Dry weather expected for Italian GP

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There may be rain in Monza today but it should clear up ahead of the 14th race weekend of 2010.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all expected to be dry with temperatures in the mid-to-low 20s.

The EUMETSAT weather radar shows the band of rain in the region at the moment will clear up over the next 24 hours leaving a dry track for practice.

However the precipitation forecast at Metrociel shows fresh showers heading to the area on the Monday after the race.

Keep an eye out for any changes in the forecast over the next few days which may show this rainfall reaching the track earlier in the weekend.

Weather radars

Location of Monza

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    8 comments on “Dry weather expected for Italian GP”

    1. Sutil for the win!

    2. I would like another suprising race with a slippery Monza allowing for setup gambles and tactical chance desicions.

    3. Rubbish. Was hoping for another STR win.

      1. Me too! Jaime and Buemi lock out the front row!

        1. What? are you crazy, this is Sakon’s race to lose!

    4. That’s good news I want the fastest GP of the season to be the fastest.

    5. Charles Carroll
      9th September 2010, 3:10

      This will clearly be the Yam’s race.

    6. I m going for a Yamamoto win

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