F1 Fanatic round-up: 2/9/2010

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Here’s today’s round-up:


Di Grassi joins forces with Addax GP3 (Autosport)

“Virgin Formula 1 driver Lucas di Grassi has become a part-owner in the Addax team’s GP3 operation.”

Boutsen: Technology has taken over F1 (F1 Pulse)

“Technology has taken over. The driver is somebody who is just driving the car but the influence of a driver on the setup of car or the building, construction or engineering of a car is no longer there. It’s a shame.”

Comment of the day

The first sight of Hermann Tilke’s new track for Austin has been generally well-received. Here’s what Pinball had to say:

I think the best looking section is turn eight, nine and ten, as the cars will be climbing up to turn ten which sort of looks like it has a crest either at or just beyond the apex of the corner, which means from the drivers point of view they won’t be able to see where the track goes. But cause the actual horizontal deflection through corner is maybe only ten or 15 degrees, the limitation of the speed through the corner isn’t going to be function of the amount of available grip or downforce from the cars, but rather the guts of the drivers. I see it as a corner where a driver in a lesser car, who may be braver than another driver in a better car will be able to use his / her judgement to negotiate the corner faster.

I also like how the track has been fitted to suit the natural topography, which means Tilke have been able to use natural slopes as viewing areas or "natural stands" as they are referring to them.

Overall I think it looks good, but I’m kind of disappointed that a few of the corners seem to be duplications of other corners at other circuits, but from what I understand that was a request from the circuit owner. Without those constraints I’m sure Tilke would have been able to make even better use of the natural topography.

From the forum

Which racing drivers have the best helmet designs?

Site updates

The caching problem which was giving some users the impression they had been logged out while using the site has been addressed and appears to have been fixed. If you experience any problems along these lines please leave a comment below.

Some minor CSS changes on the forum have fixed a couple of layout problems.

And the site was scheduled to go down for several hours late last night for maintenance to fix some of the recent performance problems that have caused some server crashes.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to KateDerby and Notna!

On this day in F1

Juan Manuel Fangio won his fourth world championship on this day in 1956, in the last race of the season at Monza.

The steering on Fangio’s car broke early in the race, putting him out. That left his Ferrari team mate Peter Collins with a shot at winning the championship, if he won the race and set fastest lap (which was worth an extra point in those days).

But when Collins came into the pits to change tyres with 16 laps to go he spotted Fangio on the sidelines and offered his car to his rival (car-sharing was also allowed). Fangio took it and drove it to second place, enough to claim the by three points from race winner Stirling Moss.

Collins said afterwards he expected he would have other opportunities to win the world championship in the future. But just two years later he was killed in a crash at the Nurburgring.

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32 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 2/9/2010”

  1. So which car will be pace setting on Monza? Will it be the McLaren as everyone seem to be sure about, or will Ferrari or perhaps Force India surprise them? And what about Red Bull? Are they going to struggle, or will their cornering speed put them in the top 4 anyway?

    1. Mclaren will win. RBR and Ferrari along similar lines with pace but maybe Ferrari will have the edge out of thsoe two. FI shold get some solid points but I think Renault could maybe hassle them.

    2. You forgot Renault. The car is fast in straight lines now (as demonstrated at SPA).

      1. Ok, Renualt might be quick, but the question is if they’ll use F-duct there or not. And if they aren’t, will they put resources in a low downforce package, or will they focus on 2011 instead? The same goes for Force India.

        1. I don’t know. However, Renault has quite important ressources (behind top 4 probably, but not far) and great facilities. I believe they will try to get fourth place in front of Mercedes so they can be strong sponsors contenders during inter season. With Petrov maturing and Kubica exploiting the car well, there is no reason why they wouldn’t at least try.

          1. “there is no reason why they wouldn’t at least try.” Well, yes, there is one. Next year. If they want to be championship contenders next year, maybe they should focus on 2011 instead. But I think they are going to try beating Mercedes anyway.

