2010 Belgian Grand Prix grid

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Row 1 1. Mark Webber 1’45.778
Red Bull-Renault
2. Lewis Hamilton 1’45.863
Row 2 3. Robert Kubica 1’46.100
4. Sebastian Vettel 1’46.127
Red Bull-Renault
Row 3 5. Jenson Button 1’46.206
6. Felipe Massa 1’46.314
Row 4 7. Rubens Barrichello 1’46.602
8. Adrian Sutil 1’46.659
Force India-Mercedes
Row 5 9. Nico Hulkenberg 1’47.053
10. Fernando Alonso 1’47.441
Row 6 11. Jaime Alguersuari 1’48.267
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
12. Vitantonio Liuzzi 1’48.680
Force India-Mercedes
Row 7 13. Heikki Kovalainen 1’50.980
14. Nico Rosberg* 1’47.885
Row 8 15. Jarno Trulli 2’01.491
16. Sebastien Buemi** 1’49.209
Toro Rosso-Ferrari
Row 9 17. Kamui Kobayashi 2’02.284
18. Bruno Senna 2’03.612
Row 10 19. Sakon Yamamoto 2’03.941
20. Timo Glock*** 1’52.049
Row 11 21. Michael Schumacher**** 1’47.874
22. Lucas di Grassi 2’18.154
Row 12 23. Vitaly Petrov
24. Pedro de la Rosa***** 2’05.294

*Five-place penalty for a gearbox change
**Three-place penalty for impeding Nico Rosberg
***Five-place penalty for impeding Sakon Yamamoto
****Ten-place penalty for illegitimately impeding a rival driver during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

*****Five-place penalty for gearbox change

2010 Belgian Grand Prix

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    39 comments on “2010 Belgian Grand Prix grid”

    1. So Pole will be on the side closest to the pit lane?

      1. I don’t believe they’ve moved it since last year, yes.

        1. Wonder if Lewis and Seb will ‘do a Kimi’ and just run way out wide on the first lap.

          1. they’re tightening up on that this year i think

        2. That’s unusual. Doesn’t that put the odd numbered drivers off the racing line into La Source?

          1. no, because the racing line follows mostly the right hand side where the grid slots are then it veers gently to the left for the right handed la source.

            if you look on an onboard shot, you;ll see the racing line goes just inbetween P1 and P2 grid slots.

    2. Another Calum
      28th August 2010, 14:38

      Yes. i think webber will take the first corner easy and hamilton will have to hold off kubica and vettel to get a nice run into Eau rouge.

      1. And then Hamilton will take Webber at Les Combes with his superior straight-line speed. :)

        1. I am sure that is the plan at McLaren, yes.

        2. Nah, I think Hamilton will be past Webber before the La Source hairpin and a Mclaren 1-2 by the time they get to Les Combes

    3. Is this the best starting place for Lotus? Or did they do better in Malaysia?

      1. It’s their best. Heikki was p15 for Mal

        1. In any case it’s pretty impressive. If it’s an unpredictable race tomorrow and Heikki is smart about his strategy he could get a point and clinch up 10th in the constructor’s championship pretty securely for Lotus.

          1. Jarred Walmsley
            28th August 2010, 21:01

            Indeed, this is Lotus’ big opportunity to secure that all important 10th place, all we need is for a couple of Retirements to go Hekki’s way.

    4. What a final lap from Hamilton! managed to improve when everybody else was losing about half a second. If there are similar conditions tomorrow, from what I’ve seen this weekend I think Lewis could run away with it. In fact I’m going for a Lewis win by at least half a minute. You heard it here first! (oh…but not if it’s fully dry ;])

      1. Button also managed to find about a second in his final attempt, mclaren have a strong chance of getting another 1-2

    5. Thing is, there could be a mega crash is half the field are attempting to go at 160mph one handed round a chicane!!

      1. huh? they’re might go one-handed around eau rogue tho… not around la source.

    6. Which side is the dirty side here? And does it make much difference?

      1. If there is more raining here until the race Joe, I don’t think there is all that much clean side left.

    7. Glock impeding Yamamoto? That sounds really unlikely, doesn’t it! But I guess Q1 was a bit messy.

    8. What is the difference between the mclaren and red bull straight line speed at the speed trap @ Spa???

      1. unfortunatley the speed trap is at the top of eau rogue, not at the end of the straight. so it’s haed to know.

