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What did you think of the Belgian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2010 Belgian Grand Prix out of ten

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2010 Belgian Grand Prix

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    168 comments on “Rate the race: Belgium”

    1. I gave it an 8. Altough I was very disappointed that Rubens crashed… :( That was a crazy race!

      1. yes and no fight for the lead for the spa gp its a 3 but all round a 7

    2. Good race, Lewis!
      Unlucky, Button…
      Booooooooooo, Vettel!

      1. I think Vettel has overdosed on his sponsors product.

    3. Awesome race. As always in Spa :)

      1. I agree, great race but some of the worst organisation I have ever experienced!

        There are no proper paths to get to some of the main parts of the circuit (trudging up muddy hills is no fun at all) Plus at the end the shuttle buses were just chaotic! We waited 30 mins in the rain until we realised that non of the buses were allowing people on, then we walked about 100m up the road and one was letting people on. we got on only for it to head back to where we had been waiting, let more people on then took an hour to get about half a mile! They were letting Team trucks etc out which were blocking the roads (why not keep them back until most people were out). We ended up getting off and walking the 2km to the car park and still beat the bus. We then had to wait a further 30mins to get out of the car park.

        It is a great track and in a beautiful part of belgium but how Bernie has the cheek to criticise Silverstone after our experience is beyond me. I would definitely go back but only because the we could get so close to the racing and the great race it is. Obviously the good beer, waffles and great hospitality of the people of Hasselt helps too.

        One other thing, the drivers all went around for a parade lap as passengers in vintage cars before the race, only Hamilton, Button and Kovalinen were waiving and smiling at the crowd, the others could not be ***** and Alonso looked as though some one had shot his mom!

    4. If Webber won it wold have been 10.

      1. the post says ‘rate the race’ not ‘rate the result’

        1. Quite right, regardless of who you support it was a great race. I was hoping for a shock Lotus point, but I still gave the race the 9 it deserved.

        2. Even I like crazy races, what happens in it, can make me feel uneasy. Behaviour like Vettel’s made me hate the race. It’s not just the result, is the outcome of things that make you dislike the race. Stewart decisions, driver decisions, etc. I didn’t enjoy as much as other times. just a 7.

        3. Hang on, just that Avril said if Webber would have won would have made the race a ten rating doesn’t mean that that’s what she wanted to happen, or that she’s a Webber fan. I mean if Webber would have fought his way back to overtake Lewis at the end, surely that would have made the race even better than it was… suggesting so is not ‘rating the result’ at all.

      2. exactly how not to vote.

        1. I would have liked Webber to win too, but the race still would have been rated an 8 by me – unless Hamilton and Webber had a last lap duel in which case it may have scored a 9… :P

          1. I gave it an 8 as well, and probably would’ve rated it higher if as you say there had been more of a shootout for the win. I was kind of hoping Webber and Hamilton would crash each other out or have a slide at least and Kubica would sneak past for the win…

      3. Webber shouldn’t have allowed half the field to pass him at the start again.

    5. too bad Ruben crashed… not the same without it’s master.. definitely a crazy race…

    6. Would have been a 10 had it not been for Vettels poor driving eliminating Button from a great fight for 2nd place.

      1. Agree fully. There was hardly a moment to sit back and take a breath apart from the SC moments.

      2. It was raining. You cant really blame him for the rain, especially considering he had no clue the corner was wet.

        Rubens crash into Alonso 100X worse, if your going to go on about it.

        1. Exactly. There is so much hate on Vettel over here. Do you want some nice overtakes or just a procession?

          1. Vettel made a very, very, VERY stupid mistake,

            But it was a mistake, He shouldn’t have made it, but what were they thinking giving him a penalty?
            They might as well give one to Rubens as well!

            It’s up to his team and the fans to punish drivers
            for stupidity I think….

