Sutil: “I was in the wrong place everywhere”

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A dreadful start for Adrian Sutil saw him fall from 11th to last on the first lap at Monza.

He explained what happened:

I was just in the wrong place everywhere! The start was not particularly good, and in the first corner I think it was Rubens Barrichello who went a bit wide, and I had to react to avoid an accident. I was already somewhere outside, trying to do the chicane.

I lost three positions and didn’t have a good exit out of the corner into the other chicane, and lost another two positions there. Then I went off the circuit at Parabolica when I was on the outside of Tonio.

The race was nearly over, as I was behind everybody. I did one more lap and came into the pits. The tyres were OK, but as I had to overtake all the slower cars we thought it was better to get the stop out of the way and get some free air and try a whole race on the hard set.
Adrian Sutil

He added he wasn’t sure how he damaged his front wing later on in the race, forcing an extra pit stop:

[The strategy] worked quite well in the beginning, but in the middle the laps times didn’t really look too competitive anymore. I planned to stay out, and then I damaged my front wing a little bit.

I was really close behind Pedro de la Rosa, but whether it was a kerb or I just hit him slightly, I don’t know. Anyway it was my mistake, I was just a bit late on the brakes there.

We changed to another set of soft tyres, and we had some quite good lap times in the end.
Adrian Sutil

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    25 comments on “Sutil: “I was in the wrong place everywhere””

    1. I still don’t know why they replaced the nose!

    2. Sutil’s first lap sounds crazy! Why didn’t we see it on the replay? I’m getting quite annoyed at how much we’re actually missing this year with lack of replays and then having to find out almost a week later why someone may have broken their nose. Rant over :P

      1. FOM is keeping all the good bits of footage so that you will have to go out and buy the season review, I expect.

        1. I’m increasingly concerned about this. There’s too much stuff going on in the races we’re not seeing – Alguersuari’s penalty at Spa, for examples, and several things at Canada.

        2. Another race where we missed essential parts of the footage.

          There was a lot we missed in Bahrain, and in Spa and now again, as well as in other races. Instead of improving the viewing experience, it seems FOM have actually got worse this year.

          Or maybe it’s just because their not trained to catch so much on track action any more?

          1. I m surprised if the broadcasr from BBC is as bad as ESPn/Star Sports ?

            1. That’s because both are getting the same race feed from FOM. Only difference is wide/narrow screen choice and ads for commerical stations.

        3. I know they keep loads back for the DVD but at the rate they’re going they may as well not air the races and just release them on DVD. Joking of course but we are missing a huge amount.

          “Or maybe it’s just because their not trained to catch so much on track action any more?”

          Maybe but there’s still cameras everywhere and the option to show replays.

          1. That was ment as a joke, reffering to how action rigged this season is compared to the last ones.

            Fully agree, it is very worrying that FOM makes such a mess of it, not showing everything live, only to show a bit more in the race edits and more still on DVD sold for big money AFTER the season.

      2. I think the worst part was when Alonso passed Button out of the pits, but instead of following them around we got a replay of the overtake that happened about 30 seconds previously, I wish Button had gotten back past just so I could complain more about it :P.

    3. Agreed.

      It’s all good and well to see what’s going on at the front but there are always times after about lap 5 where ten seconds could be spared to show some replays of the rest of the pack.

      1. Yea, the only replays we were shown were from the starts of the first 3 and part of Hamiltons.

        Webber and Vettel were only shown by the BBC in the red button after show. The rest (including Sutils escapades and Alguersuari cutting the chicane and Kobayashi actually getting out of the pits) was totally ignored.

    4. There were a lot of boring Liuzzi shots at Monza. Given the fact that there is no driver from Singapore we may expect a more exhaustive coverage next week

      1. Haha. Very true.

    5. and by the way Steph you were bestowed the right to ask a question on the trivia. We’re all waiting for you.

      1. Oh god, sorry! I didn’t realise!

    6. Interesting. According to Jonathan Legard’s Twitter feed, Sutil is apparently the leading candidate for Mercedes if Schumacher decides to re-retire at the end of the year.

      1. Not that surprising really, he’s already connected to Merc through the engine deal, and he’s German.

    7. Prisoner monkeys, this the same Legard that is getting sacked soon. I would never take anything he says seriously.

      1. No, it’s the same Legard that could be getting sacked soon. The BBC are apparently considering his future, which is not the same as giving him his P45s. A lot of people seem to be confusing the two since they want to see Legard gone.

        And even if he has no future with the BBC, that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good journalist. James Allen used to cop all manner of flak from the fans during his tenure with ITV, but go and read his blog. He’s insightful and clearly an intelligent man. There are vast differences between print media and sports commentary. Just because you don’t like Legard doesn’t mean he has no credibility as a journalist.

      2. I think he has his facts prettty much in order, whatever you think of the style of it or of his commenting success.

    8. The omnipresent inverted Sutil.

    9. the coverage is light years ahead of what it used to be. we never used to see anything apart from the leader lapping by himself. You obviously cant see all the incidents if theres alot or it would be totally disjointed.

      Legard needs to go but then i said that about JA and by about his 5th year i started to enjoy his commentary though he was never a natural communicator.

      Legard suffers from radiohead. Yes i know hes turning into the Parabolica Jonathan, i can see as well.

    10. What do you want from your commentator though?

      In Martin Brundle you have your well knowledge, been there done that and can describe laps from the drivers point of view, and give relevant stories and facts about the sport.

      In Legard

    11. There was no damage to the front wing from my view.

      That put Liuzzi of all pepole infront of sutil

      (then again i think Liuzzi’s race performance was pretty good.)

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