Hamilton back in the championship lead – points in full

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Drivers’ championship points

1Lewis Hamilton182
2Mark Webber179
3Sebastian Vettel151
4Jenson Button147
5Fernando Alonso141
6Felipe Massa109
7Robert Kubica104
8Nico Rosberg102
9Adrian Sutil45
10Michael Schumacher44
11Rubens Barrichello30
12Kamui Kobayashi21
13Vitaly Petrov19
14Vitantonio Liuzzi13
15Nico Hulkenberg10
16Sebastien Buemi7
17Pedro de la Rosa6
18Jaime Alguersuari3
19Heikki Kovalainen0
20Karun Chandhok0
21Lucas di Grassi0
22Jarno Trulli0
23Bruno Senna0
24Timo Glock0
25Sakon Yamamoto0

Constructors’ championship points

1Red Bull330
6Force India58
9Toro Rosso10

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    40 comments on “Hamilton back in the championship lead – points in full”

    1. 6 races, 150 points still up for grabs. This season is by no means over.

    2. Some interesting battles for 6th place and 9th place coming up in the championship, as well as the main one!

      1. I fully expect Kubica to pass Massa by the end of the season, and maybe even be up there fighting for fifth, or even fourth place. It’d be a pretty long shot for him to get the championship, but I think with Renault’s recent improvements to the car he’ll at the very least be the big spoiler for the top 5, taking a lot of the points that they’ll all be desperate to try and get.

    3. Would have been so good if Ham had binned it, maybe Kubica could have even snatched the lead.

      1. I was kind of hoping for that myself. I always like to cheer for the underdog.

    4. Very enjoyable race. Great stuff for Hamilton, felt for Button when some amateur took him out. Great finish for Sutil too, those Force Indias were very quick.

      Looking forward to Monza!

    5. I believe we’re down to a 3 horse race for the title. Button has no hope, Alonso has a decent car but he’s a long way behind now, but Vettel I think has the car to reduce the deficit.

      Webber surely must be favourite. Hamilton may have the lead, but with the exception of Monza all the remaining tracks should favour Red Bull over McLaren

      1. I still think Alonso might have something to say about the championship. Vettel and Button might have a chance, but Vettel needs to find some cool.
        Button must hope for more rainy days without Vettel behind him.

        1. The two Red Bulls are definitely the shoe in with the advantage of their car, especially when you look at which circuits are remaining. Hamilton and Webber are certainly both capable at this point, but I don’t know if McLaren is gonna be able to make the car competitive enough for Lewis in high-speed corners to be able to take the fight to the Bulls. I think Vettel really needs to clear his head if he’s still going to win it, and the longer that doesn’t happen, the more my money’s on Webber. The Ferrari certainly seems more competitive than the McLaren on high downforce circuits, so if someone can manage to beat Webber and Vettel, I think Alonso is probably a more likely candidate than Hamilton. That said, consistency still counts, and Hamilton might just eek out the championship through consistent podiums… It’s certainly going to be an awesome finish to the season in any case.

          1. The thing is, the story that RBR will eventually pull away what with their awesome car is a little shop-worn now. We have seen more than enough races to draw the obvious conclusion: Hamilton is a more consistent scorer of points than Webber or Vettel. There is no reason to think this will change; there is no better measure of the next six races than the previous 13.

            The remaining mix of tracks is no cake-walk for RBR either. Hamilton will be strong at Monza, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi with its massive straights. Only Japan looks like a slam dunk for RBR, and on paper Korea may be good for them too. This season thus will come down to execution and consistency, which are not RBR strong points.

            Also, we know that Vettel will never become a #2, and I understand that the Queen will soon call Button and request that he make necessary sacrifices for her sake and the country’s. OK, I only dreamt the second part.

            1. “Hamilton is a more consistent scorer of points than Webber or Vettel”

              – Webber has failed to score points once, Lewis twice.

              “Hamilton will be strong at Monza, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi with its massive straights”

              – Bar Monza, I wouldn’t think this is absolute. Red Bull should be very strong at Abu Dhabi and Brazil.

            2. I think Red Bull will dominate in Singapore as well as in Japan.

    6. This has got to be one of the most competitive seasons I’ve ever seen.

      Oh and if anyone mentions the new point system… I will kill you.
      … ok I won’t, But I will teach you to divide by 2.5

      1. Well, it’s not just dividing by 2.5. They did increase the gap between 1st and 2nd place percentage-wise, which I think was the right thing. Before Spa Webber was leading the championship with double the race wins of any other driver, whereas under the only points system Hamilton would’ve led Webber, with half the race wins of Webber. Certainly consistency should count, but when a driver has twice as many wins as all other drivers, surely he should be in the lead. Now Hamilton’s in the lead again, but he’s only one win shy of Webber. All in all I like the new points system, it seems very fair, and has still kept the battle pretty close at the front.

        1. Yeah your right. And I like the new one as well.

          It was more of a complaint of those who seem think it is only close because of the changes.

    7. This race once again demonstrated that S. Vettel is outrageously over-rated. His spear into Jenson was utterly a rookie error. No way he would ever become WDC with this type of driving

    8. i think vettle needs to learn how to drive!
      first button and then liuzzi!
      what’s he doing on the track??!?

