Alonso takes Ferrari’s first pole of 2010 in Monza (Italian Grand Prix qualifying)

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Fernando Alonso will start from pole position for Ferrari in tomorrow’s Italian Grand Prix.

With Jenson Button taking second place for McLaren there is no Red Bull on the front row for the first time this year.

Felipe Massa took third place ahead of Mark Webber.


Timo Glock was the first driver out on the track but that didn’t mean he could enjoy a traffic-free run. Renault inexplicably sent Vitaly Petrov out just in time to hold up Glock as the Virgin driver reached the first chicane.

An engine problem on Vitantonio Liuzzi’s car left him stuck in 18th place and unable to progress into Q2.

The Lotus pair managed to beat Liuzzi’s time before the end of the session to take 18th but was over a second behind the next driver.

Felipe Massa was the fastest driver in the first part of qualifying ahead of his team mate and the two McLarens.


Unusually, Hamilton went out on soft tyres at the start of Q2 while his principal title rivals went out on hards. They all returned to the track after their first runs to try a lap on soft tyres.

Alonso didn’t need to, because his lap on hard tyres was quicker than Hamilton’s on softs. Hamilton ended the session third behind his team mate, who improved to second with his soft tyre lap.

Mercedes power failed to help Adrian Sutil and Michael Schumacher into the top ten – they ended up 11th and 12th.

The two Saubers and Toro Rossos were also knocked out, along with Petrov.


The Ferraris, McLarens and Red Bulls all headed out together at the start of the final ten minutes for the qualifying showdown.

Alonso became the first man to dip under the 1’22 mark, setting a 1’21.962. Meanwhile Hamilton made a mistake at the Roggia chicane, leaving him fourth behind Massa and Button.

Massa stayed out for another lap while the rest pitted, but he wasn’t able to move up from third place.

Alonso’s time proved so good that he couldn’t do any better on his next effort. Fortunately for him, nor could anyone else. Button improved to a 1’22.084 to cement second place while Massa held third.

A late improvement from Mark Webber moved him up to fourth ahead of Lewis Hamilton and team mate Sebastian Vettel. Red Bull failed to get a car on the front row for the first time since last year’s Italian Grand Prix.

Full qualifying times



18Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’22.6461’22.2971’21.962
21Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes1’23.0851’22.3541’22.084
37Felipe MassaFerrari1’22.4211’22.6101’22.293
46Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’23.4311’22.7061’22.433
52Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes1’22.8301’22.3941’22.623
65Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’23.2351’22.7011’22.675
74Nico RosbergMercedes1’23.5291’23.0551’23.027
810Nico HulkenbergWilliams-Cosworth1’23.5161’22.9891’23.037
911Robert KubicaRenault1’23.2341’22.8801’23.039
109Rubens BarrichelloWilliams-Cosworth1’23.6951’23.1421’23.328
1114Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes1’23.4931’23.199
123Michael SchumacherMercedes1’23.8401’23.388
1323Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari1’24.2731’23.659
1416Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari1’23.7441’23.681
1512Vitaly PetrovRenault1’24.0861’23.819
1617Jaime AlguersuariToro Rosso-Ferrari1’24.0831’23.919
1722Pedro de la RosaSauber-Ferrari1’24.4421’24.044
1818Jarno TrulliLotus-Cosworth1’25.540
1919Heikki KovalainenLotus-Cosworth1’25.742
2015Vitantonio LiuzziForce India-Mercedes1’25.774
2125Lucas di GrassiVirgin-Cosworth1’25.974
2221Bruno SennaHRT-Cosworth1’26.847
2320Sakon YamamotoHRT-Cosworth1’27.020
2424Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth1’25.934

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    101 comments on “Alonso takes Ferrari’s first pole of 2010 in Monza (Italian Grand Prix qualifying)”

    1. yesterday i said that mclaren and ferrari had more to come but i was surprised to see that web was able with little practice to make 4th position

      1. I’m so proud of him right now, with loss of practice he not only beat Vettel, he smashed him by almost 2.5 tenths and got himself in front of Hamilton in the process.

