Lotus tests 16-year-old Jeffri (Pictures)

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Lotus is testing Malaysian racing driver Nabil Jeffri at Duxford aerodrome today.

The 16-year-old is part of the Air Asia ASEAN Driver Development Program run by Air Asia CEO and Lotus Racing team principal Tony Fernandes.

He is driving in one of the team’s allocated straight-line aerodynamic test days:

Image (C) Lotus F1

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26 comments on “Lotus tests 16-year-old Jeffri (Pictures)”

  1. isn’t Duxford the top gear test track?

    1. No, that’s Dunsfold. I think. It’s definitely not Duxford.

  2. Anybody else reading his name as “Nabil Geoffrey”?

    1. Yes, it’s phonetically correct…

    2. He’s not particularly Magnificent, mind.

    3. Good thing Jeffri didn’t bungle.

      1. I think Lotus would be keeping it zipped if he did.

        1. Best comment thread ever, right here.

  3. Didn’t they tested Fairuz Fauzy in the past? With Hekki & Trulli in line I think in the future they would want a Malaysian driver in the team.

    1. I don’t reckon Lotus is silly enough to fall into that trap, patriotism and national pride helps you basically nothing in F1.

      No Malaysian drivers are good enough, it seems like they’ve just about avoided the insanity that basing themselves in Malaysia would have been, so however much they might what a Malaysian driver, they won’t actually get one.

      1. Yeah, so they’ll keep the Malaysian fervour alive by granting these highly publicized but absolutely pointless “tests.”

        1. straight-line aerodynamic test is not a pointless test

          even ferrari will do the same test at viarano

      2. There might have been an advantage in using the timezone difference between Norfolk and KL to get more work done in a day, but the sheer difficulty of logistics and program management would be immense for a new team…

    2. its a bit of a reward for his (Nabil Jeffris) efforts and giving public awareness of the fact Lotus Racing support this Malaysian kid.

  4. Duxford? Dammit, that’s just up the road from me.

    PS – Much more likely than Dunsfold too: Dunsfold is the ‘other’ side of London from Norfolk.

  5. Testing an F1 car at 16…your life can only go downhill from there! I would have given anything to just drive a Lotus road car at 16, never mind a Lotus F1 car! Good on you son…

  6. You know if this kid becomes any good we’ll have to start calling him Magnificent Jeffri

    1. COTD for sure.

      That sentence couldn’t have possibly been any more F1 Fanatic…

    2. You called me?

      Oh, wait.

  7. In the roundup I was saying how young I was at only being a few months old in Senna’s last race.
    Now I feel so old because I’m 17 years this month and Magnificent Jeffri is driving F1 cars at 16 ;'(

  8. At least Keith wrote the article and mentioned his age. That’s sort of important with this story.
    ESPN F1 tells the story and you have to guess his age:

    and yes I do feel old.
    Mind you I’m older than Webber (just) that shocked me as he looks more like he’s knocking on 40. He’s only 34 if you were wondering.

    1. I see ESPN have cottoned on and fixed their article.

  9. Nice that Lotus are keeping with tradition. Chapman would have put a 16 year old Malaysian kid in the car I’m sure ;)

  10. I’m eighteen, and today was possibly the highlight of my life so far because I got to drive a Lotus (the team I’m in love with) at a track day. I have to arrive home and read this, Jesus what I would give to be that kid? ;P

  11. Charles Carroll
    2nd September 2010, 22:48


    My kid flew an F-22 at age 8.

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