        1. there are also speed traps at the end of each sector, in this case it is just before the braking point at Les Combes, so it’s possible to see who has the best straight line speed through Kemmel. this data is available at the official live timing [but not the website version].

      2. from formula1.com:

        Driver TimeOfDay speed (km/h)
        Felipe Massa 14:37:37 312.9
        Sebastian Vettel 14:47:58 307.8
        Jenson Button 14:45:51 307.4
        Lewis Hamilton 14:46:59 307.3
        Robert Kubica 14:47:45 307.0
        Mark Webber 14:47:54 306.2
        Fernando Alonso 15:07:10 303.5

        … so Mark has two slightly faster guys behind him, and Vettel should worry about Massa, who might try to get ahead of both Vettel and Button

        So it seems Webber has more downforce than Vettel and the McLarens are pretty similar, and Kubica is about the same as those two.

        Note that Massa did that at the very end of Q1, others halfway Q2, and Alonso set his at the start of Q3. Seems he does have a different setup.

        1. … if you look at best sector times, you can see that Alonso is doing something very different than Massa who is 3rd fastest in S1 and S3 behind the McLarens, while Alonso is nowhere (10th, 11th fastest). Vettel and Webber are 3-4 tenth of a second down in these sectors.

          In S2 Alonso was a tenth faster, but both were almost a second behind Red Bull (McLaren, Williams and Kubica are about half a second down there).

        2. of course these are speed trap speeds, at the top of Eau Rouge. the speeds at the end of the Kemmel speeds are:

          1 14 A. SUTIL 323.7
          2 23 K. KOBAYASHI 321.9
          3 15 V. LIUZZI 321.6
          4 22 P. DE LA ROSA 320.8
          5 1 J. BUTTON 320.0
          6 20 S. YAMAMOTO 319.9
          7 2 L. HAMILTON 318.6
          8 7 F. MASSA 318.3
          9 11 R. KUBICA 316.2
          10 8 F. ALONSO 316.0
          11 19 H. KOVALAINEN 315.9
          12 21 B. SENNA 315.8
          13 18 J. TRULLI 315.6
          14 5 S. VETTEL 315.6
          15 6 M. WEBBER 315.1

          1. With that top speed and starting so far back, I’m hoping for some decisive overtaking moves from Kobayashi early on.

    9. What a grid! this is going to be a smasher!
      We have Webber the championship leader on top, but with what I assume to be the faster Hamilton in second, Kubica did incredibly well to take third, we have Alonso in tenth and I doubt he will want to stay there, The Williams duo and Sutil are in there to mix up the order and we have Schumacher who will have to push through the filed on the track, where he actually looks comfortable with the car.

      Oh, And both Kovy and Glock
      (before the penalty) got into Q2…

      I love Spa…

    10. Isn’t Rosberg starting 16th, he was 12th so if we count out Schumacher who also got penalised – 11th +5 places = 16th? Glock is behind him anyway so his penalty doesn’t matter.

      1. Alguersuari gets 11th, his best start. Schumacher and Rosberg were penalised before qualifying started so the 13th place moves up to 11th.

      2. Penalties are applied in the order they were declared, which was Schumacher-Rosberg-Glock-Buemi. Which by my reckoning means Rosberg has actually only lost two places. Much like what happened with Barrichello at Spa last year.

        1. and Suzuka last year more importantly!

    11. If everybody is so concerned about drivers using the run off area at turn 1 to gain an advantage why don’t the put back the barrier there that ran down the side of the track. I’ve been watching clips from 04 on YouTube and to me it seems the perfect answer

      1. To prevent a repeat of the 1998 pile-up, I guess.

      2. or put grass there instead. or gravel…

    12. Putting the barrier back would end the debate full stop, I hope they don’t punish somebody for going wide due to mistake though

    13. The barrier was stll there in 2004 I don’t know when they removed it. If you watch the accident it doesn’t happen straight after the hairpin where most people go wide and use the run off are, the accident happened further down the hill I think.

    14. This grid slot promises some overtaking today be that be a wet or dry race.

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