          2. Focusing on “next year” certainly didn’t help BMW Sauber, probably even Ferrari did it?

          3. I have to agree David A. “Focusing on next year” souds a lot like “Giving it up”.

          4. I agree with you that Renault could/should try getting 4th in the WCC from Mercedes. They might still have a chance at winning a race this year.

            I think Boullier confirmed, that they are bringing further updates as they learn more about the car and what their updated facilities can bring them, making improvements which carry on for next years car.

          5. @David A

            It never really seems to work, it’s just an excuse teams use when they have a bad car after a good one ‘we were trying to win the championship last year’.

            I dont think they can do any significant design until they know what the new tyres are like anyway.

    3. I think Mclaren will win if it’s dry, then Ferrari. Red Bull have to bring out the maximum out of it.

  2. That was great form from Collins. It’s nice after all the team order stuff to remember that sometimes drivers were/are sometimes exceptionally kind to one another.

    1. I’m glad the days of sharing car are over. It was really mad! Of course, team orders still exist, but Ferrari can at least not tell Felipe to hand his car over to Alonso!

      1. Well, they did do that didn’t they? And we’ll have to see, weather they get away with it (with only a monetary penalty)

        1. Read more carefully before commenting! I wrote “but Ferrari can at least not tell Felipe to hand his car over to Alonso!” Yes, hand the car over, not slowing down to let him pass!

  3. F1 in Rome for 2012 is now definate? At least according to swedish media.

    1. I don’t like it. Annother street circuit and, more importantly, with Korea, India and USA coming, which circuits will have to be dropped?

      1. Hopefully Valencia. Like that’ll happen.

    2. Maybe they want to replace the Turkish GP after it’s contract runs out next year.

  4. David Coulthard yesterday was in Lithuania with Red Bull road show, pity the shw was in capital Vilnius, and I live in other city Kaunas. I could’t be there cause new academic year began yesterday and i had to be in university.

  5. Are they actually going to choose a 13th team or have they just swept that under the carpet now?

    1. Good question. Really it’s extreamely late now, if a new team would get an entry now, it will almost be impossible to build a car for next year. It’s rediculous FIA haven’t made the disicion yet!

      1. Will probably be at the end of next week, after the FIA WMSC meeting.

        1. I’m sorry, I thought Bernie was complaining how slow they were?

          This is ridiculous…

          I’m starting to get the impression, and by starting I mean it’s reinforcing my absurd notion, that some factors in the sport, don’t actually have any intention of running like a sport…

          If a new team does enter… And I hope they do, No one in the higher ups should feel in a position to criticise… not least Bernie.

  6. Car sharing! I wonder if that were allowed this days then Alonso would have retired & ask Massa to lend him the car & finish into 4th place in Spa.

    1. Hey, Hey! I’ve just worked it out! Vettel isn’t a rubbish passer! He’s just trying to share his car!!! With Webber, and Button, and…

  7. there is an video showing that Massa started atleast half a meter ahead of the grid mark at Spa. don’t know how the stewards missed that!!


  8. I’m surprised Charlie didn’t spot that as that’s a pretty big advantage to be taking

    1. could that be team orders where he does that on purpose to get a stop go or a pit lane penalty so alonso can inherit one more position? sounds crazy but nelson piquet’s crash was crazy too!!

      1. Just a tad too crazy IMO. Massa could find better ways of pitting.

        1. 1) Perhaps it was the line-mans fault for not placing his board at the right spot (drivers cant see the lines on the road, so they rely on the line’s men who hold rods out with their numbers on them).

          2) Perhaps he was not penalised because he did not gain an advantage (even if he had the opportunity).

          I doubt Charley missed it. The commentators even said it and we all know how he does what ever they expect.

  9. The YAM seems to be the only one who knows what’s going on at HRT, looks like he will driving all races until the end of the year!


    I am curious to find out exactly how much money did he bring into the team, or is it possible him being there helps in getting Toyota technical support (i.e. a car based on the TF110) for next season.

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