        I was doubting him for the championship (I know, as an Australian I should never say that) but this qualifying has shown me just how much Webber wants this and how much he is ontop of his game.

        1. It does look like Webber is doing the same as Button last year, where he just couldn’t be the fastest. Make it a great job to secure a good points finish.
          I do think he is looking very good for the championship this year.

        2. well said… il be shouting for web. after the ferraris tho

    2. Alonso’s 19th Pole.
      Massa speed can give Ferrari 1-2. Great retreat for Italian fans :)

    3. Well as long as Ferrari don’t win the WCC and Alonso doesn’t win the WDC, I am happy. :)

      1. …and you call yourself an F1 fan????

        1. Yes I am a F1 fan that hates everything Ferrari stands for. I watch F1 just to watch Ferrari fail. Nothing wrong with that.

          1. Sad case of an non Tifoso!

          2. You might as call your self a Ferrari-hater… please dont discrase the sport by calling yourself an F1 Fan…

            1. Not everyone who watches F1 is oblidged to support Ferrari you know…

            2. Fanhood comes with loves and hates. I’m sick of this attitude from some F1 fans (Ferrari fans mostly) that you have to love everyone and be happy whoever does well. What a load of bull! If Ferrari or Vettel do well, im not happy and im proud of it. InternetF1Fan probably holds more passion for this sport than you with your flower power (or your red-hot Tifosi blood) could dream for.

            3. @ Lachie- there is a difference between being an F1 fan, i.e. someone who watches F1 in the hope for an entertaining race or wanting their team to do well, and watching simply for someone to fail. I may want Mclaren or Red Bull to fail, but I mostly watch F1 to support my team and want the racing to be good.

              Claiming that someone is a more passionate fan for hating Ferrari is therefore nonsense.

            4. @InternetF1Fan- of course you’re not obliged to support them, but at least concentrate some energy on the team or driver you DO support.

            5. By that I meant “a more passionate fan for hating Ferrari than someone who supports Ferrari is therefore nonsense”.

            6. I could same the same thing about you not being a sport fan at all if you support Ferrari…

              Part of being a fan of any sport is supporting your favourites AND hating their rivals or teams/ sportsmen who you hate because of what they stand for.

              Personally I consider myself a fan of F1 first and foremost but if there is any team I dislike its Ferrari and any driver I dislike its Alonso… because to me they are the team that has brought most disgrace to the sport (although Renault tried to take that crown away by forcing Piquet Jnr to crash) and Alonso is the least sportsman like driver on the grid currently.

            7. Part of being a fan of any sport is supporting your favourites AND hating their rivals or teams/ sportsmen who you hate because of what they stand for.

              Yes, but I said that I do both. You probably do both as well. “InternetF1Fan” didn’t actually claim he supported anyone.

          3. Part of any sport is having your favourites and villans. This is normal. You can be pleased when your hated team tanks and elated when your man drives it home. It would be wrong if said fan attacks other people because they don’t agree or follow HIS team. (Football ’70s style). I can’t say I hate Ferrari, but I get a warm glow when Alonso looses his rag and fails. InternetF1Fan is doing nothing wrong and is enjoying the show, his way. More power to him for having the gutts to make his views felt.

          4. So you hate THE most successful team in F1 history? Most GP wins, most WDC titles etc? Nice.

            1. They may be the most successful team but they’ve been in F1 since the beginnign so they di have a slight advantage over most of the other teams, a lot of the wins were manufactured by contracts, team orders, FIA interference. They’ve had some amazing cars and drivers, but they’ve also had some crap cars and drivers. Personally I don’t like Ferrari because they represent everything that’s bad about the F1 circus right now. They can (almost) get away with anything and feel they can say what they like. I also hate Alonso with a passion. He’s such a whinger! I respect his ability but dislike the man intensely.

            2. So i could call any supporter of the most successful team a glory hunter?

              I can see why he HATES Ferrarri just from your very defensive reaction to someone who doesn’t like YOUR team.

