Toro Rosso to test F-duct in Vairano

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Toro Rosso are preparing to test their version of the F-duct ahead of the Italian Grand Prix.

Writing on his Twitter account Sebastien Buemi said on Twitter he will test the F-duct at the Vairano circuit tomorrow.

Toro Rosso are one of several teams to conduct straight-line aerodynamic tests ahead of the race at Monza, where high top speed is vital. Ferrari, Force India and Lotus have all done straight-line tests since the Belgian Grand Prix.

Buemi hasn’t scored a point since the European Grand Prix and team mate Jaime Alguersuari has been out of the points since Spain. Toro Rosso are in their first year as a full constructor in F1.

Update: Buemi also posted this (slightly blurry) picture of the car

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9 comments on “Toro Rosso to test F-duct in Vairano”

  1. So Ferrari, Force India, Lotus and now STR have used a straight line test for Monza, do you know if any others have tested for the upcoming race?
    I wonder if STR are at all annoyed at Buemi for revealing this over twitter, seems kind of confidential and now everyone knows ;/

    1. Well he’s posted a picture of it now too!

      1. I think it is a well done picture: makes curious, but doesn’t reveal anything :-p

        Okay, maybe it was just dark and he used his phone-camera with standard settings, but the above sounds better!

  2. Didn’t they say they weren’t going to develop an F-duct system?

  3. It’s a bit late, and somewhat a bit pointless, for Toro Rosso to create their version of the F-Duct this far in, especially because of the F-Duct ban next year.

    1. I think they are getting rather worried of not having had points now for a while – they probably had a simple concept for it in the wings, but didn’t plan to use it before, but now things are getting a bit desperate, and since possibly the EBD is too much work for them to pull off, they revisited their decision to not use it.

      1. And it might come very handy in the races after Monza, where they will want to have the combination of downforce for the corners and low drag for straights.

  4. They will be angry at having Alguersuari’s point at Spa removed, so will use the F-Duct at Monza to make up for that.

    1. I think it’s a great photo – STR fans, get it as your wallpaper!

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