Alonso says win as good as home victory

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Fernando Alonso said his win for Ferrari in the Italian Grand Prix felt as good as his home victory four years ago.

Speaking in the post-race press conference he said:

It’s something maybe I can only compare with the feeling I had in 2006 winning in Barcelona, my home Grand Prix. It was a very special moment that, and this is too.

It’s a fantastic feeling, obviously it was a very tough race with very strong opposition today with a fantastic drive from Jenson. We tried to put both Ferraris in the first two positions after start but it was difficult.
Fernando Alonso

He praised his pit crew who played an important role getting him out ahead of Button when he made his only pit stop of the race, one lap after Button:

They did a fantastic job the team again with a fantastic pit stop, and thanks to them we are sitting here because we made the overtake in the garage.

We were thinking at that time about the possibilities of coming in one lap later or one lap earlier. We had to find the right choice and right moment. When we saw Jenson coming we had just one lap to push and rely on the mechanics.
Fernando Alonso

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20 comments on “Alonso says win as good as home victory”

  1. Has a Ferrari driver ever won their first race and their first Italian GP for Ferrari. Good job from Fernando.

    1. impressive anyway im still a bit hurt from the 06 season

    2. Clay Regga in 1970 (the weekend Rindt was killed) won his first race driving a Ferrari in his first Italian GP.

      Jody Scheckter won his first Italian GP driving for Ferrari, just like Alonso, in 1979. It was his last win in F1.

      Schumi also won his first Italian GP driving for Ferrari, in 1996.

      1. But a first year Ferrari driver hadn’t taken pole at Monza since Niki Lauda in ’74.

  2. Great victory Fernando… take the fight all the way to Abu Dhabi.

  3. This weekends drive does make Ferrari with Alonso a worthy contender for the championship. Now let’s hope the fight is on right to the end before Webber clinches it.

  4. Big balls of horse-excreta in Ferrari’s general direction. Or something like that. Blah blah blah Ferrari. Massa destroyed Hamilton’s race. His car should catch fire next time. Blah blah blah Massa.

    Meh, Prisoner Monkeys does a better job at this.

    1. Hamilton destroyed his own race by being too optimistic.

    2. Hamilton went for a gap that was always going to disappear. Hamilton isn’t on Massa’s team so he wasn’t just going to wave him through.

    3. Hamilton admitted to spoiling his own race and apologized later…

  5. From a neutral perspective I think Alonso’s swerve towards Button at the race start was out of order. Nudging across is ok but he swerved violently. I think Alonso’s race craft (i.e. Overtaking and defending) is not of a clean or smart standard.

    1. He moved across at the start but stopped doing so once he saw Button was alongside.

    2. “(i.e. Overtaking and defending) is not of a clean or smart standard.”

      Alonso is hard but fair. He went to block but left Button plenty of room to go up the inside. It wasn’t as bad as different to Vettel on Alonso in Germany and that was fine.

    3. Aye, I’m no Alonso fan but he didn’t do anything untoward. Nothing to see here.

  6. I think Alonso was quite humble at times. He admitted his two laps before the stop were nothing special and just praised his crew. It was nice to hear but I do think he put in a rocket of a drive today. Felipe was on excellent form too so I’m exceptionally happy!

    1. I was fuming as my timing screens froze as Button came into the pits just when I needed them. And I’m also very happy propperly made my day.

      Also I was dissapointed with Alonso’s lack of celebrations getting out of the car, very unlike the good old days. Although the race very much was.

      As for Massa I think he should be dissapointed he couldn’t keep pace with Button and Alonso, when they were running at Button’s pace and the Ferrari was faster. If he had done he could have made it a 1-2 which would have been great but maybe I’m being greedy.

      1. Ads Alo won at Monza and Ferrari got an extra trophy so just be happy :) Given Massa’s form this season it’s pretty good esp when a Mclaren 1-2 was expected!

        I wanted some more celebrations from Alo actually. I was so happy that I would have found it appropriate if he got out the car and ran around the entire track like a loon or jumped on all of his mechanics. Maybe he’s trying to calm himself down after the season he has had though or was overwhelmed who knows.

        This has been my most enjoyable win since Brazil 2006 I think before that it was Monza 2006.

        1. I’m not doign my conspiracy theory bit here because I don’t believe it all buty maybe Felipe could have had second Ads as Massa said:

          “But anyway, I was quite close to be honest. I don’t know what happened. I just saw that they took a little bit of time to change the front right tyre but I don’t actually know what happened.”

          A 1-3 will do me though!

          1. Ohhhh just wait till people like me get a hold of that one :D

            The top three all drove brilliant races, Alonso especially.

  7. That pit work was crucial & also the in lap of Alonso. Well timed by Ferrari just like the old days.

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