      2. Me too LOL, and yes i am an F1 fan!

        1. I agree with disliking ferrari and vettel

    4. So which set of tires does Alonso have to start the race on? The set that he did his early pole time on or that set he used when he went out for a second run (that was aborted)?

      1. The ones he set his fastest time on.

      2. It will be an interesting start to the race tomorrow. Button could have the edge into the first corner, able to get the power down sooner due to the high downforce setup. Weather he can hold it for the rest of the first stint will determine the outcome of the race.

        He will also be vulnerable after a safety car, so a risky strategy that could pay off.

        1. I am really looking forward to see weather he manages it. It does look like just the kind of gamble he might be able to pull off.

          Hopefully we’ll see a great fight tomorrow.

    5. No prize for me. :(

    6. That was garbage. I was really hoping for any other team to be on pole not Ferrari. I don’t hate Ferrari for winning 16 WCC and 15 WDC. I just hate the politics involved with them. It’s kinda hard to explain what I am on about… Great day for Ferrari. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

      1. I am also annoyed about Ferrari and team orders, but today they just did a very good job with both drivers, in the way that I would prefer to see teams winning poles and go racing, honestly, being quick and fair, so well done to them on that count. And congrats to all Ferrari fans.

      2. Actually it’s not hard to explain what you’re on about. This is a national identity question. Brits are unassuming, stiff-upper-lip muddle through types while Italians area all about passion and enjoying life. There is something to be said for both, but I know which I prefer when it comes to motor racing.

    7. HAM cracked! Hope he can pull it together tomorrow to pull off a good start and get onto BUT and ALO tails.

    8. The higher temperatures meant the setup Button had could run more efficiently as the air pressure will be much less. Thus he would have more grip but even less drag.

      1. sorry that isn’t correct, don’t you mean slightly less downforce but much less drag

        i completely baffled by vettel says that the RBR was slower on the straights at higher temps

        1. Zecks Button is running with a higher downforce package than Hamilton, so he will have more downforce but less drag compared to the other car.

          1. Oliver I think we agree about button benefitting from thinner air more than other cars, but it would be exceptionally pedantic of me to go through exactly why we disagree.

        2. I’d guess it being because the engine runs less efficiently, lower air pressure also means less air entering the engine after all (a somewhat vital ingredient for combustion)

    9. weird hamilton was so slow. mistake or held up behind webber?

      1. Two mistakes from Hamilton, don’t know how he’ll be in the race but low downforce cars are harder to driver.

        The Big mistakes was choosing the wrong wing.

        1. I’m not so sure it will be such a big mistake if it gets him some places on Lap 1. I think it was a mistake maybe for Q3 because you always have go 100%, whereas in the race you’re not constantly on the limit.

          I do feel him following Webber contributed to about half of it though. Don’t expect him to be anywhere near as much as 6 tenths (what an ironic amount!) slower than Alonso tomorrow.

          1. Wont having a heavier car settle the movement a little while still keeping his speed advantage?

            I still think this race is open

            1. I agree, Hamilton usually is pretty good at overtaking, and he has a good few km on Webber (checked, about 5kmh in speed trap, and 3.7 on Massa), so he might be good for podium still if he keeps it together in the race.

            2. Plus he has the clean side of the circuit, I’d imagine he’d stand a chance off the line

          2. I guess. yeah itz all abt the start tmrw tho, if he manages to pass webber on the run to the first turn good for him. otherwise he will be under serious pressure with vettel behind him acting weird n aiming at his radiator! :-P

            1. Two times in a row might be asking for heavier penalties though.

          3. The only thing about his mistakes is that I’m reminded a bit of the end of last year’s race… mayhaps Monza just isn’t his track?

          4. Hah! Being behind Webber had nothing to do with it, he was barely in the slipstream. He just messed up the braking point.