            1. Vettel caused an avoidable accident so was punished. The fact that it was a mistake means the penalty was less than if he had run into Button deliberately

            2. Well if it was *that* stupid and ruined another driver’s race, a punishment seems right. The way I saw it, he lost control – not his fault as such – but then swung the car wildly to realign himself with little regard for Button. He could have continued his line off track at the corner and rejoined the track safely without crashing into anyone else. As he admitted, though, doing so would have meant losing position/s. So he took the wild route. As he usually does. Not hate of Vettel – just don’t see why Button had to pay for this recklessness.

            3. @Mike,full agreeance again with you.What Rubens did was as bad if not worse than what MSC and Vettel did,but only MSC gets the heavy punishment.

              Michael Schumacher is BACK…what a DRIVER!!!!what a class act from 21st on the grid.in a car he hates.

            4. Barrichello’s was a lot worse but you have to remember he hit Alonso and not Button.

            5. Tommy I think you’re being unfair there. The stewards aren’t pro-Button.l Seb used Button as brakes on a dry part of the track. When Rubens went off so did everyone becausen it was chucking it down

            6. Whoah! What?
              NO! Dianna, Tommy, Rubens didn’t even get close to doing anything wrong, at all.

              I used Rubens to explain that I think, like Rubens the only thing Vettel did wrong is a driving error. And Like Rubens, he should not have been punished for it. Because the rules are to punish bad sportsmanship, not mistakes.

              And I don’t care who they hit, and neither should anyone else, it’s not the important part…

          2. I would like some nice overtaking certainly. But what Vettel did was very far off from that here.

            A stupid move, who does not know that you just don’t do big steering AND braking when your on slippery ground?

            1. Vettel was a total jackass; I saw that crash coming from the moment the cameras switched to vette/button three or four corners before.

              It was incredibly obvious that he was going to do something dumb; the car’s body language just screamed “I’m passing, opportunity or not”.

              That said, I don’t think he should have been penalized; seems to me that unless you deliberately prang someone you shouldn’t be penalized.

              As they say, “Never ascribe to malice what can be explained by incompetence”… :)

            2. Sato according to DC “Ferrari are used to building strong cars as Michael used to drive into people a lot”

            3. Regardless of your opinion on Vettel, it was just an error because of the weather. You can not seriously put the mistakes down to a lack of maturity and experience on Vettel’s part because Barrichello in his 300th race had a similar weather related incident when he slammed into Alonso.

            4. On the Forum afterwards BBC interviewed JB and he was adamant that the track was ‘bone dry’. The fact is it was an insanley stupid move by Vettel. I dont know why people are making excuses for Vettel, it was his nothing other than his fault and a sign of his immaturity

        2. how was alonso’s car able to carry on after that shunt??!!

        3. Button said the track at that part was bone dry when Vettel crashed into him. Maybe he would say that anyway but it was still a pretty silly incident and in that case (it being dry) it was all Vettels fault and he deserved a penalty. Glad he had the decency to apologise though and really, at the end of the day it was just a very big mistake. Avoidable but almost all accidents are to a degree.

        4. Button said it was completely dry where Vettel dropped it. It looked like Vet being over exuberant as usual and then lacking grip due to Buttons wake.
          He’s doing a great job of ruining his own chances.
          As others have said it isn’t BTCC, Vet is constantly making contact trying to pass, this isn’t an isolated incident, he needs to sort himself out.

          1. He does need to sort himself out! He is getting a reputation for being an idiot, and its plain to see he’s a fast driver….the boy needs a mind coach.

      3. There shouldn’t probably be a separate post and comment thread about this incident, because I assume there is going to be a lot of discussion about it, that said:

        As F1 fans, we can not on one hand argue for more overtaking, and then on another complain ad nauseam every time a driver hits another driver while attempting to overtake. The situation today with Vettel was compounded by the rain – which made it more difficult to measure the breaking point and maintain control of the car.

        I am a Webber fan, and when Vettel hit Mark in Turkey, the argument for me wasn’t if he was an idiot for attempting to overtake him, but more about who was at fault. As a fan I accept that drivers will drop points through no fault of their own – either reliability, pit stop mistakes, or other drivers hitting them. It is all part of racing.

