Belgian Grand Prix in pictures

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The Belgian Grand Prix was scarcely short of incidents with crashes, overtaking and two appearances from the safety car.

As is so often the case the Ardennes weather provided all four seasons in one race. Take a look back at the action with this collection of pictures from Sunday at Spa.

2010 Belgian Grand Prix

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    Images (C) Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1

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    16 comments on “Belgian Grand Prix in pictures”

    1. No crash pictures? :(

      1. There is Button’s stranded car …

    2. Who’s the guy representing Mclaren on the podium shot?

      1. Isn’t it Phil Prew? Lewis’ race engineer? I’m not sure though.

        1. It is indeed, though he used to be Hamilton’s race engineer. He now oversees both his and Button’s engineers, in the name of equality.

    3. felipe massa fan
      29th August 2010, 18:59

      no decent pictures of massa
      he drove amazing today with no mistakes
      but i dont think there was one onboard shot of him on bbc coverage

      1. Massa drove a great race today. he kept himself out of trouble (so i guess that’s why he got little tv coverage).

        under the pressure of Ferrari, I can see why he let alonso thru in germany. he’s had a hard time, and spa was great for him.

        1. good drive but as already stated he should have had a penalty from the word go. but because he isnt on the FIA radar at the mo, they didnt even bother to look at it.

      2. No mistakes?
        Who was that in the red car at the start who overshot his grid position and somehow got away with it?

        1. yeah that was a disgrace that he got points today. total disgrace.

          FIA only interested in the Alonso, Vettel and michael at the mo. anyone else causes an accident(ie rubens!) dont get a thing.

          Jean Todt reign started very very well. but its gone to pieces recently and has been quite a joke of late.

          alonso was clearly gonna get a pen for the unsafe pit release. ok fine, but mclaren didnt get investigate for the same thing in china? exactly the same! infact canada was even closer.

          the whole season is becoming a bit of a joke penalty wise. the season started with warnings(lewis got about 3). where have they gone?

          1. Wasn’t there precedent for this? Webber started outside his gridspot in Bahrain and wasn’t penalised.

            This was just keeping things consistent.

            Though to be honest, and I say this as a RBR Webber fan, he should have been penalised, as should Massa.

          2. What do you mean ‘ie rubens!’ ?

            In your mind, every crash is the fault of the driver? Open your eyes. Wet track, slick tyres, slippy slippy.

            1. yeah it was a racing incident but if your going to be consistent then that is exactly what happened to vettel. and he got a penalty.

              so the whole thing is a mess. that cant really be argued. so open your own eyes before you start throwing abuse.

    4. Thanks Keith. Beautiful pictures. Can we have more :)

      I love this track and love to have as much picture of this track as possible.

      1. I think Legard would explode if that happened, or completely miss it.

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