Belgian Grand Prix qualifying in pictures

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Mark Webber notched up his fifth pole position of 2010 for Red Bull in a thrilling qualifying session.

The Ardennes weather was typically unpredictable, showering the track one moment then bathing it in sunshine the next.

Take a look back at the action from qualifying and final practice in the selection of pictures below.

2010 Belgian Grand Prix

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    Images (C) Ferrari spa, Williams/LAT, Renault/LAT, Lotus Racing, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team

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    22 comments on “Belgian Grand Prix qualifying in pictures”

    1. The Hamilton Eau Rouge picture is absolutely EPIC!

      1. If you mean the one with the clouds in it, then I agree. That would be my desktop picture if I didn’t hate McLaren.

        1. My thoughts exactly

        2. I don’t hate them, and liked the picture, so, guess where I have it now :) Looks good too :)

          Very nice picture, nicely showing the eventful day, with a somewhat surprising 2nd places Hamilton.

      2. Understatement of the century. Such a beautiful pic!

        1. … I’ll second this… or is it sixth it? nvm…

    2. Kubica is back :)

    3. we’re used to amaizing shots in F1Fanatic, but that shot of Lewis heading up to Eau Rouge with the clouds it’s absolutely magnificient!

      1. Yap, that’s true!

    4. Fantastic pictures as always Keith!!
      Anyone noticed that Lewis was using both the newest and the old version of the front wing during qualifying, while Jenson was only using the new version?? And it seems the older one did the trick for Lewis after all!

      1. and surprisingly it was “before silverstone” version!

    5. Wow! The golden sky, classic uphill Eau Rouge track view and my favourite driver! That Hamilton pic is definately the best pic I’ve nicked from here for my desktop ;)

      the camera men have balls ( as do the marshalls) to stand up against the barriers at the bottom of eau reuge, there was a clip in qualifying today when Schumacher was fighting with the Virgin and lost the place to Sutils FI and the speed at which they came 3 abreast towards the camera man and marshal was breath taking!! F1 is just amazing when viewed from stands, and the trackside cameras show a more realistic representation than the usual overheads.

    6. Webber’s front wing looks pretty curved in that pic infront of the catch-fence and the endplates are low. Not as egregious as Hungary but same phenomenon. McLaren and Renault’s wings again look high and straight.

      1. Well spotted! I still think they took an older spec wing that is less flexy. Maybe not just for the new test but also because of different track, but still.

    7. thankyou keith for some absolutly fantastic pics of that mclaren

    8. Great pics again, and I agree that the Hamilton shot on Eau Rouge is fantastic. Great composition. I’m not sure about the colours in the sky though… they look a bit amber for that time of the day.P.S? Having said that… I have no idea what the sky in Belgium can look like in the rain. Anyway I love it, I wish I had taken that one.

    9. Keith, are you pulling our legs? Is that photo of Hamilton at Eau Rouge from the bew F1 2010 game coming out?!


      1. Typo: “new”, not “bew”

    10. That photo of the McLaren is one of the greatest photos I have ever seen.

      Now if only it was of Webber’s RBR….

    11. You know the more I look at that photo the more I don’t like it.

      Yes the shooting angle, depth of field, the excellent shutter speed ( you can read the sidewall of the tire ) and the aperture all are great.

      BUT considering what proper equipment costs ( pick Canon or Nikon )
      and the access the photogs get, not too hard to imagine getting shots like this .

      HOWEVER the real problem is the blatant overuse of post processing filter
      the shooter has used ….

      Sorry gents the sky doesn’t actually like that and I’m calling BS.

      What I find all over the internet, are people overusing or overdoing photography to
      create unnatural, over saturated , over filtered and “photoshopped” to death .

      I present as evidence ; HDR or High Dynamic Range photography

      Keep it simple people , no need to overdo it. Rant over

      1. Thanks for saying that Steve o

    12. Great pics as always Keith.

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