        For Vettel to be penalized for an honest mistake while attempting an overtaking maneuver is embarrassing for the sport. Had Button’s car not been there, Vettel likely would have spun out and lost a few places anyway. You can’t penalize a driver just because there happens to be another car in the way when they make a mistake.

        1. i totally agree! Either they start letting racing incidents go or they make the sport a non contact sport. Not phaff between the 2 when it suits them or when they the media makes a big fuss.

          Its motor racing, not basketball.

          1. F1 like most motorsport, IS a non-contact sport

            1. Agreed, it’s F1 not the destruction derby!

            2. Agreed! it’s not destruction derby, because Vettel made a MISTAKE!

        2. The point is Seb could have avoided running into Button by going straight on. In the split second he had to make a choice, he made the wrong decision.

          He did not need to hit him, he chose to, ergo a punishable offence.

          I am a big fan of Seb, but he is still making rookie errors under pressure, and after 3 seasons in F1 he isn’t a rookie anymore.

          1. “he chose to”?
            … O dear :C

    7. too bad Rubens crashed… not the same without it’s master.. definitely a crazy race…

      1. @RIN6…………..Too bad Rubens crashed!!!!he nearly KILLED Alonso,and spoilt his race..I wonder if he will apologise to Alonso?????????and the media in GB go overboard with the story!! Poor Reubens indeed.That’s a laugh.

        1. Rubens made an error, he wasn’t trying to kill Alonso, like Schumacher wasn’t trying to kill Barrichello at Hungary. And I believe Barrichello did apologise for wrecking both their races.

          Doesn’t stop me being glad that “Mr. 300” had a crushingly awful race, though.

          1. “Mr 300” on his hands and knees pleading for mercy off Alonso.:)

    8. 8 from me. Not that good as last years race, but still pretty okay.

      1. how was last year’s race anyway near as better as this one?

        1. IMO last year’s race wasn’t “anyway near as better” than this one :P

          But the 2009 race was very good for a dry race, and one of the best of the 2009 season which saw a Force India nearly win.

          1. This years was better than last years, but not as good as 2008, although I think I protest voted ‘1’ in 2008 because of the shoddy decision by the stewards ;)

        2. last years wasnt a good one, once Kimi was infront that was that. This years race was excellent with drama and exciting racing.

    9. Fantastic Best of the season. Lewis has come of age! Great duels Pity about Rubie & Jenson…What a Great Final stint to the season it’s shaping up to be…

    10. Very interesting race, I feel sorry for Jenson – seems like Vettal just can’t control his car. I had hoped for a better finish after the final safety car. Congrats to Lewis and Mark – good race!

    11. A 9 – would have been a 10 if there was proper action after the last SC and a challange for first!

      1. Yes. Most of the drivers limped home in the last few laps in an attempt to avoid any mistakes. They were very very slow the last stint after the SC – it was obvious that they were all just preserving the points they had (I am referring to the top 4)

        With the new points system, shooting from second for the win is worthwhile (7 points), but there isn’t enough of a difference between the other positions (eg. 2nd 3rd is 3 points) to be worth fighting for.

    12. I gave it a 10, my first I think.
      Of course perfect is a very strong word, but if we can have another race this good, I won’t be complaining.

      Poor Rubens :C
      Vettel’s a numpty
      Rosberg and Schumacher aren’t good team mates.
      Brundle was saying “De La Rosa is hanging in there” As I saw Pedro make his way throught the kitty litter. Poor guy :C.
      and Kubica 3rd! yaa!

      Rain and Spa, there is nothing better.
      Now tell me we should keep going to Valencia…

      1. I spotted that moment with DLR too, it was funny timing.

        1. A very Murry Walker moment ^^

    13. 8/10.
      Not a 10/10 race, there have been certainly lot better races at Spa.

