2010 Italian Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic race weekend review

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The Italian Grand Prix has tightened the championship up again with the top five drivers covered by 24 points heading into the final five races.

Find all the F1 Fanatic Italian Grand Prix coverage in one place below – from Friday practice to the post-race review and our live comments on every session.

Race results and reaction

Italian Grand Prix review – Alonso beats Button to Monza win

Hamilton apologises after Massa clash – “I made a good start, gained a position, got up to fourth, and, at that moment, perhaps I should have just stayed there for a while”

Alonso says win as good as home victory – Ferrari driver compares Monza win to his 2006 victory at the Circuit de Catalunya

Yamamoto mechanic injured (Video) – Not seen during the race, an amateur cameraman caught the shocking accident in the HRT garage

Alguersuari unhappy with chicane penalty – Toro Rosso driver penalised by stewards for the second race in a row

Hulkenberg’s drive “his best to date” – Sam Michael heaped praise on Nico Hulkenberg and denied he should have had a penalty for cutting the chicane

Italian Grand Prix fastest laps – Alonso claimed the fastest lap while secon-placed Button only had the eighth-fastest lap time

Italian Grand Prix result – Two Ferraris on the podium in Italy

Updated championship points – Webber re-takes the championship lead

Race analysis

Who was the best driver of the Italian Grand Prix weekend? (Poll) – Vote for the most impressive driver at Monza

Rate the race: Italy – What did you think of the race?

Italian Grand Prix analysis – Rapid pit stop speeds Alonso to victory

Italian GP stats and facts – Alonso previously won from pole position with fastest lap while driving for McLaren

Detailed analysis of every team and driver in the Italian Grand Prix

McLaren race review – Set-up gamble pays off for Button as Hamilton crashes
Mercedes race review – Fifth for Rosberg
Red Bull race review – Vettel recovers to surprise fourth after mid-race drama
Ferrari race review – Late scare with de la Rosa can’t keep Alonso from victory
Williams race review – Hulkenberg impresses on his way to seventh
Force India race review – Bad race for Sutil
Renault race review – Kubica falls to eighth
STR race review – No points at home
Lotus race review – Another gearbox failure
HRT race review – Team fined for pit error
Sauber race review – No race for Kobayashi
Virgin race review – Glock bounces back


Italian Grand Prix qualifying – Button splits the Ferraris on the grid

Alonso: pole a "nice surprise" – Ferrari driver has narrowly missed pole position before in 2010

Button "very happy" with second place – It was his front-row start for McLaren

Hamilton regrets set-up error – He qualified fifth

Petrov demoted to 20th for Glock block – The Renault driver delayed Glock at the start of Q1

Italian Grand Prix grid – Glock and Petrov penalised

Italian Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Ferrari looked strong ahead of their home race


Button fastest as practice starts at Monza – The Ferraris had a quiet first session

FP1 interactive data – High downforce wing works for McLaren in first session

Vettel fastest in second practice at Monza – Both Ferraris showed better pace in hotter conditions

FP2 interactive data – Red Bull to the fore as McLaren vary set-ups

Hamilton leads final Monza practice – The low-downforce set-up on McLaren looked like the way to go on Saturday morning

Live blogs

How we saw the Italian Grand Prix as it unfolded:

Italian Grand Prix live blog
Qualifying – Italian Grand Prix Live Blog
Practice 3 – Italian Grand Prix Live Blog
Practice 2 – Italian Grand Prix live blog
Practice 1 – Italian Grand Prix live blog

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  1. Everyone in Britain, and perhaps any Commonwealth countries that use BBC commentary, will undoubtedly be excited by said rumours here:


    Less so by the prospect of Charlie Cox being his replacement, as technically he would know even less, and will have never covered F1 before; but it’s a start people, at least they’re looking around!

    1. I can’t say I’m excited by this news at all Richard, and I am living in one of those Commonwealth countries – the Antipides I think you call them :). While JL may not be the best commentator, I don’t believe that he is the worst by a long shot. Actually, I quite enjoy listing to JL and MB, far more so than I do Charlie Cox and Steve Parrish on MotoGP. I’d rather listen to Barry Sheene commentate on a MotoGP race – even from beyond the grave.

      Now while I don’t deny that CC and SP know their stuff when it comes to MotoGP, I don’t find them engaging, and that I believe is one of the most important factors for a commentator, no matter what sport it is.

    2. Let’s go down to the McLaren pits to see what Ted Kravitz has to say about that.

  2. Thank you for this summary post, Keith!

  3. Personally I think it would be an absolute disgrace by the BBC(lets have license money from old age pensioners and everyone else for phuk all benefit), to drop Legard after 1 season!!!! Why??? because some people sl4g him off for no real reason!!! I am surprised at Martin voicing an opinion on this and am suspicious to believe he has been quoted truthfully….JL is in his first season as commentator and like anybody else needs time to get his performance and understanding perfect, but he has an edge to his voice and a real enthusiasm for the task!! I love listening to Charlie, but for me he and Steve Parrish will ALWAYS be the voice of MotoGP, and long may they stay where they are!! Just because a few Scuderia.net fans cant abide JL is no reason for the BBC crooks to consider outing him, although when he calls Lewis and Jenson by their first names during a race, I do wish he would give Fernando the same respect when FA is putting in a great performance!!!! At least give the man 2 years to get it together before thinking about replacing him! After all, we HAD to endure the insufferable old fogey MW for decades until he almost dropped ******* dead before they “mutually agreed” to bring in fresh blood!!!! :)

    1. This is Legard’s second season on TV, but he has long been a radio commentator. That is where he belongs; he commentates as though we aren’t able to see what is going on and gets overly excited about nothing. Then he’ll rant on about something that is completely irrelevant and actually miss an important on track event, then ponders out loud what may have just happened, when everyone at home actually saw what happened. Personally I can’t wait for the beeb to get rid of him.

  4. rob from inverness
    15th September 2010, 13:08

    May I use this thread to raise the following Italian GP point. I noticed, during the pit stop which won the race, that the jack man had a pivot in the jack which enabled him to move back inside the front right wheel of the car before he lowered the car. I have a vague idea that someone commented on this – possibly the excellent Karan Chandock because I always listen to the Radio 5 commentary during the race. After its painful running in problems, the traffic light release system, plus the trick wheel nuts,now a clever jack……and a 3.4 ec stop to win the race. The jack thing seems so simple – do any other teams use it?

  5. Terrible race for sutil and the force india’s i dont understand WHY they had to change that nose on sutil im really really anoyed

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