Grosjean joins Lopez’s Gravity management

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Romain Grosjean has joined Gravity Sports Management, the driver management company owned by Gerard Lopez.

Lopez is on the board of Genii Capital which bought into the Renault F1 team at the end of last year.

Renault are yet to confirm who will be their second driver alongside Robert Kubica in 2011.

Grosjean is hoping to return to F1 after seven races for Renault at the end of 2009. He’s driving from the DAMS team (formerly run by Renault team principal Eric Boullier) in GP2 at Monza again this weekend.

Grosjean said:

This agreement with Gravity Sport Management is a great opportunity for me, and I’m very happy to be able to take advantage of it.

Such a partner will enable me to concentrate on my return to top-level single-seater racing, and I hope to attain my main aim, which is still Formula 1.

This weekend’s mission will be to build on the promising performance on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit on which J?�?�r?�??me and I showed the team’s and car’s potential.

A victory would be a marvellous reward for the efforts invested over the last few weekends by everybody. One thing’s sure. Monza’s a circuit that I like; it’s a very quick track and I’m prepared to give the maximum.
Romain Grosjean

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10 comments on “Grosjean joins Lopez’s Gravity management”

  1. That’s good, I think he deserves another chance after being a victim of the post-Briatore clean out last year at Renault.

    He probably has another GP2 season ahead of him in 2011 before he can think of getting back into F1. However, Glock has proved that a brief F1 stint and then a return to GP2 can be successful.

  2. I hope Petrov takes this as good motivation to keep his seat.

  3. A rare occurance of a F1 team / organisation giving a driver they dropped another chance. Deservedly in this case.

    Now let Petrov pick up the pace to prove himself for next year. Grosjean can do his GP2 year and get the title before getting on to a Renault F1 role.

  4. Charles Carroll
    8th September 2010, 18:25

    I personally think that Renault should only employ Frenchmen with decent white-man’s afros.

    1. biffros they call em’

      1. Charles Carroll
        8th September 2010, 20:40

        I like it a lot, sir!

  5. Grosjeans best oppourtunity to get back into F1 would be to get mooved up to a team with a crack at the title. I reckon he has as good a crack as whatisface, errr Bianchi.

  6. I think that Grosjean deserves this, and deserves another drive in F1, but I think the same about Petrov. Until today, him and Nakajima (another person who deserves another shot) had a chance with the 13th team.

    1. Yeah, that’s the biggest drawback to no new team, is there really won’t be many opportunities for new drivers to move into F1.

  7. Sorry Romain, there’s only one seat you can fill and nothing says you can do better than him.

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