    14. Best race of the season for me. My heart was going crazy when Hamilton had his little off. And for a brilliant few moments when the rain returned I was convinced Adrian Sutil was about to take the lead

      Tad disapointing that the sprint finish did not bring any real action, but I still give it a 9

      1. Totally agree, I gave it a 9 too for the same reasons. I felt so nervous all race. I couldn’t relax because no positions were safe.

    15. A nine from me.

      Exciting race. Can’t wait to download it tonight and watch it again :)

      1. yeah gonna download the onboard version myself.

        1. can you let us know where you download the on-board race from please…is it a bitorrent thingy?

          1. no it’s f1zone.net you need to become a member to view the video pages.

    16. Hamilton deserved the win, but sorry to see Button out after such a terrific start. By the way, how many racing ‘incidents’ caused by Vettel now this season?

      1. How many drive-through penalty for Vettle so far?

        1. How many times Jenson swerved ahead of Vettel?

          1. I noticed that as well, definitely more than a single defensive movement, he was actively blocking (he was obviously slower than Vettel) – I am not saying that Jenson should yield the position, but you can’t complain about what happen if you were actively trying to take up all the road to prevent Vettel overtaking

            1. but did BUT ever move to defend the right hand side? I don’t think he did.

            2. Just not true. Look at the incident again. Vettel decides to try to pass Button on the right, then changes his mind – *Button still keeping the same line* – and swings wildly to the left. This causes the spin, unsurprising given the wet track and violent manouevre. But then instead of turning less violently, losing pace but keeping on the left of the track, Vettel yanks the car right and smashes into Button. Two reckless maneouvres, neither of which was a serious attempt (i.e. likely to work!) at overtaking.

          2. Once.

            He stayed o the right, following the natural line from Blanchimont, then moved a bit left to take his line. In any event, at no point did Vettel have any room to take the right-side line in the chicane.

            In Vettel’s hot little mind he was going to stuff it down the inside no matter what, and when he saw that Button was not going to grant him the opportunity, decided about 50m too late to do something else and even more foolish.

            There may be some confusion on the definition of blocking depending on on’e experience: Button was only “blocking” in the IndyCar sense, where you are obliged to let a pursuer drive down the inside and then mail him a thank-you card after the race.

    17. voting doesn’t work for me somehow but I’m on a piePhone so maybe that’s why. 7 from me.

      Hamilton, champion’s drive. Button, gutted for him. Vettel, amateur outing. Sutil, well done. Rubens, should’ve known better

      1. Definitely a champion’s drive. But Webber seems to be combining a level head and a degree of luck. He’s lost that edge he had on Vettel for a few races in terms of speed, but the latter’s self-destruct mode is virtually wiping out any chance of competing with Webber. My feeling is a Hamilton-Webber showdown over the last couple of races that may well be decided by a collision with one of: Vettel, Alonso, Schumacher or, erm, Vettel.

        1. ahahahaaa that was funny. Ill look out for that :)

    18. I think a 9 does it. Pity about Reuben’s crash, pity that Mark didn’t win,sorry about Sebastian’s unfortunate accident, glad Alonso and toyboy Button went out BUT MOST OF ALL I AM SORRY THAT hamiton won…

      1. Posts like yours make it doubly sweet that he did win :)

        1. @ pSyng +1 to that comment my friend :)

    19. Watching F1 live in California usually results in the challenge of staying awake at odd hours, but high tension in this race certainly kept me up.

    20. Great race from Robert, shame that he lost that 2nd place.

    21. Only a 7 for me: I saw too much of that safety car, and the action was more often than not due to errors.

      1. Drivers making errors are usually a good thing. If Hamilton actually hit the tyre wall, it would have made the races even more interesting.

    22. 9/10. I would’ve loved to have seen Mark and Lewis properly fighting it out after the SC came in but everything else was immense.

    23. 9/10

      Would have been a better race if wasn’t for Vettecrazy.

