Fuel problem holds Kubica back

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A fuel pick-up problem prevented Robert Kubica from being able to complete his second run in qualifying.

The Renault driver claimed second place with his first lap before he ran into trouble – and was powerless to keep himself from falling to third:

The car cut out just before the pit lane on my in-lap, and after the mechanics had pushed me back to the garage, we didn’t have time to do another run.

At the end of the session, I was standing in the pits, watching the other cars and praying for rain when a few drops started to fall – and only Lewis was able to improve his time. It meant I lost a place on the front row, but I am still in a strong position for tomorrow, and now we need to wait and see what happens – with the race and with the weather.
Robert Kubica

Despite the technical glitch he praised his team for getting their new F-duct working first time out:

This is the first race at which we have used our f-duct and I must say congratulations to everybody at the factory because it has worked perfectly from the first lap in practice.
Robert Kubica

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    5 comments on “Fuel problem holds Kubica back”

    1. I expect Kubica to cause some serious problems for the title contenders this race.

      1. Yep. Problems for most of them perhaps but say he gets P2 and Lewis/Seb/Web are in P1 then they’ll probably buy him a cup of tea for stealing a few points from the other contenders.

        1. Yes, this man could be a huge part in tomorrow’s race.

          1. With F-duct he is a threat for the title contender. That first lap along with the turn 1 action will be very interesting.

    2. miguelF1O (@)
      29th August 2010, 0:53

      Just a small correction but also improvedd his time anyway really brave move by ham on the 2nd run but like brundle pointed out he was too passive on the 1st run

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