Senna film set for June 2011 UK release

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“Senna”, the documentary film about the life of Ayrton Senna, will be released in June 2011 in the UK.

The film opens in Japan next month to coincide with the Japanese Grand Prix. It is being screened at Suzuka on the weekend of the race.

The earlier release date for the Japanese market reflects the continued popularity of Senna in Japan.

Two foreign-language trailers for the film have appeared so far:

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    33 comments on “Senna film set for June 2011 UK release”

    1. Jonathan Noble said in Twitter that “It will be shown in England only in July 2011”


      1. I don’t know what his source is, but I called the people who made the film and they said June. And they said UK, rather than just England. Apparently it was decided yesterday.

        1. Strange there is such a long period between first show in Japan and the UK. You would imagine the movie to be downloadable way before christmas.

          Or are they expecting this will only make fans go to the theaters even more?

          Did you get any idea of their strategy in this Keith?

        2. I don’t know what his source is…

          A guy from TV Globo — therefore, not a reliable source, I would say…

    2. For sure I will get a DVD of this one, will it be released in English?

    3. Any word on a US release??

      1. I am hopeful of an English-language release on DVD here in the U.S.

        If not that, at least a poached version on You Tube.

        1. Or a downloadable version…

    4. I thought it would bge out much sooner than that. Allen wrote on his blog a while back that it would be released in the Autumn of this year but he didn’t say just in Japan! :( :P Sure it will be more than worth theb wait mind.

    5. Will it ever release in India?

      1. No way man. We dont have all the hollywood blockbusters releasing in India yet, so I’m guessing that a movie on Aryton Senna wouldn’t even stand a chance.

        1. You’re right pal. Was just hoping against hope!

    6. What? I thought Top Gear said it would be released in the Autumn!

    7. Looking forward to seeing some F1 on the big screen!

    8. I’m waiting for the definition of the release date here at Portugal. He had an house here at Portugal and was fan of Belenenses, a football club in Lisbon. We should be one of the first countries, after all.

      1. Hate to break it to you pal, but I don’t see Portugal getting any special treatment.

        1. It just might, as Brazzilians speak portuguese as well. So a portuguese version is sure to be published quit early and could reach portugal as well.

        2. I don’t think those would be the major reasons for Senna’s release in Portugal.
          I guess the fact that GP 1985 Estoril was his first win in F1 is important enough.
          If you can remember it was the first time lotus’ cars would be tested in the wet… a fantastic win, not bad for young 25 year old Ayrton Senna on his 2nd season.
          Hate to break you pal, but it was surely a memorable GP.

    9. Thats pretty annoying…..

      oh well..

      will it be released in the cinema or just on DVD?

    10. Brazilian release: november 2010 to coincide with Brazilian GP.

      I hope they dont associate the release to the november 2nd holiday – a kind of Day of the dead in BRazil, somehow equivalent to the october 30th in some countries.

      btw, some brazilian media are comparing this year’s 5 aces to Senna, Prost, Mansell, Piquet, Schumacher. (respectively Hamilton, Button, Webber, Alonso, Vettel). Counting on no premature retirement 2010-2020 champ’s promise some good races – If Bernie help it.

    11. The cinemas here in Hungary will not show the film here, only DVD release in 2011 will be avaiable. :(

    12. What about my country, Greece? Is there any chance for this film to be released here? I desperately hope..:(

    13. Hello,

      What about my country, FRANCE ? Is there any chance for this film to be released here? I desperately hope..;

    14. Although it’s a long time coming, I’d say they’re aiming to release it in the UK to coincide with the British GP on the 8th-10th July.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t negotiating a deal to show it after the GP Party in the same way they put the football on this year.

      How do you think the film would be received outside of the motorsport fan community? For example, I don’t think I would be rushing to see a documentary on Pele, yet I’m sure some of my football mad friends would.

    15. i will deffinently be wanting this as i love ayrton senna he was one of my favourite formula one drivers of al times and in my eyes will always be even if i do support micheal schumacher lewis hamilton jenson button sabastian vettel and mark webber now i dont like fernando alonso

    16. giorgosrallyman
      4th April 2011, 7:55

      I have seen it! Unfortunately, one of the same for us, the fanatics! If you are completely irrelevant with Ayrton Senna’s story you will surely find the film interesting and touching. But for me, just good with nothing new indeed.. :(

    17. Just like to point out.
      The North American and European release of this film is cut from it’s original 206 min to 104 min.

      I have seen the original 206 min cut and it’s simply amaizng.
      Why it is having 58 mins cut for it’s North American/Europen release I have no idea…and several months AFTER it’s original release in Japan.
      It’s a slap in the face for Senna fans.

      I urge anyone to watch this film, Senna fan or not. As it’s such a well made documentary, it deserves a view.
      Just hunt down the full 206 min version though.
      Yes it sound slong, but you can’t fit Senna’s life story into 104 mins.

      1. Sorry I meant 162 min not 206.

      2. I’ve talked to Manish Pandey, the writer, at length, and there is no two-and-a-half hour long version of this film. The Japanese version has one extra scene, adding another minute or two to the standard 104 minute cut. The extra scene shows the Japanese commentators reacting to the death of Senna at Imola.

    18. giorgosrallyman
      4th April 2011, 17:24

      And whre can we find this “full” version? Give us a link to download, if you have any.. By the way, I have seen the “short” version and the conclusion was the above.

    19. Just looked at going to see it, and from what I can work out the only places to see it outside London area are Norwich, Oxford and Newcastle. Please tell me I am wrong?!?!

    20. Have just seen the Senna Film, and really enjoyed it, it is a real factual account of his life, does not seem at all hyped up and uses archive film material, which adds to the sense of reality. It really makes you think! If you want to find out if the film is on near you – go to, type in your postcode and the film you want to see and info will come up.

    21. Great things bro …

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