    24. I gave it a 10, fantastic out of breath race. Sorry for the poor start from Webber, as he would have won I believe. Congrats to Lewis showing maturity, and, well, nothing much to say about Vettel who I predicted would make a mistake, he’s young and put under pressure by the German medias who call him since 2 years “Baby-Schumi”, he will get over it, and there are still 6 races. See U @ Monza, should be good for the McLaren boys. Oh yes, poor Button, poor Karma for the moment, but still a very nice fellow ! :)

    25. A year ago I liked Vettel, but after all his childish behaviour this season he is really starting to get on my nerves.

      I’m hoping he can grow up soon and learn to control his emotions. I may like him again in a few years.

      1. lol I have the exact same feeling, liked him a lot last year but this year he is really working on my nerves.

      2. And the same here too…

      3. +1. My thoughts exactly. He needs a hair cut too.

      4. I disliked Vettel after the Webber incident, but I thought that he handled the post-race interview really really well, and displayed that he has matured and learnt from the incident with Webber. I don’t think any other driver would have handled it better.

        He deserves credit when it is due – and today he handled his accident well.

        If you dislike him because he drove into Button, then you are watching the wrong spot – because that is what is known as a ‘racing incident’.

      5. Weber all the way
        29th August 2010, 16:21

        You must’ve been watching a different form of motorsport to me if you liked him 12 months ago. All the signs were there & nothing has changed.

        Like another more famous German before him, he’s not sorry for taking opponents out, he’s sorry for himself.

        If only they’d get rid of all these other race cars, he’d reign supreme…………. & he’d tell us!

        1. No, there’s a difference between you simply not liking someone and seeing the signs of an error-prone driver.

    26. Another brilliant race in the 2010 season. Shame Kubica lost second place and a bit more action at the end would have made it a 10.


    27. ridiculously short race tho – 1 1/2 hours with rain and 2 safety cars. i know f1 is a sprint race, but if this trend continues it’s pretty poor value for money

      1. I think they choose the amount of laps depending on how long the lap is. Thats why Monza and Spa is always a really short race

        1. All races are as close 300km as possible. Spa is not a short race.

          1. yes but most races last just a bit more than 1 1/2 hours. this race lasted that BUT with 2 safety car periods AND rain…

            if the race was dry it would have been 1hr 15mins or so. too short.

      2. … all the races are around 300km/186miles.
        Spa is the longest circuit that’s why there are “only” 44 laps.

      3. You do have a point. I wish they would account for how fast the track is too!

      4. Complaining about short races? Just you wait till Monza! :P

        1. You have to feel sorry for the Tifosi, they wait all year…

      5. Weber all the way
        29th August 2010, 16:18

        What the ….! What trend?

        1. The trend of races getting shorter and shorter. I’ve never seen someone who’s a fan of Michael Schumacher’s former manager, Weber by the way :P

    28. 9. Wouldve been a 10 but for the boring 5 or so ish laps before the rain came. (The rain at the end)

    29. Totally awesome, nail-bitingly exciting..:D
      Its just amazing how Spa throws classic after classic every year!

      1. Exactly a very good spa race. Not really nail biting though.

        Nice to have a classic spa thriller again after the boring race last year.

    30. Any race that raises the blood pressure, with action from start to finish gets a 10 from me.

    31. I voted an 8. There were no real challenges for the race lead, only Hamilton being very lucky. I would have loved to see more action between Webber and Kubica.

      A shame Alonso did not do more, Vettel made some stupid mistakes again. A shame about Button being taken out like that, he might have won it today. And Rubens was just a passenger when he slid into Alonso there.

      I liked Coulthard’s comment, Ferrari building strong cars as they were used to Schumi barging into people with it, good job with the car there.

      1. Yeah, but that doesn’t make sense – it was strong at the back, but broke at the front. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? :)

        I was impressed with Schu’s performance, though. He seems to put in far stronger race performances than Rosberg when his strategy isn’t hosed.

        He got repassed, of course, but so it goes; Rosberg *is* a fantastic driver. And Schu scrabbled up there from 21st instead of 15th(?). Christ, how many cars did he pass on the first lap? 10? 11?

