Bad race for Sutil (Force India race review)

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A track which promised much for Force India yielded nothing at all.

Adrian SutilVitantonio Liuzzi
Qualifying position1119
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’23.493 (-2.281)1’25.774
Race position1512
Average race lap1’28.500 (+0.751)1’27.749
Pit stops21

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Adrian Sutil

Couldn’t repeat his 2009 front-row qualifying position – indeed, he couldn’t even make the cut for the top ten, missing out by five hundredths of a second.

His start was a complete disaster. He lost so many places the team pitted him at the end of the first lap to switch him to hard tyres.

This would have worked out well for him had the safety car appeared but instead he had to make a second pit stop later with a broken front wing:

By the end of lap one I was at the end of the field so we decided to come in to change to the harder tyres as a strategic move to make up positions when the others pitted.

I did my own race from that point on, which worked really well but we couldn’t get close to the points when I had to come in for the nose cone change.
Adrian Sutil

Compare Adrian Sutil’s form against his team mate in 2010

Vitantonio Liuzzi

A technical problem kept Liuzzi from progressing to Q2:

We had a problem in the morning’s session where the car seemed to lose drive and did just a few laps. We did some analysis between the sessions and tried to solve the problem but then in qualifying a similar issue occurred.

On the first lap we lost power and then we had to stop completely once I got it back to the garage so I couldn’t get a real flying lap in.
Vitantonio Liuzzi

From 19th on the grid he moved up to 13th at the start and then passed Pedro de la Rosa but got no further.

Compare Vitantonio Liuzzi’s form against his team mate in 2010

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10 comments on “Bad race for Sutil (Force India race review)”

  1. But still no explanation of why Sutil had his nosecone changed.

    1. He went of in the gravel (I think it was Lesmo or Parabolica) while battling with Liuzzi, and he damaged his front wing

  2. FI have hardly got any aero part on their cars apart from F-duct & blown diffuser… while others have managed to get both of these and have developed the floor, front wings, rear wings etc etc…. FI’s wings & floor have been pretty much static… they need to replace mark smith asap!!

    tonio is always having problems with car, means either he is not giving right feedback to the mechanics or the mechanics are plainly incompetent.

    With only Sutil scoring in majority of the races, i think both Williams and Sauber will finish ahead of force india… nick heifield joing sauber from next race onwards should make them the favorites to beat williams and force india.

    1. Sound_Of_Madness (@)
      13th September 2010, 13:35

      FYI, Mark Smith leaves for Lotus at 2011.
      Don’t forget also that they operate under quite a tight a budget, compared to Williams.

      1. i can’t imagine mark smith being highly motivated in his current job, he is jus going through the motions… in my opinion… mentally he is already with lotus.

  3. Apologies Vit, but I am gleefully counting down the races till we have a new Scottiah F1 driver ;)

    1. It certainly does seem inevitable.

  4. yeah!! me too waiting for the sutil & di resta pair for 2011…. hope sutil stays with FI….

    1. I can’t see Sutil going anywhere else, unless FI don’t want him anymore, which would be stupid.

  5. Liuzzi did amazingly well if only he could bloody qualify

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