve ever seen. I hope to see many more!

    25. Top guy. And after all these years, he stills seems more motivated than many younger drivers.
      Well done, Rubinho!!!!!!

    26. Wow, what a great idea, to post this list. It takes me back, all the way to being 7 years old watching Piquet, Prost, Senna, Mansell, etc…

      Rubens deserves a huge congratulation on this day. Go Roo.

    27. I?ve not too long ago began a website, the facts you present on this site has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of one’s time & operate.

    28. I like these pictures

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