    32. A three way fight for the lead at the end after the safety car came in would have made it a 10. Still, 9 is the highest I’ve rated so far this year.

    33. what a race ALMOST the first race where i didnt fell asleep!

    34. 1 because it nearly killed me (my heart couldnt take much more)

      only jokin.

      erm 9. it was a stunner and had so much excitement

    35. Cracking race. Died down a little bit but even then the showers started again. Wish we saw Alo’s pass on Buemi and some more of Petrov. The race was a treat and so makes up for Bahrain.

    36. Great race overall. I suppose nobody got bored- weather, overtaking, shunts, pit dramas, great driving- everything was there. 9/10

    37. 9.5, rounded up to a 10. A complete thriller, my heart almost skipped a beat when Hamilton undetsteered off the road- despite being a Ferrari fan, I was willing that car not to take race-ending damage from the barriers, so imagine how all the Hamilton fans felt at that point!

      Plenty of talking points from the race- Vettel once again fluffing an opportunity to silence his critics, the great action between the Mercedes drivers fighting through the field, another great performance from Kubica and Sutil. This race had it all.

    38. Younger Hamilton
      29th August 2010, 16:02

      10/10 an extrodinary drive from Lewis its a big shame that Jenson got aggresively hit by Seb,who went on a wet patch of the track and the Car snapped away from him and Jenson innocently out of the race but he contributed to Lewis’s win so i say Thank you so much JB and i hope you can win at Monza for us and a McLaren 1-2

    39. Weber all the way
      29th August 2010, 16:15

      How stupid is Jensen Button for getting in Seb Vettel’s way while he was having a brain fade. Of course Kubica & Weber have a lot to answer for in relation to this incident too. Hell, if they weren’t pressuring Vettel from behind, he wouldn’t have made such a novice mistake. If only they could get rid of all these …other race cars off of the track, Sebastian Vettel would reign supreme!

      1. Then he should join the WRC if he wants the track to himself.

        1. Weber all the way
          29th August 2010, 16:25

          You got my vote David. I think you’ve misinterpreted my sarcasm?

          1. Nope, I knew it, but Vettel’s driving style suggests he can qualify well, and race well when he doesn’t have to fight or overtake others. But throw another rival car into the mix, and things go awry for him.

    40. A Seven for me. Great race for the Schum, he finished 7th from 21st… not that bad. Sadly Rosberg passed him at the end (letting Sutil pass Schumi on the WDC race btw).

      1. Weber all the way
        29th August 2010, 16:24

        Who cares about Schumi, Rosberg? Where they in the race? Great effort by Sutil & good to see a team & driver on the rise. Schumi should hang up the boots again, there’s some competition on the track now & he’s not in the class.

        1. This is definately not the race to bash Schumacher or Rosberg, since they both did impressive fightbacks after their penalties. Rosberg is surely the most underrated driver in the field.

        2. @Webber all the way….There are plenty on this forum who care about Schumacher and Rosberg.
          Buy yourself an F1 history book to further your “observations”.there is a shop in Alics Springs?

          1. “OOPS sorry” Typo >Alice Springs.

        3. Got to agree, I’m no Schuey fan, but he drove well and the scrap with Rosberg was good entertainment.

    41. Rain makes for a more interesting race. Maybe FIA should consider adding sprinklers to the tracks so all races are run partly in the wet.

    42. Weber all the way
      29th August 2010, 16:28

      BTW How many drivers didn’t leave the track or rub panels with another car at some poin or another? Weber is the only one I can think of. Well deserved 2nd place & unlucky not to win, when you consider that the flawless (sic) Hamilton had two excursions through the gravel.

      1. Webber, as you still can’t spell, lost the race because he struggles to start an F1 car. Not the first time he’s lost a ton of positions off the grid, either.

        And he was lucky to even get second, with a flawless Button being taken out.

    43. Pd: I m so happy for alonso´s crash….and so sad because it´s a Ferari crash…. but, its a kind of justice for Hockenheim incident. The risky thing of Vettel incident for me was the way he go to the pits not the “race incident”.