      1. … I’m not sure it is fair to have a go at him for the crash with Liuzzi.

    9. Hey all , let’s see whats mclaren response over these few weeks. They seem slightly improved in spa. Many will attrirbute it to weather, but if u realize, their s2 timing, though still far off as compared to red bull ( about 0.4s), the gap to ferrari is not there at all. It’s either the wing test that have changed things, or mclaren have stepped Up slightly,

      It’s a pity because if vet , haven’t crash button out, we could be seeing a even greater Hamilton lead over webber and mclaren will also most likely finish above red bull racing in constructors champ. I think it’s time for vetted to inherit the title of the most dangerous driver, as he either takes his rival out or he takes himself out, and worst of all is he doesnt feel remorseful of it,and I think he owe button an apology as given current situation, button has ne’er to zero possibility of retaining his title.

      1. Actually, Vettel has apologised to Button.

      2. Vettel taking other drivers out is not intention. However, his race craft in testy situations raises serious questions about his driving skills.
        He is a demon in clean air or at the front, but, he consistently get in trouble when he has to manage tense fights on the circuit and other distractions.

    10. If I’m not mistaken, 11th place and back are now out of the running for the championship as there are 150 points to play with.

      1. Correct, and for either Sutil or Schumacher to win they’d pretty much have to win every remaining race while somehow keeping Hamilton, Webber, Vettel, Button, and Alonso from scoring at all again. I think it’s safe to say that only the top five have any shot at all anymore, with Massa, Rosberg, and Kubica being the spoilers who can take valuable points from the front-runners.

    11. Still looking very interesting for the championship. In old money the difference between Webber and Hamilton is only one point, with Vettel and Button about 15 points behind. Alonso is in for a very tough job now, though.

      Nice to see Rosberg catching Schumi back right in the end, he is still close to Kubica.

      And Sutil got Schumi for the 9th place.

      In the back, now Kovalainnen is clear in front of the new teams, Virgin did not really make up places despite their improving speed.

    12. I wish that Jenson or somebody will return the “favor” he received from Vettel today, if it happen at a title decider race, it will be even sweeter. Can’t stand this boy anymore. He arrogant, rude and moreover, can’t learn a simple driving lesson.

    13. Hamilton has become the complete package. Unbelievably mature driving from him and fully deserves to be leading the title. Just thinking if his tyres hadn’t gone in Spain…

      Vettel’s title is over.

      1. However Webber has the advantage. I can’t see Webber ever dropping any points. He’s always up there no matter what.

      2. I feel Hamilton is really maturing. Thats exactly what we said after his first year in F1 (look at what level he is as a rookie, what will he be doing with experience).

        It will make for another 3-5 exiting years with Lewis and the guys. Maybe Vettel will stop making rookie mistakes again next year.

      3. “Hamilton has become the complete package”

        He still can’t decide a strategy to save his life. Luckily, it’s an area his team does well in usually. He’s been at his best this season though although has had a few quali niggles.

        1. The strategy part will come with time and experience I think. This is still only his 4th season in F1.

    14. ……”Vettel crahes his opponents car while overtaking”…… Sounds kinda familiar……

      The only difference here was the fact that he took Buttons chance of earning some really important points ( or even a win) while he could have still make some points afterwards(the fact that he didnt was alone his fault!)

      ..looking forward what Helmut Marko has to say about his “Wunderkind” now that Webber is 28 points ahead of Vettel…

      He is talented, i give him that but does talent alone make him a driver worth the championship?…No!…

    15. This is really crazy, Coulthard and Horner speaking about Vettel “he is still a very young guy”. Come on, you can say that about Petrov or Hülkenberg this year. Vettel is in his 3rd full season, he’s no rookie.

      Nice for Davidson stating he really doubts Vettels race craft. I think most of us agree with him.

    16. keith you should also do an ‘old money’ championship table for comparison.

    17. Only 10 drivers still have mathematical chances of winning the title. HAM WEB BUT VET ALO MAS KUB ROS SUT SCH.

    18. Slipping away from Button…oh well, there’s always next year :(

    19. Is it just me or have Massa and Rosberg gone really un-noticed this year because of their high calibur team-mates..Anyway i agree with Ned that it’s a 3 horse race now, Button hasn’t got the car to catch up where as Vettel has, and Barrichello basically just ruined Alonso’s chances this year.

      1. Alonso may have ruined Alonso’s chances this year, by qualifying 10th. Kind of a repeat of Turkey, where he really just kind of seemed off… Particularly surprising though after being so quick in FP1 and FP2.

        1. We could say Vettel ruined Button’s chances though? A 2nd place finish would have seen Button still easily in the hunt.

          We’ve got to put the ifs and buts aside however. Annoying as Barrichello fluffing it was…

          1. in some ways it’s good for mclaren as it’s now easier for them to choose hamilton to support.

    20. Sutil and Kobayashi have really impressed me this year so far, the two of them are now furthest removed from their team mates.

      I think Sutil must now be top pick among drivers not already racing for a big team and wouldn’t be surprised if Kobayashi’s progress has made him second.

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