Alonso’s second Monza hat-trick is more popular (Italian GP stats and facts)

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It wasn’t the first time Fernando Alonso had won from pole position and set fastest lap at Monza.

But doing it for Ferrari on hallowed Monza ground was more popular with the crowd than it was when he did the same for McLaren three years ago.

Read on for more stats and facts from the Italian Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso gave Ferrari their first pole position since Felipe Massa started first at Interlagos in 2008.

It was his first pole position for the team and his first since Hungary last year. He has now started from first place in 19 races.

You have to go back to Niki Lauda in 1974 to find the last time a new Ferrari driver started from pole position in his first appearance for the team at Monza. The last Ferrari driver to win at Monza on his Ferrari debut was Michael Schumacher in 1996.

Alonso’s 24th career win gives him as many as Juan Manuel Fangio – the ninth-highest wins total of all time.

It was his second victory in the Italian Grand Prix, though as he admitted after the race it was a bit more popular with the Italian crowd than his 2007 win for McLaren:

In 2007 they were not saying very nice things or words about us as we crossed the line because we were rivals. I think McLaren was also fighting for the championship against Ferrari, so winning here was not the best thing for them and winning today, you get involved in this atmosphere with the Italian national anthem as well with all the people. It feels great.
Fernando Alonso

He achieved his fourth hat-trick of pole position, win and fastest lap – the other three came at Britain in 2007, and Monaco and Italy in 2007.

It was the 16th fastest lap of his career. He, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton have all set three fastest laps this year.

There was no Red Bull on the front row of the grid for the first time since last year’s Italian Grand Prix. Sixth on the grid for Sebastian Vettel was his worst starting position this year.

Jenson Button qualified in second place, his first front-row start for McLaren. Second place on race day was his 30th podium finish.

The last time a Red Bull failed to score a point was at last year’s European Grand Prix. Since then they have scored points in 20 consecutive races. McLaren are the only other team to score in every race this year.

Bruno Senna has finished just five of the 13 races he has started this year. He has suffered more race-ending car failures than any other driver – yesterday’s was his seventh (see here for a full list).

Frustratingly for Senna the other car, which has been used by Karun Chandhok and Sakon Yamamoto, has only broken down once in a race.

Despite starting every race this year Kamui Kobayashi has completed fewer racing laps (457) than Chandhok, who has been on the sidelines for four Grands Prix (see here for a full list).

Spotted any other interesting stats and facts from the Italian Grand Prix? Post them in the comments.

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    53 comments on “Alonso’s second Monza hat-trick is more popular (Italian GP stats and facts)”

    1. Alonso’s first hat-trick was Britain 2006, not 2007.

      1. Yeah, Raikkonen won at Silverstone in ’07.

    2. “He achieved his fourth hat-track of pole position”

      I think you mean Hat-trick there Keith.

      1. “You have to go back to Niki Lauda in 1974 to find the last tie a new Ferrari driver started from pole position in his first appearance for the team at Monza.” And I think tie should be time. Haven’t had coffee yet Keith?:P

        1. To be honest Alex while its good that we are proof reading I fell a bit obnoxious picking faults without contributing to the article myself.

          1. damn it, I meant “feel”, not “fell”.

            1. Now that’s irony

    3. An English Alonso Fan Writes
      13th September 2010, 10:24

      Great to see FA win at Monza in such a dominant and credible manner. Its been a tough few years supporting him in the UK. I’m sure that Ferrari & FA have enjoyed this win so much more than Germany for reasons beyond the location. For me it was the most enjoyable race since his Renault days.

      My money is still on Webber to win the WDC this year – he has incredible tenancity, determination, speed and patience in the Reb Bull.

      Great season.

      1. As an Alonso fan I felt the same too – the best race since his blue ‘n’ yellow Renault days.

        You’re right on Webber’s chances as well. As much as I’d like to think that Alonso is back in the title hunt, it seems he and Ferrari haven’t been consistently dominant this year. So unless Webber and Hamilton have some really bad races it will be difficult for Alonso to rise fron the 3rd position in the standings he now has.

        But there is a strong chance of Alonso clinching it, if he and Ferrari can consistently repeat perfroamances such as these. The new points system is just so cool.

        1. even under the old points system it’d be close…

    4. guys, Keith asked you if you noticed any new stats, not if you noticed Typos..

      Keith, perhpas you should add a link to your email for typo suggestions, just a thought…

      1. That’s Perhaps not Perhrpas…working on my own link now :)

    5. First time Alonso has won for Ferrari and that it wasn’t a 1-2 with Massa coming in behind him in second place.

      5th time no redbull driver on the podium this year, but it broke their run of 5 podium finishes in a row. Last time no RB on the podium was canada.

      Alonso’s was the first hat-trick for any driver this year. Last hat-trick by a driver was Button, at the second round last year in Malaysia

      1. Also – the WDC leader has yet to win a race this year.

        There have been a lot of WDC lead changes this year – anybody know how many? Could be a record for most changes

        1. wrong weber the current WDC leader has three wins so far ie monaco,spain and silverstone

          1. I Mean that SO far this season in 2010 weber has three wins TO date

            1. Wrong. It’s 4. Also Webber has two B’s.

          2. nik doesn;t mean that. he means no one has one a race whilst being WDC leader before the race.