        2. The big mistake with mclaren and hamilton was not using the f-duct, which button did. Hamilton setup was great if they got pole and I believe that is what they thought they would do, but it has backfired as now he will be hampered in the race by not being able to get close to a car in front as it will hurt his grip when coming out of the slipstream. Monza is very fast in the straights, a “Vettel” type accident is going to hurt.

          1. It wasn’t really a mistake, the lower downforce setup is classic monza. Its harder to drive than the setup that Button but is theoretically just as quick, plus it gives him the straight line advantage necessary for overtaking

      2. Younger Hamilton
        11th September 2010, 14:37

        Well like i said before Lewis’s mistake was because of Webber besides i kind of knew that before his last flying lap he’s lap was gonna get compromised being stuck behind Mark giving that you loss Downforce on a straight while in the slipstream of another car in front and Red bull is much slower than McLaren on the straights

        1. All explained here:

          I think that somehow McLaren gave Ferrari pole today. Hamilton with the F-duct would have got pole for sure!

          1. Hamilton blundered in Q3 too though. He was even faster in Q2 when normally Q3 is where they set their fastest time.

            Alonso, Butto and Massa all go 3 tenths faster in Q3. Only Vettel and Hamilton don’t go faster. Hamilton even goes 2 tenths slower.

          2. Wasn’t Button faster than Hamilton when they had the same configuration on the car? And Hamilon was able to lap just a tack faster with the low downforce/no drag configuration than Button.

            His small mistakes did it for him in Q3, but if Hamilton can keep it together tomorrow, all is not lost and were in for a very tense battle during the race.

    10. 2 out of 3 victories!

      Tomorrow a 1-2 WIN for FERRARI will make it a 3 out of 3 in this weekend!!! :)

      FORZA FERRARI !!!!!!!! :)

    11. Younger Hamilton
      11th September 2010, 14:27

      Well Well Well look what we’ve got here Fernando on pole (at least not a Red Bull) good for him but Jenson excellent job to get it up on the front row looked like it was a wrong call with the High Downforce set up but like throughout this season we were all proved wrong and JB got it right,and NO i dont think Fernando got to Lewis it was the fact that being in the slipstream of the Red Bull in front meaning he lost downforce and that also affected the Braking stability into the chicane and that is why Sneaky and cheating Webber grabbed 4th and destroyed Lewis’s Possible Pole or front row lap nevertheless anything can happen in the race and thats the physics of science as well as Motor-Racing so good luck Lewis and Jenson,Fernando please Faulter

      1. Do you really think that Webber did that on purpose? He was on his own fast lap.

        I think Webber was just busy trying to get a reasonable result from a so far lousy day, which he did by being ahead of Hamilton and Vettel.

        1. Which must be considered a great safe from Webber and a boost to his championship run.

    12. Well, that was a surprise!

      I think what went mostly wrong for Hamilton was backing off his first lap when he was only 3 tenths down, and then making a mistake into the Rettifilo on his next one. Obviously the car is not happy right on the limit, I wouldn’t be discouraged as he has a good opportunity to pick up some places on Lap 1 and the race pace should be good. He only really has to beat one man tomorrow and he’s right behind him.

      Alonso, as much as I’ve felt a lot of bad things about Ferrari this week, you still have to appreciate what he pulled out today. On a personal note I feel the lesson of this week is just to focus on the racing and what the guys do on track. It doesn’t change how I felt about Ferrari’s conduct but I’m not going to focus on that anymore because it ruins your enjoyment of the reason you tune in for in the first place.

      But I have to agree with Eddie Jordan, the big performer today was Webber. He just has to be hoping Hamilton doesn’t advance in race because it doesn’t sound like he has the equipment to try and stop him himself.

    13. First Ferrari pole since Brazil 2008. It’s been a long wait.

      Stunning job by Fernando and it was quite splendid to see the crowds cheering in delight. Ok, Massa got his tyre strategy a bit wrong but P3 is excellent. He was quickest in q1 so hopefully he’s over his hard tyre troubles and he’s looked closer to Alonso all weekend than he has done in a while which is encouraging even if Alo is the focus right now.