      1. Good point on the pits. Apparently the rule on crossing the pit entry lines is decided race-by-race. Alonso got busted for it in Valencia in the Renault, but it is not enforced everywhere like that. It looked very dangerous here, driving perpendicular across the track like that.

        Also, isn’t there a post-race stewards’ review going on about Alonso and Vettel’s interaction in the pits?

        1. Yes, and in some moment he run against-way to the race course.

    44. why are the comments not in time order?

      1. Because replies are attached to the comment replied to?

    45. Agree with WEBER ALL THE WAY.
      Webber deserved to win he was far better than Hamilton (who lost it but as usual had immense luck on his side).
      I don’t remember Webber leaving the track and if it wasn’t for his glitch at the start he would have comfortably won

      1. “Would have won” doesn’t make up for Hamilton being so much faster than him throughout the race, being unable to get past a Renault on the racetrack, and another poor start.

      2. Marcello…Webber is a very good & mature driver …but lewis displayed extreme controle
        & pulled it back after leaving the track nr. end..Vettel should learn…

        1. Lewis is a World Champion,Jensen is a World Champion,Alonso is a World Champion.Michael SChumacher is a 7 x World Champion.

          Mark Webber isn’t a Champion YET!!!

      3. Ah, I see. So Webber – who made one mistake at the start and was a bit slower throughout the race – was more deserving of the win than Hamilton – who made one mistake during the race and was a bit faster throughout?

        Thanks for clearing that up. :)

        1. To Simon . reply to mountain man …NO I think
          Lewis Well deserved the win.

          1. Personally i think lewis deserved to win because he crossed the finish line before anybody else, but that’s just me…

      4. if if if … what if he got away at the start fine but Hamilton passed him elsewhere on the track?

    46. felipe massa fan
      29th August 2010, 17:03

      good race 9/10
      hamilton did a good drive today and did very well to get out of the gravel.
      yet again alonzo has MADE A MISTAKE! UP YOURS ALONZO!!!
      Felipe massa on the other hand drove a brilliant race with no mistakes and good luck from vettel button crash.

      felipe is the only driver to finish every race of the season(or at least one of the few drivers who have finished all the races)

      Ferrari should not have signed alonzo it should have been kubica or keep raikkinnon. Because massa and kubica are nice guys and would get on well. Kimi was very consistant in 09 so they should have kept him

      1. I agree in part…. Ferrari should maintain Felipe and bring Jacques Villeneuve!! (I´m seriously). Like a real tifosi that im, since Hockenheim, alonso go home!!!!!

    47. Alonso made a complete dog’s breakfast of this weekend. The qualifying strategy was incoherent, then he made the wrong tire choice at the first stop, then, to top it off, he stuffs it quite randomly. A key place where he likely lost the title in 2007 was spinning off in the rain in Fuji, and he has likely shown the same weakness of focus here. You must have huge respect for his skill whether or not you are a fan, but he looked like an amateur this weekend. Totally outclassed all by Massa.

      1. Yeah, it was very similar to Fuji 2007, the way he aquaplaned and spun into the barriers.

    48. 7/10
      Lot’s of action but most of the action was mistake-related. For example:
      Webber’s poor start (whether his fault of the team’s).
      Barricello’s exit.
      Vettel’s collisions.
      Hamilton’s off.
      Alonso’s calamities.
      Kubica’s pit stop overshoot.
      Entertaining, some great camera work, but there was no challenge for the lead and no tension in the result. I did enjoy seeing Schumacher come to the front then lose a spot to his team mate. I wonder if that was team orders…

      1. I heartily agree. I can’t see why so many people are raving that this was such a good race, it was quite good but so much of the incident was, like you say, down to mistakes rather than postive action.

      2. Michael Schumacher takes orders from no one.He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone,as Bernie Ecclestone reiterated Thursday.

    49. What the heck I went for a 10.

      What more do people want? My heart was pounding for a good 44 laps.