            1. won not one. lol.

        2. “Also – the WDC leader has yet to win a race this year.”

          Is my English that bad or are you actually saying that Webber hasn´t won a race this year? If don´t, apologies in advance; if yes, man go an check who won in Montmeló, Montecarlo, Silverstone and Budapest… That’s 4 wins!!!

          1. I think what nik meant that whoever leads the WDC at the time has never won the next race? For example, Alo lead the WDC in Bahrain but didn’t in Aus, Mas lead at the end of Mal but win in China and the latest example was Hamilton took the lead in Spa but didn’t win Monza. Did I get that right?

            1. Sounds logic. Thx

          2. oh yes please add hungaroring WIN for weber that is 4 wins and all the other five contenders have thtree wins each except vetel ..i think..

            1. No Button has only had two wins too.

          3. He means the driver leading the title hasn’t won the race.

            Webber was won 4 times but he’s never won the race whilst leading the title.

            This stat is crazy and shows just how tight this championship has been.

            1. Webber – 4 wins
              Ham – 3
              Alo – 3
              Button – 2
              Vettel – 2

            2. I noticed this one a couple of races back, and until then nobody had finished second while leading the championship either. Webber broke the trend in Belgium, however.

    6. Pole-to-win conversion rate this year has been pretty low, hasn’t it…only five times in fourteen races.

      1. True and nice stat. Still better than Red Bull’s pole-to-win rate

        1. Could be worse. You could be Juan Pablo Montoya in 2002. 0 wins from 6 poles.

          1. It was actually 0 wins from 7 poles.

            1. You’ve got to feel sorry for Robert Kubica. 0 wins from 1 Pole for the last two seasons.

    7. It might be the first time all season that I picked a winner.

    8. In both of the last 2 races where Ferrari have started on pole, a British driver has crashed out on the first lap.

      In all 3 of Alonso’s wins in 2010, somebody else led more laps than he did.

      And this must be the first time in a while that the top 3 on the grid finished as the top 3 in the same order.

      1. In all 3 of Alonso’s wins in 2010, he was in 2nd before the pit stops.

    9. The race was 2.866 seconds longer than last year

      1. Considering they started on full tanks, and last year started on half tanks, thats pretty interesting…

        1. And they had the same number of pit stops as last year’s winner. Really shows how fast this year’s cars are.

    10. Second year in a row that Hamiltons race has finished at Lesmos1 due to He`s own mistakes.

      1. Good try, but this years wasn’t at the Lesmo’s!

        1. He went off the track at the first Lesmo

          1. Sorry, I stand corrected, he did GO OFF at the first Lesmo, but the initial mistake was made before that!

            Misunderstanding! My apologies!

    11. When was the last time an ambulance visited the pit-lane while the race was progressing?

    12. In the first three races of the year, eight different drivers finished on the podium. Those eight are still the only ones to have finished on the podium this year, with no new additions in eleven races.

      Only once this year have the top 3 places in the WDC remained unchanged for two consecutive races. Hamilton, Button and Webber were the top 3 in the championship for the British and German Grands Prix.

    13. Mclaren start from the front row at Monza for the 6th consecutive year. In those seasons, 6 different drivers have started from pole or 2nd – Montoya (Pole (I think) ’05), Raikkonen (Pole ’06), Alonso (Pole ’07), Hamilton (2nd ’07, Pole ’09), Kovalainen (2nd ’08) and Button (2nd ’10)

    14. It is now mathematically impossible for Michael Schumacher to win the drivers title

      Only the top 8 have any mathematical chance of winning. Each driver in the top 5 can still guarantee the title if they win the remaining 5 races.

      Mercedes could theoretically win the constructors championship but Ferrari, Mclaren and Red Bull can all all still win without relying on other teams results.

    15. Thanks Keith! This is always one of my favorite articles post race.

    16. Interesting that Kobayashi has raced so few laps, but is still leading ALL other rookies in the championship. Can’t wait to see him race a whole season in a reliable and quick car.

      1. keepf1technical
        13th September 2010, 21:48

        and even more interesting if he is to be partnered by the complete opposite “Mr Consistent Finisher of Races” Heidfeld at Sauber.

        come on, we need to revive the most boring stat of all in this article.

      2. I think the key one he’s leading is Petrov.

        In a car that his team mate has scored 108 points in Petrov has only scored 19.
        You can argue all you want about the brilliance of Kubica, but Petrov has underperformed so far…

    17. Felipe Massa is the driver who has driven the most laps and the only driver never to retire.

    18. It was Kamui Kobayashi’s third first-lap retirement of the season. Also in Montreal, he retired on second lap (caused by first-lap mistake).

    19. The top 5 are seperated by 1 point less than a win (24). Even using the 2003-2009 system, the top 5 would be seperated by 1 point less than what would be given for a win (9). However, Hamilton would still be leading as he would have all the time since Canada. Using the old system, the top 5 would be: 5) Vettel, 66. 4) Button, 67. 3) Alonso, 67. 2) Webber, 74. 1) Hamilton, 75. Fascinating stuff!

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