      Webber put in a terrific performance after his troubles and Jenson was smart and quick so good work by them.

      A lot can change and I’m aware tomorrow I could be typing out a comment after the Ferrari’s crash into each other and Mclaren 1-2 but right now I’m over the moon and I’ll think about tomorrow tomorrow :P

      1. Let’s see if Massa can do what he did in Germany too (at the start, I mean!). It could be Massa, Button, Hamilton and Alonso at the end of Lap 1!

        1. If Massa gets a good start and takes the lead, then I would desperately hope that Button gets out of turn 1 also ahead of Alonso. Then we’ll get a good fight for the win, not just Massa leading Alonso until a coded message comes through.

          1. There does seem to be a wonderful sense of karma in F1. Imagine if Massa took the lead while Alonso fell behind say p3 and Massa was able to take the win in a Ferrari at their home GP right after the WMSC hearing…

      2. It sure was a great lap from Fernando to get the Tifosi going through the roof here. And Massa does look good.
        Maybe finding out he was not slower than Alonso in Hockenheim helped him get the confidence together again and fight for what he’s worth. Very nice job and it might be a pretty tight race tomorrow.

        By the way, i wouldn’t mind Massa jumping both Button and Fernando at the start if Buton gets past Alonso as well to make a buffer for Felipe.

    14. going to be interesting race with Lewis starting 5th.
      excellent result for Button, just hope he can keep Massa at bay.

      i have to congratulate Alonso for that perfect lap, well done that man.

        1. Eyes pictured between the car and monitor? Yes, it is a very nice shot, showing how he is waiting, looking, alert for the moment to go out.

          1. He wouldn’t be waiting to go out instantly. The monitor has to be removed. He’s more likely absorbing tack data etc.

            1. He looks like he’s wearing mascara…

    15. Hamilton made 2 mistakes that spoiled his laps, i think that tomorrow he’ll be competitive for victory despite his 5th position.
      For the moment, i’m happy for Fernando and Felipe, let’s hope it will be a great day for Ferrari.

    16. If the result tomorow is the same as today, then Hamilton as blown his championship and it’s all his fault. Hamilton needs a 1st or 2nd because all the other races will probably be all redbull. He blows it at the crucial points yet again, I’m really dissapointed in him, there’s no excuses

      1. To be honest this year wasn’t his championship to win anyway. Red Bull is just so much quicker. The fact that he is even in the championship battle with the inferior car speaks volumes.

      2. 9 out of 10 of the first races were Red Bull’s to win too. Yet Hamilton is still in front.

      3. Was it Hamilton who chose the setup or the engineers?

      4. For how long have all the circuits supposedly suited Red Bull only for their drivers to throw away crucial points?

        1. Too long, hence why Hamilton is out front.

    17. Great result – the only thing better than a Ferrari pole at Monza is a Ferrari win at Monza. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow for that though, hehe.

      Man of the session for me though is without a doubt Webber. With the limited running he had in practise, to not only out qualify Vettel but Lewis as well is a great result for him. If he can keep his head like this for the remainder of the season he has to be the strongest bet for the title.

      1. Are you Eddie Jordan? He said exactly the same :-p

    18. I have a feeling hamilton might pull off a senna tommorow…lets say 4 car’s within 2 laps? :)

      1. Sound_Of_Madness (@)
        11th September 2010, 15:06

        I hope you mean Ayrton ;)

    19. that was… unexpected o_o

    20. it is highly possible that two of the top six cars will take each other out by the first corner.
      safety car situation comes in and barichelo and kubika will come into play…

    21. The pole is on the left side of the track isn’t it ?
      Any information about that dity/clean side of grid matter ?

      I will miss the direct ! I hope I will be able to see the race later !

    22. Mclaren get on my nerves with the ” let’s be different ” strategy yet again. It’s backfired big time and ruined hamiltons title hopes barring problems for redbull

      1. Why all the doom and gloom am I the only one looking forward to a exciting race tomorrow?

        My prediction is Webber wont finish

        Vettel has a boring afternoon but no crashes for the crash kid

        Button will slide backwards over the first few laps.

