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Classic Monza scenes at the end of today’s Italian Grand Prix with both Ferrari drivers on the podium and thousands of cheering fans flooding onto the track.

Take a look back at today’s race from start to finish with the picture collection below.

2010 Italian Grand Prix

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    Images © Ferrari spa, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1, BMW Sauber F1 Team, Daimler

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    10 comments on “Italian Grand Prix in pictures”

    1. Fantastic pictures there. Where do you get them from?

    2. What are those black things coming out of the Ferrari race suits?

      1. I’m guessing it’s the tube from their drinks bladder in the car’s cockpit.

      2. Might also be the lead to those body/heartbeat monitors Ferrari seem to put in their driver overalls.
        I remember Kimi Raikkonen was always pretty terrible at trying to tuck them away. At the Spanish GP 2008, if I remember correctly, the whole mini-box was practically hanging off him haha, he’d made such a botched job of concealing it.

    3. Wonderful pictures of Liuzzi and Ferrari!
      I love the last one, with all the Tifosi around the podium!

      1. great pictures!
        guys do you now whats the motors used by the 3 teams?

        1. *how many of the motor unit have been used by the 3 teams?

    4. Any on track ones of Massa / Alonso to be added keith or is this the lot?

    5. Excellent pictures!

    6. Hey, that’s my pale white arm holding my camera in the very bottom left of the podium photo!

      Keith, who supplies your photos? I might just like to buy a print of that!

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