Schumacher texted Barrichello to apologise

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Michael Schumacher said he sent Rubens Barrichello a text message to apologise for nearly pushing him into the pit wall during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Schumacher also added his congratulations as Barrichello marks his 300th Grand Prix start this weekend. During today’s press conference he said:

I have no problem speaking to Rubens, absolutely, but there were two reasons I sent him a text and one of the main reasons was that it’s his 300th Grand Prix. We have quite a history together, so I thought it was appropriate to congratulate him and clarify the point.

He sort of felt that I wanted to push him against the wall and very clearly, this was not my ambition. I wanted to race very tightly but without any wall contact and to clarify this point, if he felt this was the case then I was sorry for that.
Michael Schumacher

Schumacher will lose ten places on the grid for Sunday’s race as punishment for his driving at Hungary.

He said he’s hoping for a repeat of his performance here in 1995, when he won the race having started 16th on the grid:

I like to remember ’95, and probably I’m in a similar position here this weekend. Me being here in Spa, having this situation, having the memory of that year it’s good [to] look forward.
Michael Schumacher

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    40 comments on “Schumacher texted Barrichello to apologise”

      1. ‘All by myself’ seems pretty relevant too…

          1. . . . . .
            . nice .
            . . . . .

      2. Nothing says I’m sorry quite like

        +49 1513 3349388 : ‘Im sry :* ;) :D (hug)’

    1. Formula One should rid itself of this summer break.

      The press just goes crazy during this time. First, “Schumi says sorry”. Then Rubens says, “Schumi didn’t say sorry *personally*”. Now Schumi “texted to say sorry”.

      This is worse than a cliche Bollywood movie

      1. I don’t see the Bollywood connection. But when a driver not noted for his contrition backs down in this manner, it’s news.

        1. Where did you see a Bollywood connection?

          1. Bollywood no, but It fits in the context of the Back To School season…you have to admit

            1. Bollywood connection?

              I like Schumacher, but if he starts dancing, that’s the end of it.

      2. @sumedh.HA!! spot on.The British press are so anti MSC it is pathetic.Wherever MSC goes he has this trail of silly juvenile British reporters asking stupid questions.Why don’t they grow up and stop trying to squeeze every last drop of blood out of a nothing storyline.

      3. That conversation would be interesting:

        ms: Aah, hi Rubens, I wanted to say sorry
        rb: for what?
        ms: *looks at feet* for the other day?
        rb: what happened the other day?
        ms: you don’t remember?
        rb: I don’t know, I’m pretty popular these days, I beat the stig on top gear
        ms: I am the Stig on Top Gear.
        rb: er, yup. You were saying?
        ms: Oh yeah, sorry for you know, nearly killing you
        rb: when?
        ms: Gezz Rubens!! I’m trying to apologise here, and you’re killing me!!
        rb: nice choice of words.
        ms: *choke*
        rb: come back when you’ve learnt humility. *leaves*
        ms: humidity? What? *confused face* *crushed*

        1. That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Made me almost spit water at by screen.

        2. Dude. Awesome. Just Awesome. :)

          Comment of the day here!!!

        3. HounslowBusGarage
          27th August 2010, 21:15

          Lol maximus!
          (Your comment is too . . .)

    2. When I was younger I texted my sister to say sorry for blowing up her speakers. My mother gave me a right telling of for ‘being a coward and not telling her to her face’.

      So when Shumi potentially puts Barichello in a life threatening situation, my mum sinply says ‘Golly, that was naughty!’

      I’m now 19 and beginning to realise that life isn’t always fair.

      1. LOL, maybe she just accepts that she doesn’t have a role as mother to Schumi – even apart from him being too old to now change is ways!

        By the way, I still find it odd to read an apology saying (in my words) “I am sorry for you feeling that I wanted to drive you into the wall, it was only incidental to getting you off the track, not the main motivation – but sure if you felt different, sorry for you” – that is no apology!

        1. Haha, I didn’t even think of it like that. You’re right in that it’s kind of saying sorry without actually saying he’s sorry that he DID it.

        2. I am in full agreement bosyber, that is no apology.

        3. What I wanted to know is how he fitted all that – plus congratulations on Barrichello’s 300th start – into 160 characters?

          1. HounslowBusGarage
            26th August 2010, 20:28

            “Sry M8. + congrats 4 300 GPs.”
            Easy Peasy.


            2. zecks, superb :) it’s all there!

        4. He keeps to his line, but your absolutely right, he does not apologize for his action, just “feels sorry” to have made Rubens feel Michael wanted to push him into the wall.

          Maybe he sees it as a compliment, i.e. “I know how good you are, if i give you a car width and an inch you are able to get through, so I knew you’d manage”

          Very possibly, he had to send a text message as he is not welcome at the party and Rubens does not feel the need to give him any chance to get close during the day.

    3. Maybe schumacher thinks if he apologises to Barrichello he wont get his grid drop.

      1. Why would he think that?

        A) He wouldn’t.

        1. That’s not happening, Schumi will get his grid penalty.

          1. Exactly, so he wouldn’t think that.

          2. Exactly, so he wouldn’t think that he won’t get his penalty.

    4. Texting things that you do not have the balls to say on the phone or face to face is what cowards do IMO.

    5. After having read this statement now, I would like to kind of generally point out that at least I consider “I’m sorry if he got upset about it” an entirely different kind of apology than, for example, “I’m sorry for what happened”.

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        26th August 2010, 21:13

        I think I agree with -A- and with Nick. Politicians apologise by saying that they are sorry if they gave that impression etc, rather than apologising for what they actually said, and I think this is an example of a Politician’s Apology.
        It has nothing to do with genuine remorse or regret and everything to do with avoiding personal blame and subsequent opprobrium.

        1. Based on the comments here, it doesn’t seem that he’s avoided either blame or opprobrium – presumably Schu is smart enough to realize this would be the case, so does that mean he was being honest after all?


        2. Agree. I’m surprised Rubens was so nice about it (well maybe not as it is Rubens.

          Basically it’s “well I’m sorry if you’re upset but it wasn’t actually my fault at all, you’re just in a strop”. No ifs or buts please as it completely takes away any acceptance of responsibility.

    6. Hey we not all the same. Some find it harder than others to apologize. So I suggest the media & fans give Schumi a break

      1. Agreed. He pretty much damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t apologise to be honest.

    7. I’m a little bit sorry. Do you understand this message?

      1. Decrypted to mean – “My reputation has taken a beating. I guess this is a good PR gesture.”

    8. I sort of regret some of your reactions…
      I think that for a 7 times W.C. to publicly announce that he DID send apologies is already accepting his mistakes. In French we say : “Only the idiots don’t change their minds”.
      I do not agree with his charge on to Rubens, but he probes “a bit” of humility here, no ?

      1. It is not really much of an apology though.

        But your absolutely right, it is probably the closest thing to an excuse anyone ever heard from Michael, so a moment to cherish by Rubens.

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