Belgian Grand Prix practice in pictures

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Rain fell on both the practice sessions at Spa today but it hit the first one the hardest, drenching the Ardennes forest track.

After the four-week break several cars were sporting updated, notable the Renaults, which had their new F-ducts as well as a new sponsor on their sidepods.

Sauber too have a new sponsor on their rear wing and Rubens Barrichello has a special logo on his car for his 300th race. See below for more pictures from today’s practice session at Spa.

2010 Belgian Grand Prix

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    Images (C) Ferrari spa, Mercedes, Renault/LAT,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Bridgestone / Ercole Colombo, Lotus Racing

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    30 comments on “Belgian Grand Prix practice in pictures”

    1. What happened with the Reb Bulls ? Did they modify the flex wings to pass the tests ? This could explain the bad times, but better wait for tomorrow.

      1. there wasnt the need to change the wings they were aproved even after the more severe fia tests so mclaren didnt get what they want as you know the renault engine isnt the most powerfull and redbull f-duct isnt yet very effective so thats the problem because of the rain we cant be sure if they can get faster

      2. I enjoyed Sebs humor on bbc regarding the wing / ride height / trick suspension etc…

        To paraphrase:
        “I’ve not seen any of the other teams copy our high / low lever.” That was good dry humour, and makes me forgive some of his petulance seen in recent races. I’m fickle me!!

        Soooo pleased the F1 circus is back in town!!

    2. have you got any of the traffic jam?

    3. great pics as usual i love good rain pics

    4. Good to see that Sauber have managed to pick up another sponser. Only a small one, but a sponser none-the-less!

      1. I noticed that Burger King is still on the car, originally they were ment to be sponsors only for the 2 spanish events.

        I suppose the good succes in Valencia and the last couple of races made them stay. And now they have that crazy crododile engery drink.

        Good to see those cars filling up again.

    5. So when do / did the FIA carry out the revised tests ?

    6. Sorry to be picky Keith but arent the Renault logos on the sidepods rather than the engine cover?

      Who cares I suppose, the important thing is new sponsors are gradually beginning to emerge which has to be a good thing

      1. I thought I’d put sidepod – must’ve got confused with Williams in my mind. Changed it now.

        1. Any idea what kind of companies that are on the Renault?

          1. Banks. Snoras is Lithuanian, EFG is more global.

            1. Thanks about that. Seems Renault/Genii capital are really going for Central/Middle Europe and Russian/Asian markets there.

              A good argument for keeping Petrov then (although Lituanians will rather see Kubica with maybe a German or Finnish driver then any Russian in the car).

    7. The traffic jam should be one of those memorable F1 pics, I’m sure some of them artsy photographers got some good shots of that.

    8. I am so excited for this Grand Prix to start! These pictures are getting me crazy excited!!! Any predictions?

    9. Actually that Rubens 300th GP autfit and the logo and brazillian flag on the car are done very tastfully!

      Keep it on there Rubens, and make it another win in your 303th start!

    10. Here’s a nice picture from Rubens with his special issue helmet, suit and the logo on the car.

      1. Ooh love the new overalls and car graphics. The boring Williams colours immeadiately look miles more interesting

    11. Did the front wing flex today anyone know?

    12. The Renault F-duct looks like one of the more complex ones we’ve seen so far. Two different ducts, one coming out of the wing pointed down, and one under the wing pointed up…

    13. I was just yesterday watching the great movie “The Crow”.
      May I say that there is a dark Gothic look about Spa when it rains heavily, with the cars going into the dark forest with the red tailights and the mist of water ?
      Set to the music of Nightwish

    14. Cunning Stunt 8
      28th August 2010, 1:41

      /Changes underwear. What a beautiful place.

    15. I love the shots of the elevation changes. That’s something that TV cameras don’t do very well. The Jaime Alguersuari shot really captures this. I also love the shot of Alonso headed down pit lane with the drops of spray from the wheels frozen in mid-air.

    16. Anyone noticed the RBR wing is no longer hitting the ground… could just be the circuit though or damp conditions.. but then you still would of thought you’d be able to see it and I haven’t so far but early days.

      Also notice the Ferrari wing was not flexing but maybe it will today.

      1. I was having the same thoughts. I think the extra ride height and less speed due to wet conditions was part of the reason.

        It seems that Red Bull is using a wing closer to the Turkey one (see camera pods again on nose, and different end-plate region), and Ferrari a pre-Germany one.

        Might just be a matter of downforce required, or maybe they also thought to take less flexy wings because that extra downforce wasn’t worth the risk of not passing the tests for Spa?

        1. If the latter is the case, then great acting work for the Red Bull team saying “there was never anything wrong with our cars” (remember, they did have to modify things like those aero suspension parts before).

        2. Sorry, make that “Ferrari a pre-Silverstone one”.

    17. Just incredible pictures Keith… I was going to comment on the ones I like, like I normally would. But I’m not sure if that’s a realistic target! :D

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