    50. HounslowBusGarage
      29th August 2010, 18:20

      At the time I write this 1,433 people have voted. Not bad.
      But 22 of them have voted 1 out of 10 or “terrible”.
      If any of those who voted 1 are able to, please enlighten me why you voted so low for (what I thought was) one of the most exciting races of the season.

      1. Alonzo fanboyz.
        BTW what is the character limit?

        1. HounslowBusGarage
          29th August 2010, 21:45

          Min character limit?
          Not sure. But as this is Word Press there seems to be a little bit of discussion on this. Most recently someone came up with this http://wordpress.org/support/topic/limit-users-comment-length-with-live-typing-progress-bar
          Which might be quite clever. But it doesn’t answer your question even slightly!

    51. Drivers should start receiving black flags if they cause a collision that results in the other driver retiring.

      If I was Button or Webber that dopey Vettel would have had a slap from me by now, that idiot has cost Red Bull and other drivers numerous times.

      Threw away the title last season and this season for himself. Webber can still win it if he steers clear of Vettel on the race track!

    52. I’m looking forward to hearing who Alonso is blaming this time for sabotaging his divinely pre-ordained victory…

      1. I’m looking forward to hearing who Sebastian is blaming this time for sabotaging his divinely pre-ordained victory…

    53. A very enjoyable race for me, as I pretty much expected with the changing weather conditions. Just the same kind of weather made the GT races at the Nurburgring this weekend really exciting to watch.

      I wasn’t that surprised with Vettel’s or Alonso’s exits from the race, but as I’m one of those rare creatures not rooting for any favourite driver, that didn’t take away from my ability to enjoy this race one bit.

    54. STRFerrari4Ever
      29th August 2010, 21:46

      I gave this race a 9. It was thoroughly enjoyable and was packed full of incidents. At the front the passing was quite limited but it was intriguing as they got closer and closer. Then the incident happened with Vettel and I was just shocked the way he threw it all away a potential win seeing what happened later on in the race. The passing in the midfield was brilliant the Force India is a monster in a straight line they could be a dark horse in two weeks time at Monza. Lewis almost binned it and that must’ve been heart in the mouth stuff there he’s lucky that he had that big a gap when that incident occured.

    55. The people who rated this race 1/10 were clearly watching a different race!!! I’m a big Button fan but regardless of him retiring I think the race was fantastic. A solid 9!! One of my favourite tracks, it rarely produces a dull race!!

    56. I’ll say it again for those that didn’t hear it the first time. Championship is between Webber & Hamilton and the sooner Vettel & Red Bull realise it the sooner Webber has a better chance at beating Hanilton to the flag. Vettel can’t be champion this year with all the impatient, agressive spoilt brat tactics he employs. Nobody wins championships with DNF’s & drive through penalties on a regular basis through the season.

    57. Anybody saw Nascar Nationwide at Gilles Villeneuve Circuit today? Some of that is what F1 needs…. Cars racing side by side, metal by metal, no penalties, no blue flags…. about 4 hours of race and at the end, the green-white-checkerd with all ther drivers full to the victory (Jacques Villeneuve included :):):) )

    58. They should just race at Spa 18 times a year.

      1. Wow wouldn’t that be great.

    59. I gave it 7. Good race but the middle of the race was a bit boring. I would have want that safety not to come out at lap 3 because it was very amazing to see how the people would have fought in the race in that tricky condition.

    60. This one had everything one’d want form F1! :-) 44 action laps out of 44, 10/10 :-)

    61. Too, too bad about Rubens…….. nice job for Massa … usual stupidity for Vettel … always want Nico to beat whats his name team mate who should of been suspended for trying to wreck Rubens………. would of preferred Vettel took out Hamilton ….. Nice race for Robert K. …… Alonso has some sort of black cloud over his head or so it seems …. glad to see the boys from the back end up in the points ……. Go Mark Weber!!!!!!! A journeyman for the next F1 Champ!!!
      R & R

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