        Massa and Alonso to scrap it out and another argument about team orders.

        Hamilton will get a podium and if lucky with the Ferrari fallout will get a win.

        Any bets? :P

        1. am seeing A BUTTON win and A FERARI TWO AND THREE.
          I BET HAMILTON WILL FINISH 5TH ..that is if he wont crash out chasing the front runners.

          1. Enough with the Caps Lock, thank you.

        2. Why would Button slide backwards? Besides DNF, he has done as good as or improved on raceday… And mostly the latter.

      2. EXACTLY…Hamilton has now been put into a situation whereby he will be chasing BUTTON again like last year…and we all know how that ended.
        it will be interesting to see the dash for the first corner and who will be surviving after the fisrt lap

      3. Hang on one second. Hamilton took the safe strategy, and Button the risky obscure strategy. And this has cost Hamilton places??

        It just so happens that this risk has paid off…. So far. Let’s wait for the race tomorrow and see.

    23. “I am obviously not very happy with our qualifying today but my position is probably what my car was giving me,” said Schumacher.

      Yawn – yawn,

      Rosberg seemed to be doing OK.

    24. oh and if Hamilton doesn’t loose a front wing in the 1st corner he will be in the top three IMO.

      Would love to see Massa leading the end of lap 1, that would be so funny.

    25. Can’t stand Ferrari, or Felipe ordinarily, but I was really hoping Felipe would repeat “Chu juan” and get pole. I still hope he can jump up through from the second row tomorrow to win it. Ignore the orders.
      Surprised by Hamilton’s fifth, but unfortunately I don’t think he’ll have too many problems slipping past Mark tomorrow with the extra revs his car has, and his ability to break deeper. Web would be better off watching for Mr Impetuous behind him.

    26. I am also a bit dissappointed by Lewis’ qualifying. He should have gotten pole, P2 at least. Monza is the track he should score maximum points before we move to RBR territory. The race is tomorrow, he better pull something out of the bag then

    27. Nobody noticing a good qualifying result by Williams? Not sure they should have stopped work on the 2010 car. If they don’t make some noise now, they may not have the sponsors to do anything with that early jump on 2011. Time for them to take a step forward, or step out altogether. There’s no honor in being a sentimental favorite of the past (or of the passed).

    28. Webber, Hamilton and Vettel 4, 5 and 6? That should be interesting at the start.

    29. i wonder will button be moving over for lewis lol

      forza ferrari xxxx

    30. “Mark.”
      “Yes Helmut?”
      “We need you to clip off Hamilton’s front wing”
      “What?! Why?”
      “So that he pits and Seb can get past him”
      “You gotta be kidding mate! That could puncture my tyres and would be illegal!”
      “Do it, team orders. Plus the fine is coming out of your salary, Seb wants a new jacuzzi, you know the one with the *extra* bubbles! Man it’ll be exciting… anyway, do it.”

    31. First time this year no Red Bull in the top 3 in qualifying, good session. Button to me is the real threat for the Ferrari if he cleans Alonso then it will be tough for him to catch him.Even if he stays behind Alonso then he may get a good exit out of Parabolica & challenge Alonso with his F-Duct to turn 1 at the end of lap 1.So it’s important for Massa to stay behind Alonso & control the pace of the people behind him so that Alonso can get away.

      Disappoined on Kubica’s performance, Red Bull did their best,both Webber & Vettel need to stay out of trouble as this isn’t their race even I don’t think they will be on the podium so they just have to bring the maximum they can.That run into turn 1 will be something today.

    32. Finally Fernando broke the pole position jinx. Lets hope he takes a couple of more poles in the last part of the season.

    33. The 14. race and Ferrari scored the first Pole, on a track where RBR-Renault have problems…

    34. Bravo Fernando!!Bravo Fernando!!Bravo!!!!!!!

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