F1 Fanatic round-up: 11/9/2010

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Make sure you get your predictions in before final practice starts today. Submit your Italian Grand Prix predictions here now.

Here’s today’s round-up:


Splitters ?ǣ New deflection test and construction (ScarbsF1)

“Teams that have been flexing their splitter will certainly be handicapped by these revisions to the rules, although Monza is a low downforce track that will not particularly punish cars without flexing splitters. I don?t any team will fall foul of the test as they have rigs at their factories to recreate the FIA tests.”

Barrichello offers wisdom of the man who moved over (James Allen)

??I spent six seasons [at Ferrari] to earn respect. In the end I had to leave the team a year earlier than planned because Michael was everything; he had the spare car, first call on strategy. I would never have left, but I just wasn?t getting the right treatment.??

Williams supports team orders return (Autosport)

“It’s all up for discussion. One provisional thought is that maybe they should just be applicable in the second half of the season. We’ve got to remember that drivers think of themselves – great ?ǣ but then we want world championships.”

2011 schedule has something for everyone (Indycar)

Great to see Indycar returning to the New Hampshire one-mile oval, but what a pity Watkins Glen is no longer on the schedule. The race there this year was terrific.

Comment of the day

Macca complains that I’m unfairly favouring one driver over another. Duly noted…

Just an observation, about 70% of the Red Bull pictures this year have been of Vettel. More Webber please!

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Juan Manuel Fangio won his third world championship on this day in 1955, driving for Mercedes. Victory in the Italian Grand Prix sealed his championship win.

But Mercedes had already announced their departure from Formula 1. The next time a full works Mercedes was seen at an F1 race was the Bahrain Grand Prix this year.

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  • 29 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 11/9/2010”

    1. I’m annoyed I couldn’t go to the Toronto Indy because I had to work that day, but I guess that’s the price for taking the 4th July weekend off beforehand ;-)

      Hopefully I’ll be back there to see it next year! Maybe the Indy 500 too…

      Shame Rockingham can’t hold a race.

      1. looks like quite a good IndyCar calendar but I wish they would come back to the Gold Coast in Australia. Fingers crossed that is what the TBA event is at the end of the season.

        1. I think this is a very good calendar. It makes sense to go at it in steps, to keep the oval fans from IRL and build onto that and win back all those fans of CART and new fans as well.

          I like where they’r going, and it will be better even with the new car format in 2012

    2. Rome apparently inked a five-year deal to host a race from 2012:


      Monza won’t lose the Italian Grand Prix.

      1. The only objection being the people who actually live there. I love how they make it to be a minor inconvenience.

        1. Would that mean that Rome could be the next host of the European Grand Prix? An end to Valencia…

    3. Honestly, I never liked the NH track. I remember loathing it as far back as the days of Papyrus’ Indy Car Racing and Indy Car Racing II. It was technical and tedious.

      I AM curious about this Baltimore street race, though!

      1. Looks like this:


        Or possibly this:


        The first is easily the better one.

    4. 5 things to expect over the next two days in Monza….

      1. Button making up yet another excuse after quali’ as he finds out he is not in the top 3

      2. Liuzzi using traffic as his excuse as he doesn’t make it into q3

      3. At least 3 cars going off at the first chicane on the opening lap

      4. Most passes made by Kobayashi as he is a decent late braker

      5. Pole-sitter will collect race win and fastest lap making it a hattrick (albeit nothing wrong happens to the car!)

      5 things i would definitely like to see….

      1. Hamilton to collect that hattrick (please!!)

      2. Hamilton and Webber going toe-to-toe (don’t think it’s happened since Australia)

      3. Button getting his own back and putting one into Vettel via crash

      4. Alonso collecting an engine penalty and showing his frustration on the track by being poor

      5. Yamamoto on the podium!! I’m sorry, ran out of things to say!! :D

      1. It might not happen here, but I bet we’ll see Hamilton and Webber going wheel to wheel at least once more before the season’s end.

        1. I hope so US_Peter. That would be great! I can see it happen out Abu Dhabi, but will the championship be fiinished by then??

        2. I do feel it might not be here. Webber will either start somewhere 5th or miraculously turn around his luck today and get pole. Probably the first, but you never know.

          Vettel really likes it here, so he might fight fore Pole in the afternoon.

      2. for yamamoto to be on podium, you will need all the teams to tell their drivers = ‘yamamoto is faster than you’ ‘do you understand’

        1. imagine hearing that on your radio!! you would die off laughter

          1. They will be answering like Rubens did last year when told Jenson thought he was faster: “don’t make me laugh”.

          2. Or embaressment!

      3. When I think back at Australia 2010 the thing that stands out most to me is Webber and Hamilton tearing up track. It really was a pleasure to take in. I do hope to see it again this year.

    5. Chandok i think heard ” Yamamoto is richer than you- do you understand?” no team orders there.

      1. lol, good one…
        There’s no penalty there

    6. Cool, my first COTD and it was very unexpected. :)

    7. If you want to see some good racing this weekend while you are filling in time untill Monza, then have a look at the V8 Supercars. It’s the first indurance race of the season from Phillip Island. I can’t wait.

    8. I love that piece about Barricello. But where can Massa go, if he would like to quit Ferrari? At the moment he is not the hottest asset on the grid, partly because of Hockenheim, but also of his lacklustre form this year.

      Maybe Renault could pick him up after next year, or a resurgent Williams? What about FI, if they improve, they might be an option as well.

    9. Frank Williams has always been a bit of a conservative, I said yesterday. That interview perfectly explains what he thinks and it is genuinly what he thinks.

      Wonder what his lead driver would have to say to that!

      1. Well, Williams most of the last 15 years has had a bit of a troubled relationship with their lead driver, when they had success.

        I still think it is easy for teams to talk of the championship, but they shouldn’t forget that they like to boast of race wins too – and those are important to a drivers career. Sure, if you don’t care about your drivers career, no problem, and this is more or less where Williams is, but I am not so sure it is the way to get the best out of the team most of the time.

      2. Williams doesn’t call for outright team orders, but for it to be used only when necessary. A team has to protect its investments. Having your two drivers crash out every race isn’t going to do anything for your finances. For sure fans will love it but you will still come last and get no money. Lets see how far that business model can take any team.

    10. It’s 9 years since 9-11, I don’t know if anyone else has remembered the weekend the Ferraris had a black nosecone and no sponsors (Italy 2001, September 16).

      1. I don’t remember the black nosecone, but I remember the USGP that September. I was there at Indianapolis, sitting at the Turn One grandstands of the GP track configuration. These were the best seats as one could see passing after the long straight as well as the next couple corners. It was the first major sporting event after the attacks and everyone was very nervous. I recall thinking that a plane could hit the grandstands and kill a hundred thousand people. Even though I was loving the race, I still had to scan the skies every so often. I wasn’t the only one doing this either. It was surreal.

      2. I remember it as clear as day. It was a very strange sight to see: http://cifesystem.com/monza/monza-44.jpg

        I remember also that Schumacher tried to get an agreement between the drivers to not go for it at the first corner, to avoid a crash and another tragedy (a marshal was killed the previous year, after all) so soon after 11/9. If I recall correctly, it was Villeneuve who would not agree to it (possibly one other driver too), and he got a lot of stick for it.

    11. Keith it seems you’re the new Helmut Marko!

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