Stefan Johansson, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 1985

Schlegelmilch F1 photo exhibition in London

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An exhibition of F1 photos by Rainer Schlegelmilch opens in London later this month.

Schlegelmilch has captured Formula 1 history since the 1960s and the exhibition will include some of his most iconic pictures.

The organisers of the exhibit have kindly allowed us to reproduce two of them here including a personal favourite of mine, showing Stefan Johansson’s Ferrari spitting fire at Monaco in 1985.

Bruce McLaren, Cooper-Climax, Spa-Francorchamps, 1964

The exhibition coincides with the publication of a new book of Schlegelmilch’s photography, “The Golden Age of Formula 1”. It is at the Proud Camden gallery on Chalk Farm road in London and runs from September 16th to October 24th.

If you’re planning to go to the exhibition, please let us know in the comments.

F1 fans in Singapore can visit another exhibition of Formula 1 photographs. “Moments in Motorsport” will be held at One Raffles Quay South Tower lobby from September 23rd to October 1st. It features photographs chosen by Rubens Barrichello, Sir Jackie Stewart and Getty Images photographers.

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33 comments on “Schlegelmilch F1 photo exhibition in London”

  1. That photo of the Ferrari takes awesome to a whole new level.

    1. Quite, especially when you consider he had one chance to take it with film rather than the scatter gun approach of digital these days.

    2. The background looks like a painting. Incredible.

  2. Sound_Of_Madness
    6th September 2010, 13:12

    This. Is. Awesome. Period

  3. yep, i’ll be there. photography + f1 = perfection.

  4. I’m definitly going to this exhibition, not really an oppurtunity to be missed really is it? It seems like a stunner!

  5. I once did a photography project on Rainer Schlegelmilch. Nothing more than an excuse to spend a two hour lesson looking at F1 cars.

  6. He is what appears to be the official exhibition website for those wanting more information about the event:

  7. that ferrari photo is a perfect wallpaper for my laptop. thanks! :D

    1. mine too and its going to be there for long time

    2. It’s already on my desktop… ^^

  8. I may have a week off between the opening-closing dates so if I do I will be popping down. Looks brilliant!

  9. I won’t be able to go, but will anybody be putting the pictures on this site?

    1. Given that he’s selling a book off the back of an exhibition I don’t think they’re going to be giving the pictures away for free.

      1. If you’re interested in seeing more of his work but can’t make it to the exhibition, the ‘F1 in Camera’ series features many of his best photo. There are three books so far, covering the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and they’re great.

    2. Try a Google search – worked for me for some cracking photos

  10. Charles Carroll
    6th September 2010, 15:16

    That is cool stuff! I would love to see some of those made into posters, for I have a lot of empty wall space in my garage that could be filled nicely with photos like these!

  11. Thanks for the heads up – I’ll be making the trip to both these

    And thanks for the wallpaper

  12. Great tip, very nice pictures. A shame i cant go to it.

  13. Might go to it depending on price – which the website seems curiously silent on, or am I missing something?

  14. The picture of the Ferrari is magnificent, and brings back memories of the shear spectacle of the silly part of the turbo era but perhaps we may have those massive flames again in 2013! They were caused I recall by Ferrari’s anti lag system pumping raw fuel into the exhaust on overrun, controversial but never banned as far as I remember, they dropped it I believe because of the overall thirst of the engine…. but under a fuel flow formula in 2013….. I doubt it but I can dream….

    1. I think what makes that Ferrari picture awesome is not only the flames, but the overall profile of the F1 car of the mid- to late-80s. Look at those meaty rear tyres, that massive wind and the shear width or track of the machine.

      The smaller but higher rear wing and slick tyres used since 2009 actually make the rear profile of the current F1 car quite attractive, in my view. But I really miss those wide tyres and track.

      A1GP had them with the Lola chassis (current Auto GP chassis) and though it wasn’t a good looker by any means, the rear profile was just awesome.

      1. It is “that massive wing.” Sorry!

  15. they couldn’t have this last year when i was still studying in london? lol. that ferrari pic is incredible!

  16. The Ferrari pic is indeed awesome. Shlegelmilch is missing an L in the title.

  17. What an awesome photo. No wonder is a personal favorite of yours. It is now a personal favorite of mine too :)

    Since I can’t go to the exhibition maybe I’ll buy the book.

  18. Will the exhibition be free to attend?

  19. Hoppas att ni inte misstycker, ville bara skriva att om ni vill lägga upp eller se bilder från London, så kan ni se det London bilder sidan.

  20. I think I’m gonna go there tomorrow or on Saturday. Just a great coincidence this exhibition starts when I’m in London for the weekend :)

    Will there be an admission fee or is for free? Only prices I found are for buying picture replicas!? Have never been to an exhibition…

  21. So, has anyone been to the exhibition yet? Is it worth going to? For me its a good excuse to pop into London for a few beers with some mates.

    Any news on whethe there’s an entrance fee?

    1. Several of us went after the competition and although the pictures are excellent quality it’s quite a small exhibition, only one room.

  22. I’ve been there last week on Friday, liked it very much.

    Yes, there were only like 40 photos (estimated, not counted^^), but you could spend a lot of time with some of them ;-) Lots of Graham Hill and Spa pictures including one great shot of the Eau Rouge like I’ve never seen before from that era.

    And as it was my first visit to London and thus to Camden, having a look at the surrounding markets was just as nice ;-)

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